Surviving in the world of GTA Online isn’t a piece of cake. The streets of Los Santos are filled with power-hungry mobs of NPCs and other players, who will always look to one-up each other. A surefire way to survive and even thrive in Los Santos is to have the best weapons. You can also upgrade your weapons as you see fit. Thankfully, Rockstar has introduced plenty of weapons of multiple types, to ensure that you have plenty of protection against your opponents. However, considering the massive range of weapons in the game, how do you know which suits you? We’re here to help you answer this question. This article will take a look at the best weapons in GTA 5 Online that fulfil all your mission requirements.

Let’s check out the entries below!

AP Pistol

AP Pistol best weapons in gta 5 online

The AP Pistol is one of the most basic pistols in GTA Online. However, don’t be fooled by its size. This weapon is much deadlier than what meets the eye. One of the most significant advantages of the pistol is that it’s completely automatic. This results in rapid rounds that can often overwhelm unsuspecting enemies. In fact, you could even use this weapon to blow up vehicles if you aim at the gas tanks. Moreover, the AP Pistol is much faster in reloading and drawing, allowing you to pick up the pace without losing the advantage over your enemies. Furthermore, you’ll have to play the game until your reach Rank 33 to unlock the gun, showing that even beginners aren’t immediately allowed to get their hands on this sidearm.

Price: $5,000

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The Up-n-Atomizer is one of the older special weapons in the game. It was released in 2018 through the Arena War update. Players received this gun for free if they had logged into the game on Christmas Day in 2018. However, it’s no longer available for free and will now cost you a hefty price tag. Nonetheless, it’s still a fun weapon to use. It’s essentially a Raygun, which shoots out yellow beams to damage your opponents. Although the damage isn’t spectacular, hitting your foes with this gun’s beam will send them flying into the air. You’ll have to shoot them a few more times for them to be killed, though. Nonetheless, consider this gun’s high price tag as an investment, as it doesn’t require any magazines or ammo. Instead, you’ll just have to wait for two seconds between each shot as the gun recharges itself.

Price: $399,000

Special Carbine Mk II

Special Carbine Mk II best weapons in gta 5 online

The Special Carbine Mk II is possibly the best assault rifle in the game and could easily be called one of the best weapons in GTA Online. The gun’s biggest draw is the sheer amount of customisations and upgrades that come with it. Moreover, the upgrades and customisations can be changed according to your playing style and preferences. The gun has the chops for both short-range and long-range shooting, making it an extremely versatile weapon. Even though the weapon’s firing rate is relatively high, the gun’s build ensures that your accuracy remains impeccable. Apart from this, you can equip the Special Carbine Mk II with different types of rounds, such as Incendiary Rounds, Full Metal Jacket Rounds, and Armor Piercing Rounds. This gun is truly the jack of all trades in GTA Online!

Price: $135,000

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Assault Shotgun

Assault Shotgun

Shotguns in any shooting game don’t have much range and can be slow to operate. However, GTA Online‘s Assault Shotgun is still one of the best weapons you can use today. Its heavy damage can make up for any of its other shortcomings, especially when you use it as a secondary weapon. Additionally, the gun has a fully-automatic mode that can be truly devastating when combined with the damage it can inflict. In fact, this gun has an extremely high damage-per-shot in the game. The weapon’s accuracy isn’t bad either, as you can use it up to the medium range for some respectable damage. Furthermore, with some excellent customisation options, the Assault Shotgun can be a decent choice for a primary weapon. This is pertinent if you like to get up close and personal in GTA Online‘s combat for total domination!

Price: $10,000

Heavy Sniper Mk II

Heavy Sniper Mk II

With this entry, we are introduced to the heavy hitters in GTA Online. The Heavy Sniper Mk II is essentially one of the best guns in GTA 5 Online, even without the need for upgrades. With superior accuracy, enormous damage, and impeccable style, this sniper rifle will be your best friend in plenty of the missions in GTA Online. You get the usual Zoom and Advanced Scopes with this sniper rifle, but you can also add the Thermal Scope and Night Vision scope for more versatility. Another significant advantage of this sniper rifle is the number of customisations and upgrades you can add to the rifle. With such versatility, you can become the lethal sniping assassin you’ve always wanted to be!

Price: $165,375

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Where to buy weapons in GTA 5 Online?

Ammu-Nations Store in GTA Online for best weapons

The game allows you to unlock weapons by completing particular objectives and rising up the ranks. After you’ve reached a specific rank, the corresponding weapon will be unlocked. You can then go to GTA‘s iconic Ammu-Nation store in Los Santos and buy the guns with some cold cash. However, other weapons, such as the Stone Hatchet, are only unlocked and available through missions. You will not be able to buy them from any in-game store. We recommend you choose your weapons wisely, as the guns in the game can be pretty expensive. With further customisation and upgrades, the final cost of a firearm can skyrocket to hundreds of thousands of USD!

Final remarks

What would GTA games have been without these classic weapons? The sheer amount of mayhem you can create with the right weapon in the game is highly satisfying. However, since these weapons are expensive and you’ll have to work hard to attain the right rank, you can’t spend money on weapons without proper research. Hopefully, this list of the best weapons in GTA 5 Online will give you a better understanding of the type of weapons you need to succeed.

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