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Nokia G20 Quick Review – Is Nokia Back in the Budget Game?


Nokia G20 comes as the latest budget offering by HMD Global in India starting at the price of Rs. 12,990.

- Updated: 2nd Nov 2022, 21:03 IST
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    1. 3-Days Battery Life
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    2. Camera for Creators
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    3. Clean Software Experience 
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    4. Nordic Design
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    5. Connectivity & More 
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    Initial Thoughts

Today, every brand is playing the specs war game while Nokia is playing in its league. Why do I say that? To understand it, you will have to watch the complete video or read this article. So, let’s quickly dive into the details.

1. 3-Days Battery Life

What’s the most excruciating thing about any smartphone? They run out of battery juice quickly. These days most brands are focused on offering the best charging speed on your smartphone. But literally, no one is claiming to offer 3-days battery life on their smartphone in a single charge like Nokia. 

nokia g20 battery

Nokia G20 comes with a 5050 mAh capacity battery and I have been using this phone for about 3 days now, and it lasted me for more than two days on more than average usage. So far I have had to charge only once. Using its 10W Charger, which is a letdown considering everyone is offering fast charging these days. But Nokia makes up for that by offering longer battery life. You will have to charge this phone once in two days, and if you use it for calling and WhatsApp messages. Expect it to last up to 3 days. 

nokia g20 charging

2. Camera for Creators

With its quad-camera array on the back, Nokia flaunts the 4 lens setup in its circular fashion camera module. It’s easily distinguishable from others and I honestly prefer this design to rectangular camera arrays on the corner. Sporting a 48MP primary lens, which is accompanied by a 5MP ultra-wide, 2MP Macro, and 2MP depth sensor. That completes the quadruple rear camera setup. 

nokia g20 camera

Nokia G20 is feature-rich with camera features and the most important camera feature has to be OZO Audio. This allows you to capture spatial audio and add a new dimension to your videos. With the rise of Instagram Reels and apps like MOJ and MX-Taka Tak. Everybody wants an affordable phone with good quality audio-visual capability. And with OZO Audio, Nokia has focused on the audio part of video recording. Further, the camera app is built with Studio-quality tools for creating high-quality audiovisuals. 

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3. Clean Software Experience 

I see everybody complaining about the bloatware and an experience full of Ads in the form of pop-ups from system apps. With Nokia G20 you don’t have to worry about any such prying behaviour. Nokia keeps its operating system experience as clean as stock with a focus on only necessary modifications. Further with many data breaches, you can expect Nokia to keep your phone updated with monthly security patches. It offers 3 years of security updates. 

nokia g20 software

Now speaking about the major software update, it promises two years of major Android upgrades. It runs on Android 11 out of the box, so expect updates till Android 13. Isn’t that brilliant. 

Android 11

4. Nordic Design

Speaking about brilliance, the design aesthetics of this phone are derived from Nordic countries, which is the home of the mobile phone maker. As a Finnish brand, Nokia brings Nordic elegance to its smartphones, and G20 isn’t left out from that design language. It comes in two Nordic-inspired colours, Night and Glacier. 

Nordic Design

Talking about the design, I would like to highlight the decision to add a dedicated Google Assistant button. It comes in handy whenever you want to call out the mighty assistant to answer your queries.

Google Assistant button

Everybody I know uses a Google Assistant on a daily basis, and what better way than to make it easier to activate your favourite assistant.

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5. Connectivity & More 

Now if I talk about connectivity, then I should also talk about security. It has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, probably the most intuitive placement for a physical fingerprint sensor. Diving into details about connectivity, it has dual SIM slots and a dedicated microSD card slot for expanding storage up to 512GB. Yes, 512GB. 

nokia g20 sim slot

Nokia offers 4G+ carrier aggregation on its G20. Further adding to the list is Bluetooth 5.0 support. All in all, I found Nokia G20 comes with all the standard features and more, you expect from a smartphone priced in this range. 

Initial Thoughts

Nokia G20 at Rs 12,990 may not be the best choice as far as a spec to price ratio is considered in the market right now. But it is a value for money as far as features to price ratio is considered.

nokia g20 review

Further, the long battery life and solid Nordic design make sure your money spent on this phone is worthwhile.



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