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PUBG Developers Confirm Return To India


PUBG Mobile to launch as PUBG Mobile India in the country. The game was banned in India back in September and will finally make a comeback in the country.

- Updated: 17th Nov 2020, 04:31 IST
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    PUBG Mobile India: What More?

PUBG Mobile has announced that they will launch a new game specifically for Indian players. The game will be named PUBG Mobile India. Moreover, it will actually be PUBG Mobile designed specifically to cater to the Indian players.

The popular battle royale game was banned in India back in September. It took the entire gaming community by storm and several changes took place. From Indian developers coming up with new applications to take advantage of the ban to disappointment in the gaming community, a lot has happened. Additionally, PUBG Mobile terminated authorization of the PUBG Mobile franchise to Shenzhen-based Tencent Games in India. Moreover, the mobile game developers also terminated all services and access for Indian users last week. Before that, the game was still playable for those who had it installed on their Android and iOS devices.

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PUBG Corporation has stated that, “The new game will maximize data security for its players and adhere to the local regulations, the announcement said. PUBG Corporation states there will be regular audits and verifications on the storage systems that store the personal information of Indian users in order to make sure that the data is kept safe.”

Additionally, the developers have also stated that they will improve in-game content. Moreover, they will customize the game to “reflect local needs.” These improvements and modifications include a ton of additions to the new version of the game. These include a virtual simulation training ground setting, clothing on new characters, and green hit effects instead of red. Additionally, a feature to restrict game time for younger players will be seen.

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PUBG Mobile India: What More?

Furthermore, PUBG Corporation is planning to establish a local office. This office will hire over a 100 employees for enhancing communications and services with Indian players. The developers added, “In addition to establishing a local office, the company will look to actively collaborate and leverage local businesses to strengthen its gaming service.”

To add to all of that, PUBG Corporation and parent company Krafton are planning to make a $100 million investment in India. This is around Rs. 746 crores and will “cultivate the local video game, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries.” However, the PUBG Mobile India release date is under wraps for now.

Indian fans were disappointed with the ban of their favorite game, big time. The game was a means of both escape and livelihood for many. From casual gamers who played it to have fun to streamers who made a career out of it, PUBG was a big thing in the country. Besides, India also had the highest number of downloads in the entire world for PUBG Mobile.

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Furthermore, YouTubers and streamers who were heavily dependent on the game started talking about it. On one hand, they lost their favorite game. On the other hand, revenue and views numbers dropped big time. However, after millions of players moved on to Call Of Duty: Mobile, things definitely got better. Some streamers also saw an increase in their viewership because of this. For the most part, it is because of the break from monotony that the ban provided.

Looks like PUBG fans will be getting back their favorite battle royale game. This is great news for all sorts of players out there from professional esports players, streamers and YouTubers to casual players. Hopefully, the official release date of the game is revealed soon.


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Highlights of the Story

  • PUBG Mobile will finally make a comeback in India
  • The game will be launched as PUBG Mobile India in the country
  • PUBG Mobile was banned by the Indian government back in September

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