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Is iPhone 7 Value For Money In 2021?

By Yeti - 
30th Mar 2021
iphone 7

A lot of Apple users have always complained about how Apple products are expensive and if buying older versions would help with the cost-cutting. Here’s an article stating if iPhone 7 is value for money or not? 

Every coin has two sides and so buying an iPhone 7 would come with its pros and cons which are as follows :

  • It is 2021 and the iPhone 7 was released in India on 7th September, 2016. 
  • This means the phone is a 5-year old model now in the Indian market.
  • However, if you are looking for an affordable iPhone you can definitely turn your heads towards iPhone 7. 
  • The phone might be a bit out-dated as compared to the new gen iPhones, but still remains the top pick for cheaper choice of iPhone models. 
  • Also, if someone is fascinated with iOS and the security protocols provided by Apple phones but want to make less investment, iPhone 7 may be a great option to look at. 
  • iPhone 7 is a blend of useful features and low prices which makes it a great choice for Apple lovers.

Can I sell my iPhone 7 back to Apple? 

  • The answer is “YES”. You can exchange your old iPhone 7 with a new one with the Apple Trade In program. 
  • When you want to purchase a new iPhone, you can trade in your old one by simply answering a few questions about the condition of your current iPhone.
  • You will then get an instant trade-in value credited and applied towards your purchase. 
  • Once you confirm the delivery, you get a door-step exchange and trade-in for your new iPhone.
  • The estimated trade-in value that Apple provides for the iPhone 7 is Rs.10,130 according to the Apple website. 

The benefits of trading in your old Apple phone for a new one are:

  • Apple provides you a doorstep service to deliver a new iPhone and trade-in the old one.
  • The Apple stores are an absolutely simple, secure and private way to trade-in your iPhone 7. 
  • Apple trade-in is a source that lets you  lower the cost of a brand new iPhone.

The cons of trading in your old Apple phone for a new one are:

  • There are certain terms and conditions related to the trade-in program.
  • Not all devices might be eligible and applicable for trade-in programs.
  • Only Apple users above the age of 18 years can access the trade-in program or else you might not be able to use the trade-in benefit. 

In case you do not fit in the criteria of trade-in programs by Apple, a general question that might arise is:

Where can I sell my old iPhone 7?

The answer to this question is two different alternatives i.e. OLX and Cashify. 

  • To sell your iPhone 7 on OLX, you can visit
  • You can create an advertisement for your iPhone 7 there with the amount you want to sell it at. 
  • However, your advertisement can go unnoticed if it does not pop up to the right buyer and this can be a great disadvantage.
  • Also, after someone chooses your phone to buy, you might have to travel to the person to sell it. 
  • OLX also has many more sellers including you which might be a reason for your iPhone 7 going unsold on the platform.

The second and the most convenient alternative we would suggest has to be Cashify. 

  • You can sell your old iPhone 7 by clicking on the following link  Sell Old Phone at Cashify
  • Once you visit the website, you can check the price for your old iPhone 7.
  • If the price fits your requirement, you can schedule a pickup for your iPhone.
  • Our executive will pick up the iPhone 7 and yes, you get paid as soon as our executive picks up the phone. 
  • There is no running around or delay of payment involved as Cashify executive will be right in front of you to help you out. 
  • This means Cashify is the perfect spot to sell your iPhone 7 with doorstep pickup services and instant payment provided. 

With the prompt payments and easily accessible services, Cashify is your one-step solution to sell your old iPhone 7 hassle-free. 


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