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5 Tips To Win Races In GTA Online We Bet You Didn’t Know!


Tired of losing GTA Online races? Check out our tips to win races in GTA Online and become the master of the GTA Online circuits!

- Updated: 29th Aug 2022, 17:50 IST
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    Turn One
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    Start boost
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    Avoid collisions
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    Try different vehicles
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    Summing up

GTA Online‘s world is full of activities to complete. From bank heists to running businesses, Rockstar has ensured that the massive open world is replete with content. One of the most popular activities in the game is racing. Considering the significant number of fast cars available in the game, it only makes sense to race them in a bid to be called the best racer in the game. However, winning races in GTA Online isn’t as straightforward as it seems. The tracks can be challenging, and your opponents will do whatever it takes to gain the first position. So, we’ve curated the best tips to win races in GTA Online, so that you can build a reputation as the best racer in the game.

Without any further delay, let’s check out what you need to do to be the best GTA Online racer!



Slipstreaming is an actual phenomenon that allows you to gain speed quickly while driving behind a lead vehicle. This method has been available in various games, where you take advantage of the air that’s propelled at the back of the car. This method is also available in GTA Online and can be crucial to winning the toughest of races. To activate slipstreaming, you’ll have to drive behind the lead car or the car in front of you. As you’re cruising along, two white lines should appear behind the vehicle you’re following. Drive between these two lines, and you’ll be able to gain speed, up to 10 per cent extra. Eventually, you’ll find an opportunity to overtake the car thanks to the extra speed!

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Turn One

Turn One

The first turn at the beginning of a race circuit can be extremely challenging to go through. It’s also vital that you come out of the first turn with the best possible advantage. This advantage is nullified if you’re stuck in the pile-up during the first turn at the beginning of a race. With so many cars around you, you’ll find it difficult to move the car where you want. It’ll also slow down your vehicle, making it doubly tricky for you to gain some much-needed ground. So, we’d recommend you avoid the first turn’s vehicle pile-up one way or another. You could tag slightly behind and then pick up speed once you’ve made the turn. This way, you’ll also avoid massive collisions, which are an integral part of GTA Online racing.

Start boost

Start boost tips to win races in gta online

GTA Online has some excellent game mechanics that the professional GTA Online racers use. This is one of our favourite tips to win races in GTA Online, and you should definitely try it out. Basically, at the beginning of the race, when the countdown starts, you should hold down the accelerator button until the countdown reaches “1”. Let go of the accelerator at the time, and only press it again when you see “Go” on the screen. Thanks to the fact that you were revving your car’s engine earlier, your vehicle will receive an additional boost that will provide an excellent boost at the beginning of the race. This boost is slight but will allow you to get a sizeable head start over your opponents.

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Avoid collisions

Avoid collisions

This might sound like a rudimentary tip to win races in GTA Online. However, it’s essential to winning races in the game. You’ll have to avoid any sort of contact with your opponents in the race to ensure that you reach the best possible position. Since races in GTA Online are so chaotic, it’s rather easy to get caught up in personal battles on the racing track with another player. You could be concentrating on throwing the other driver off balance instead of winning the race itself. The best trick you could use in this situation is to quickly brake and reverse slightly before turning a corner. This way, if the opponent is racing towards you with the intention of hitting your vehicle, he could get thrown off and hit the track wall instead.

Of course, you’ll have to be the judge of when to use this trick. However, it’s pretty simple, easy to execute, and works most of the time.

Try different vehicles

Try different vehicles tips to win races in gta online

This goes without saying, but the only way to have the upper hand at GTA Online‘s races is to try multiple vehicles. When you use different vehicles, you gain a better understanding of the cars, their advantages, and their disadvantages. The better you know your opponent’s vehicles, the easier it is to win races in the long run. Nevertheless, this is more of a long-term tip to win races in GTA Online. You’ll have to spend some time trying multiple vehicles and see what works best for your playing style. Once you understand this, racing in GTA Online will become much more manageable. You’ll understand which vehicles have an advantage over the other and which require more control on the player front.

Overall, this is the best tip to win any race in GTA Online. However, you’ll have to devote some time and dedication to implementing the advice.

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Summing up

So, we hope these tips to win races in GTA Online will help you in your next GTA Online race. You’ll also have to remember that each race differs from the other since you’ll be playing against random players. However, all the races have some basic rules and tricks that you can follow to ensure that you gain a higher finishing position. Eventually, you can become the master of GTA Online races after implementing these tips for long enough. If you have any other hints that we might have missed out on, let us know about them in the comments below!

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