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WhatsApp Email Verification Now Available For iOS

- Updated: 21st Nov 2023, 16:39 IST
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    WhatsApp Email Verification Now Rolling Out
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    How To Enable This Feature On Your Account

WhatsApp has introduced a new email verification feature for iOS users to enhance the security of their accounts. This new feature will allow users to link their email address with their WhatsApp account. It also allows users to enable two-step verification via email instead of SMS.

WhatsApp Email Verification Now Rolling Out

WhatsApp For iOS Gets Email Verification For Two Step Authentication

The email verification feature is now available for iOS users. The company announced the feature earlier this month, and the WhatsApp for iOS 23.24.70 update enables it.

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By adding your email address to WhatsApp, users will be able to receive the six-digit codes on their email to log in to their account. This can be useful if you are in an area with poor cellular connectivity. Do note that you still need a phone number to create a WhatsApp account.

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WhatsApp says that feature can safeguard your account in case you wish to reset the two-step authentication process. The company claims the email addresses remain private and are not shared with other users.

How To Enable This Feature On Your Account

How To Enable Email Verification WhatsApp

To enable the feature, you will need to open WhatsApp on your iOS device and head into Settings->Accounts tab. Select the Two-Step Verification option and choose the Add Email address option.

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Enter and verify the code received in your email, and you are good to go. Repeating these steps allows you to change the email address used for verification anytime you wish.

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The company is also working on a new feature that will allow users to set a different profile picture and username for people not in their contacts. This will add another layer of privacy when you need to communicate with a stranger.

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Highlights of the Story

  • WhatsApp is rolling out its email verification feature for iOS users.
  • It allows users to sign in to their account by receiving email verification on their email address.</li>
  • The feature is available with the latest WhatsApp version 23.24.70 update for iOS.