5 Reasons Why You Need OnePlus Smartwatches Right Now


It takes the greatest features of full-featured smartwatches and fitness trackers, such as call and notification management from the former and a lot of monitoring and multi-day battery life from the latter, then dials them back a little to attain an affordable price tag. In this article, we will understand 5 reasons to choose the OnePlus smartwatches.

By Ayaan Bhattacharjee - 
Updated: 17th Jan 2023 22:53 IST
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    5 Reasons To Choose OnePlus Smartwatch
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    • Long-Lasting Battery
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Recalling the OnePlus One, and how it attempted to compete with the big players by providing a product that was both cheaper and subjectively better? When it came to building the OnePlus smartwatch, OnePlus says it had something similar in mind — high functionality at not-so-premium pricing. Plus, the OnePlus smartwatches look a lot nicer than most fitness trackers currently on the market in India.

It takes the greatest features of full-featured smartwatches and fitness trackers, such as call and notification management from the former and a lot of monitoring and multi-day battery life from the later, then dials them back a little to attain an affordable price tag. In this article, we will understand five reasons to choose the OnePlus smartwatches.

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5 Reasons To Choose OnePlus Smartwatch



The OnePlus smartwatches are stylishly simple and appear to be more expensive than they are. The Black model has a black strap and a dark grey body with a gleaming gloss. We like this approach since it’s simple to combine with various clothing, whether at the gym, in a casual situation, or in a formal one.

A 46mm watch face with a 1.4-inch screen is housed inside, making it one of the largest smartwatches on the market. A curved black bezel surrounds the display, which fits in beautifully and provides a comfortable, smooth touch.

On the right side, there are two physical pushers for input in addition to the touch screen. The upper one opens the app drawer by default, while the bottom one starts exercises. The options allow you to personalise its function. The “OnePlus” logo is carved on the 2 o’clock button, giving it some character and feel.

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oneplus smartwatch weight

The OnePlus smartwatch’s touch responsiveness is excellent, and it’s been further tweaked to operate at over 50Hz on most occasions – most wearables in this class run at about 30Hz.

Standard 22mm bands are used on the OnePlus Watch and may be readily swapped. If you have another watch, it is the same size as this one. We utilised the spare bands from a Realme Watch S for our review, and they fit wonderfully. If you want to mix and match, 22mm straps are also reasonably priced.

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Exciting features

oneplus smartwatch features

A functional operating system, such as Wear OS or Tizen, is usually required for a watch to be termed smart. The OnePlus smartwatch takes a different approach, using a Real-time Operating System (RTOS) with Google’s aid to enable modifications.

It’s one of the few watches of its sort that can start, accept, reject, and conduct whole calls, whereas most others can leave or silence an incoming call. It’s a clever design that allows you to load up to 30 contacts from the app onto the watch and call them immediately. The integrated microphone and speaker are both adequate for brief chats. Our voice sounded strong and clear on the other end, albeit a touch over-processed — possibly owing to ambient noise cancellation.

A compass, barometer, and altimeter are among the features that outdoor enthusiasts will love. The OnePlus smartwatch has been a generally favourable experience for us. The wrist’s capacity to manage brief calls is undervalued. If you can’t respond to SMS immediately, the smartwatch will suffice. Otherwise, you’ll have to invest a lot of money on a Wear OS or Samsung device. In the coming weeks, the business has promised a substantial software upgrade, which might fix some of the issues we raised.

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Long-Lasting Battery

oneplus smartwatch battery

Every full-fledged smartwatch has one major flaw: its limited battery life. The majority of them only linger until the following day, although a few last up to two days.

With a 402mAh battery, OnePlus’s decision to use RTOS is pleasant since it easily extends the phone’s battery life to more than a week. With all alerts activated and 24×7 access to the phone, we got roughly eight days on a single charge in our first charging cycle. We added sleep SpO2 tracking and switched to continuous heart rate tracking in the following process. The watch only lost 10-15% of its power regularly. The majority of users will easily be able to get 5-6 days’ worth of juice.

When GPS tracking was enabled, the battery may have been the only time it fast depleted. Even so, you’ll be able to keep going for a few days. If that wasn’t enough, the OnePlus smartwatch also has Warp Charge built-in. With the inbuilt magnetic charge, you can get from empty to full in just an hour. The firm states that a 5-minute charge will last you all day, and this is correct.

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The OnePlus smartwatch may not appear to be one, but it is primarily a fitness tracker. It features a rather extensive array of monitoring possibilities for its price. However, it may fall short for those searching for more rigorous workout assistance alternatives.

The watch now supports 14 workout-tracking modes, with a future OTA update bringing that number to over 110. Running, cycling, walking, swimming, badminton, cricket, climbing, yoga, and freestyle training is now available.

We were able to track walking, running, and freestyle activities during our testing and found the data to be highly accurate. Thanks to the built-in GPS, you can leave your phone at home while running and still keep track of the data. In some instances, it will display the length of the specified exercise, calories burned, time, and workout-specific information.

Each exercise’s details may be viewed on the watch and the companion app. We were pleasantly pleased by their level of depth and accuracy. It also kept track of how many flights of stairs we took! Besides that, the device is an excellent fitness tracker and health companion. Despite its large size, it wasn’t too unpleasant or intrusive to use while working out. Furthermore, the IP68 and 5ATM ratings ensure that they may be utilised in any environment.

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Thus, buy the OnePlus Smartwatch only if

  • You’re searching for a smartwatch with long battery life: On a single charge, the OnePlus Watch may easily survive for 4-5 days, which is far longer than other comparable wearables. The ability to use Warp Charge is an extra feature.
  • You want a wearable that can make phone calls: The OnePlus Watch comes with a full range of calling options, including making calls directly from the watch. The microphone and speaker quality are also acceptable.
  • You want a smartwatch with an elegant appearance: The OnePlus Watch has a sleek design and a fine finish on its metal casing, one of its best qualities. It’s large, yet not bulky.

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Highlights of the Story
  • When it came to building the OnePlus smartwatches, OnePlus says it had something special for consumers.
  • There are a few things which should be considered while being OnePlus smartwatches.
  • In this article, we’ll see the top 5 reasons to choose OnePlus smartwatches.

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