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Should You Buy An iPhone 8 In 2021?

By Yeti - 
30th Mar 2021
iphone 8

iPhone 8 was introduced to the Indian buyers in September, 2017. It was a flagship phone from Apple four years ago. An iPhone 8 may be a decent choice for someone who is an average user as its battery just works fine and is sufficient. An iPhone 8 has a 4.7 inches display with 65.6% screen to body ratio. A 12MP camera of the iPhone 8 takes satisfactory pictures.

Some people do consider buying an iPhone 8 in 2021. However, iPhone 8 may be an out-dated model as compared to the current-gen iPhone models. It may be slow as compared to the new-gen phones as it may not have updated softwares. Being an old-gen Apple phone it may also not get a lot of newer updates later in the future.

Hence, unless and until you are looking for a cheaper iPhone and not an updated one, iPhone 8 should not be one of your top picks. 

How can I sell my iPhone 8?

Worried about how and where can you sell your old used iPhone 8? Don’t worry we have got an answer to your question. There are three ways where you can sell your old iPhone 8. They are as follows :

  • The first  and most convenient way to sell your used iPhone 8 has to be Cashify.
  • Cashify is a platform where you will have to follow a few steps in order to sell your old iPhone 8. 
  • Once you follow the steps, you can check the price of your phone and if the price suits you, you can sell your phone at Cashify.
  • Well, you don’t have to go anywhere, the Cashify executive will approach you at your doorstep to pick up the phone.
  • You also get instant cash in exchange for your old iPhone. There is no running around to different stores, it all happens as per convenience. 

The second option would selling your iPhone 8 with the Apple trade-in program:

  • Apple trade-in program allows Apple users to trade-in their old iPhone for a new one.
  • Once you answer a few questions about your old iPhone 8 on Apple website, you will be able to cut down the amount of your new iPhone by trading in your old iPhone. 
  • However, this comes with terms and conditions by Apple and also an age restriction is imposed for the same.
  • Only a person above 18 years of age is eligible for an Apple trade-in program.

The third and the last option you can turn up to for your selling your iPhone 8 will be OLX. 

  • You can create an advertisement with your own pricing on OLX to sell your old iPhone 8.
  • An advertisement will help people reach you and buy your phone if your pricing matches their budget.
  • However, if your advertisement does not reach people or does not match with their budget, your iPhone 8 might go unsold.
  • It is an uncertain platform and a disadvantage for the people who want to urgently need to sell their phone.  

How much is my used iPhone 8 worth?

A used iPhone 8 can also get you great monetary worth if it is in a good condition and can be resold. However, an old used iPhone 8 might get you an amount approximately ranging between Rs. 14,000 to Rs. 20,000 based on the website you choose to sell it on. 

19 Days ago

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