Recently, India banned 118 chinese apps in the country which included PUBG as well. Android users could get around the ban by downloading APK and OBB files. Now, iOS users can enjoy the latest PUBG update as well via a set of simple tricks.2023-02-20 11:59:46How To Download PUBG Mobile In India After Ban On iOS

How To Download PUBG Mobile In India After Ban On iOS


After the ban of many Chinese apps by the Indian government, the most distraught were the PUBG Mobile players. However, PUBG has since relaunched in India with new branding as BGMI or Battleground Mobile India. The game has launched in the Google Play Store for Android users but iOS users yet don’t have it in the App Store. Although you can’t download BGMI for iOS right now, you can download PUBG after ban in India by using some of these methods below;

Updated: 20th Feb 2023, 11:59 IST
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    How To Download PUBG 1.0 Update On iOS?
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    Method 1: Country Change
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    Method 2: VPN Services
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    Method 3: Downloading PUBG Korean Version
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    Update(January 2022)

We all know that sideloading is not possible on iOS. Because of that, Apple users could not get around the PUBG Mobile ban in India. The iOS security and restriction protocols do not allow this sideloading of App and backend game files that Android users could easily do. Jailbroken Apple devices are an exception here. But what if we say there is a workaround without the need of jailbreaking your iOS device? You might just be able to download PUBG after ban in India.

To be specific, there are three ways of downloading and installing PUBG Mobile on iOS. One requires you to change the location of your country while the other via using VPN services and the final one by getting the Korean version of PUBG. Here are the steps to download PUBG after ban via all these options.

How To Download PUBG 1.0 Update On iOS?

PUBG has risen to its popularity as the best battle royale game out there because of the addictive gameplay and visual aesthetics. However, the ban has caused many teenagers & adults to look for alternatives. And to be honest, some do not even want to move on from their beloved game.

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One other reason people want to find an alternative to play the game is their amount of money on it. Professional PUBG players, YouTubers, and many serious gamers have spent loads of money on the game. This ban was the biggest disappointment for such players. Therefore, these steps are essential for such iOS users to get back into the scene.

Method 1: Country Change

ios country change
  1. Open the Apps section and tap on the Account icon.
  2. Tap on your account and then go to Country/Region.
  3. From the pop up select any other country other than India.
  4. Now, provide your billing address.
  5. Enter some random name by random text in Street Name and region.
  6. Finally, select a region and enter a Zip code (You can get Zip codes for the region from Google).
  7. Select the payment option as None.
  8. Save it, once done the App Store will restart itself.
  9. Now Search for PUBG Mobile on the App Store and you can download the game without any issue and play.

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Method 2: VPN Services

Some people cannot play the game due to network provider restrictions. In such cases, a VPN server is the way to go and download PUBG after ban in India. Although the connection might be weak and unstable, it will allow you to play your favourite game. However, keep in mind that there will be network lags and a big chance to get banned from the game.

  1. Download a VPN client like the Panda VPN.
  2. Create accounts and log in to your Client app.
  3. Now select USA servers from the list of servers and tap on connect.
  4. Keep the VPN connection if you want to play the game, or else you may get disconnected from the game.

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Method 3: Downloading PUBG Korean Version

It is important to note that only the global version of PUBG is banned in India. This gives you a chance to download and enjoy the Korean version of the game.

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The steps are as follows:

  1. Navigate yourself to changing the country as mentioned in Method 1.
  2. Now, change the country to South Korea and provide the necessary details.
  3. Search for PUBG and install the Korean version of PUBG mobile.
  4. Now you can play the game without any issues or the requirements of a VPN server.

However, the problem with this method is that you must start from nothing to download PUBG after ban in India. This is because, to play the Korean version, you must create a brand new PUBG account. Your old PUBG account will not work. This will be a loss of progress but safer and more reliable than using a VPN. So make sure to use the above methods at your own risk. The risk of getting banned always prevails.

The best thing you could do right now is wait until BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India launches for iOS. Since the Android version has already launched, they might launch the iOS version too. But as per the famous PUBG Mobile streamer Mortal, when asked on a live stream, he said he approached Krafton India for an update. Sadly, they don’t have anything substantial to signal an iOS launch anytime soon.

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These steps will finally allow iOS users to get back to their favourite game and enjoy the latest update. The latest update has brought a ton of graphical overhaul to the game. Furthermore, finally, the much anticipated Erangel 2.0 is here.

Update(January 2022)

PUBG was taken down from all play stores following the ban on Chinese applications. Since then, PUBG corporation is working hard to bring back the platform. it also cut ties with its partner, Tencent Games, a Chinese company. Tencent was the reason PUBG was banned from India.

After cutting the ties, PUBG hoped to enter into the Indian market again. But the Indian government has been creating problems for the company. Certainly, the Indian government does not want that game to be relaunched in India.

The government is duly concerned about the data security issues with Chinese apps. PUBG corporation will have to set some solid ground rules with the government first. Only then they can hope to re-establish their market in India. PUBG is still expected to hit the Indian markets soon.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Previously, only Android alternatives were available to download PUBG after ban in India.
  • Now, iOS users can enjoy the PUBG 1.0 update as well.
  • VPN services can be used as well to play the game on iOS.

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