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PS5 Restock Confirmed! Here’s How to Guarantee your Order


PlayStation 5 has two variants, the PS5 Standard Edition and the PS5 Digital Edition. Both these variants will be available to pre-order during the PS5 restock for India.

- Updated: 1st Oct 2021, 05:47 IST
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    PS5 Restock 2021: Best Ways to Guarantee Order
    • Save Payment Information Beforehand
    • Using Bots
    • Best Retailer to Pre-Book PS5
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    PS5 India Restock: Where to Buy?
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    PS5 Restock 2021 for India: What Else?

PlayStation 5 can easily be regarded as one of the fastest selling consoles till date. The console goes out of stock as soon as it gets restocked. Moreover, this is not just the global scenario but in India as well. Within minutes, all the PS5 units get booked. We got to see the last PS5 restock 2021 for India take place on August 26. Now, after a little over a month, the popular console is all set to get back in stock on October 4, 2021, at 12 PM IST in India.

There are several ways to secure your PS5 order during the upcoming PS5 restock 2021 update for India. We have come up with the best ways to do so. Without any further ado, here are the best ways to guarantee your PlayStation 5 order!

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PS5 Restock 2021: Best Ways to Guarantee Order

PS5 Variants

Save Payment Information Beforehand

It goes without saying that saving your payment information is of paramount importance when time is running out. Saving payment information is basically a no-brainer, especially when it comes to something like getting your hands on a PlayStation 5. We all know how quickly this console runs out of stock so, make sure to save your payment information on each of the stores it may be available on.

Using Bots

First and foremost, keep multiple tabs open on your laptop or desktop for quick access to all the stores. Additionally, a very smart thing to do would be to take the help of a bot. Several dedicated members of the PS5 India community have come up with bots that notify you as soon as the new PS5 restock update takes place.

In addition, you can also use certain browser extensions which allows you to keep track of the various store pages efficiently. Further, there is also a PlayStation India discord server which helps potential buyers of PS5 get their hands on the next-gen console.

Best Retailer to Pre-Book PS5

Going by previous restock update records, Reliance Digital had the lowest customer satisfaction levels when it came to PS5 restocks. The retailer cancelled order before confirming with the buyer and this led to a lot of issues. Ultimately, it is quite possibly the not-so-great retailer to rely upon when it comes to PS5 deliveries.

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In addition, Flipkart has had certain similar issues but, on a much smaller scale. So, it can still be trusted with PS5 deliveries. Moreover, Games The Shop has also faced a lot of issues alongside Reliance Digital. This was primarily because their site crashed terribly during the pre-bookings which caused a lot of people to miss out on the new PS5 restocks.

Further, an informal poll was carried out which resulted in Amazon emerging as the most reliable retailer. Customers who pre-ordered via Amazon faced little to no issues when doing so, as per the poll. So, yes, Amazon India might be your best bet in getting your hands on the next-gen console.

PS5 India Restock: Where to Buy?

Here is a list of the top retailers who sell PS5 in India:

PS5 Restock 2021 for India: What Else?

Going by a report from IGN, Sony is gearing up to release both the standard and digital editions for the console this coming restock update. Further, the brand will be sending out deliveries for the PS5 console by October 10, 2021. In order to get further information about the restock update, buyers will need to access Sony’s online store. Besides, according to multiple industry experts, this will be one of the biggest PS5 Restocks for India till date!

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Additionally, Sony also confirmed that the new and modified PS5 with a smaller heatsink will go live in limited batches as well. For those who are wondering how this particular modified PS5 works, there is basically no significant change in performance. So, no worries there. Just a couple of differences here and there when it comes to the thermals of the console.

We hope you finally get your hands on a PlayStation 5 this coming PS5 restock for India. Happy gaming!



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Highlights of the Story

  • PS5 Restock India date has now been set for October 4, 2021.
  • PlayStation 5 sells out in minutes of being in stock so, you have to secure your order quickly.
  • Here are the best tips to guarantee your PS5 order in India, today!

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