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How To Increase Stats In GTA 5 Online? We’ve Got The Solutions!


If you want to know how to increase stats in GTA 5 Online, you’re in the right place. We’ve got a comprehensive guide to help you increase all the major stats in the game!

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 16:09 IST
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    Final thoughts

Although the GTA series never truly adopted an RPG (Role Playing Game) model, it did add certain elements to the later games in the franchise. With GTA 5 and the online component, there are a variety of RPG-like options or stats that you can increase. This adds a certain amount of personalisation to your character based on your playing style. Increasing these stats will grant perks in-game, such as being able to sprint for more extended periods and increasing accuracy while using weapons. So, if you’re a beginner and have little idea about improving stats in the game, we’re here to help. This article answers the question, “How to increase stats in GTA 5 Online?”.

Therefore, without any further ado, let’s get started!


Strength how to increase stats in GTA 5 Online

This is one of the major characteristics of the game. In most RPGs, strength directly correlates to the amount of damage you can inflict on an opponent. However, since GTA 5 isn’t your typical RPG and involves shooting more than melee attacks, strength works differently in the game. Increasing your character’s strength will reduce the damage they take in fights and increase the speed at which you climb ladders or vault over walls. To increase the strength stat, you’ll have to participate actively in sports or fights. For every 20 punches you dish out, your strength will increase by one per cent. Playing golf or tennis will also help improve your in-game strength stat.

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Another significant statistic for ranking higher in the game is stamina. GTA 5 Online has an interesting mechanic wherein the character starts using their health to perform actions after their stamina has been reduced to zero. For example, if your character is swimming or sprinting, continuously performing the action will completely deplete stamina resources. After this, your character’s health bar will start to decrease, as this is what the character is now using to perform the action. Moreover, stamina is crucial if you plan on a quick getaway or constantly being on the move during fights. You’ll have to perform the same actions to increase stamina, which ultimately depletes it. In other words, sprint and swim as much as possible. You can even ride a bicycle to increase stamina. However, there’s no quickfire way to gain better stamina in-game, so you’ll have to grind it out.


Stealth how to increase stats in GTA 5 Online

Stealth is one of the key methods of completing missions, regardless of whether you’re playing GTA 5‘s single-player or GTA Online. Unsurprisingly, stealth is often the preferred method when you’re completing specific missions such as Simeonomics. Since there are too many guards and you’ll be overpowered in a firefight, stealthily sneaking your way to the goal is the way to go. This might require far more patience, but it is pretty rewarding in the end. To increase your stealth stats, you can take up Gerald’s assignments and head to the beach. For a limited time, you can sneak up behind NPCs and eliminate them. Moreover, completing Gerald’s missions will not alert the police. So, you can take up as many tasks as possible to increase your stealth stats.



Since the primary mode of combat in GTA 5 Online is shooting, this is the most vital stat in the game. You can even forego other stats such as flying or lung capacity, but your shooting stats need to be on the higher end. GTA 5 Online‘s shooting stats dictate the accuracy, ammo capacity, and the recoil that your weapon will have. The higher your shooting stats are, the less recoil you’ll face, and you’ll be able to shoot more accurately. The most definite methods for increasing your shooting stats would be to complete as many headshots as possible. You can also engage in a few skill challenges that will test your shooting accuracy. If you’re not yet sure about engaging in firefights, why not go to the gun range found at the Ammu-Nation store? Completing the gun range challenges at Gold or Silver ranks will also marginally increase your shooting stats.

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Throughout your time in GTA 5 Online, you’ll have to complete quite a few missions which involve flying. Since flight missions can often be subjected to the complex and unpredictable Los Santos weather, increasing your flying skill should be imperative. Moreover, the higher your flying stat is, the lower turbulence you’ll face. It’ll also make handling planes and helicopters in the game much more manageable. GTA Online players already know how notoriously tricky the controls for aerial vehicles are in the game. To increase your flying stat, it’s recommended that you complete the flying school missions and fly around Rockstar‘s vast in-game world. Another tip would be to fly under bridges as often as possible. Completing these tasks will increase your flying stat, slowly but surely.


Driving how to increase stats in GTA 5 Online

One of the major ways to traverse and explore the large area in the game is driving. Multiple missions also require you to either drive carefully or chase down your targets in a car. It isn’t surprising to know that driving is thus an essential skill in the game and is provided as a stat that you can increase during your playthrough. Better driving statistics imply better car handling in all situations, which can be important when you’re trying to lose the police or a gang coming after you. To better your driving statistics, perform stunt jumps with a car, ensuring you get plenty of air time. You can also drive onto oncoming traffic without trying to get hit or cause an accident. All these actions will grant you boosts to your driving abilities.

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Final thoughts

So, now that you know how to increase stats in GTA 5 Online, you can go out and spend hours in the game to increase your character level and take on the best in the game. Keep in mind that the overall process of improving your stats is to grind through the challenges. This means you must be patient with the process and keep at it to gain valuable results. If you’ve got any other tips to increase particular stats in the game, let us know about them in the comments below!

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