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Will Apple Launch Foldable iPhones In 2023?: Rumors

- Updated: 5th Jan 2021, 17:04 IST

Apple is also working on foldable iPhones as part of its future lineup just like Samsung’s Z Flip. The tip adds that the company is looking at a 2022-23 timeframe to launch the product if it actually does. Another leak suggests that it is in the very early stages of development.

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Apple’s foldable iPhone prototypes have passed internal tests for durability, as per a report. Two different prototypes reportedly tested at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. In addition, as per a report, one is a dual-screen model prototype and the other a clamshell foldable that is similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola Razr. 

Apple’s foldable iPhone Leaks?

Apple’s second prototype, the clamshell model, may use a flexible Samsung OLED display, according to the report. Additionally, this comes from a Taiwanese publication Money. The report says the two prototype phones passed the internal tests for durability at the Foxconn factory.

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YouTuber Jon Prosser said in a video recently that Apple is working on a clamshell-like folding iPhone, that falls in line with the report’s claims. Prosser also claims that Apple’s first foldable iPhone can launch in 2023. He said that the work is in the early stages right now. He also shared a concept image of the folding iPhone. It shows that the rumored iPhone may have a flip-like design.

Testing the hinge mechanism is important as many foldable phones have failed to withstand continuous flips upon use.

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The product will fold down like a clamshell, revealing a wider screen once unfolded. Like Samsung flip phones, this device will also have a smaller screen on the outer panel. He cited his sources to state that Apple was working on two devices and was going to select one after preliminary tests to move ahead with.

However, Apple is always working on multiple concepts for bendable displays for many years now. In 2019, an Apple patent application had come to the surface which hinted at a three-fold form factor.