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OnePlus AI Music Studio Announced: Here’s How To Use It

- Updated: 30th Jan 2024, 17:38 IST
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    Create Your Own Songs With The OnePlus AI Music Studio

OnePlus has unveiled its new AI Music Studio, allowing anyone to create their own songs. You will be able to create your own tunes with just a few clicks. The service is available for everyone, regardless of whether you own a OnePlus device. Furthermore, the company has also announced a new contest that will reward users for their music tracks.

Create Your Own Songs With The OnePlus AI Music Studio

Create Your Own Songs With OnePlus AI Studio

The OnePlus AI Studio is available globally on its dedicated website. The service has three genres: Rap, EDM and Pop (coming soon). Furthermore, you can also select four different modes: Happy, Energetic, Romantic and Sad.

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Once you select the genre and the mood, you will need to choose the theme of your song. There are various themes such as Cyberpunk, Nature, Study and Work, Travel, Random and an AI Music Video option that is coming soon.

Users will need to enter a prompt to generate an AI song of their choice.

Next, you will need to enter a prompt describing your song. The AI Music Studio will generate a song based on your input alongside a video. It will create an animated video describing the song of your choice. You can save this video and share it on social media to showcase your AI-generated music.

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OnePlus has also announced a contest to reward users in India, North America and Europe. According to the company, it will select 100 user-submitted entries across the three regions.

Interested users must submit their songs by 5 PM on December 17. These 100 lucky winners will receive coupons to purchase products on the OnePlus website. Furthermore, the company says that users can submit multiple entries.

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However, any submission that contains offensive content or violates copyright will not be eligible. The results of the content are likely to be announced after December 17.

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Highlights of the Story

  • OnePlus has announced a new AI Music Studio that allows anyone to generate their songs.
  • The AI Music Studio offers users different genres, moods and themes to create tunes.
  • Users must log in to their OnePlus account to use the service.