Comparing the iQOO Z6 Pro Vs POCO X4 Pro is one of the top smartphones we will examine. These smartphones are excellent, but one is unquestionably superior to the other. Furthermore, Both the iQOO Z6 Pro 5G and POCO X4 Pro 5G have starting prices in India of Rs 23,999 and Rs 18,999, respectively.

In this article, let’s look at both the POCO X4 Pro Vs iQOO Z6 Pro smartphone’s gaming performance via Extreme gaming tests.

Three extreme gaming test

1. BGMI test: 30 min of BGMI test

  • App download time: We performed the App download time test and found that the game was installed first in the iQOO Z6 Pro, which comes with Snapdragon 778 SoC processor compared to POCO X4 Pro (695 SOC). 
  • Even though we found more features in the graphics settings in iQOO Z6 Pro, the experience of playing games on POCO X4 Pro was still remarkable. Furthermore, you’ll get several features in the iQOO Z6 Pro like 4D game vibration, Esports mode, voice changer mode, and Eagle eye view.
  • Regarding the audio, the iQOO Z6 Pro comes with single bottom-firing speakers; however, POCO X4 Pro also produces excellent sound compared to iQOO Z6 Pro. 
  • We observed a 9 per cent drop in the POCO X4 Pro, which comes with a 5,000mAh battery, and there will be a 7 per cent drop in the iQOO Z6 Pro in 30 min of the BGMI gameplay. 
  • We also found that POCO X4 Pro will not face that many heating issues, thanks to liquid cool technology 1.0 plus technology. On the other hand, the vapour chamber liquid cooling system technology will keep up the game for the iQOO Z6 Pro very well. 

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2. Asphalt 9 Test: 30 min of Asphalt test

  • App download time: Like the BGMI game, the App download time test resulted in the game being faster opened in the iQOO Z6 Pro than in POCO X4 Pro. 
  • Both the phones have great graphics; however, iQOO Z6 Pro has a little edge over POCO X4 Pro.
  • Overall, the gaming experience was similar in both smartphones. However, we experience a little smoother gaming performance in the POCO X4 Pro compared to iQOO Z6 Pro.
  • Also, you’ll find minimum heating issues in both smartphones after playing for around 30 minutes.
  • Furthermore, the POCO X4 Pro, which has a 5,000mAh battery, had a 5 per cent drop, and the iQOO Z6 Pro will have a 7 per cent drop after 30 minutes of Asphalt 9 games.

3. COD Mobile Test: 30 min of Call of Duty

  • App download time: The app load time for both phones is nearly similar; however, it’s a little faster in POCO X4 Pro. 
  • The graphics look amazing in POCO X4 Pro compared to iQOO Z6 Pro.
  • Overall performance in POCO X4 Pro is amazing compared to iQOO Z6 Pro. On the other hand, you’ll see many performance lags in the iQOO Z6 Pro while playing the COD game. 

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Final verdict

So, if you plan to purchase a smartphone under Rs. 25,000 with the best gaming experience, the POCO X4 Pro is the clear winner based on features and gaming performance. We suggest the POCO X4 Pro as the best gaming smartphone option for you to purchase.  

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Mulla Miras
10 Months ago
I have purchased same phone. It was really good to use. It's work faster & easy to use. So i will suggest to buy redmi note 10 t 5 G.