Money has always been an essential commodity in GTA games. Whether the money is for buying the best cars in GTA IV or purchasing property and stock trading in GTA 5, money makes the GTA universe move forward. So, it’s no surprise when you realise that GTA Online requires you to grind money for almost…2023-02-02 18:47:119 Best GTA 5 Online Solo Missions For Money That Are Simply Too Easy!

9 Best GTA 5 Online Solo Missions For Money That Are Simply Too Easy!


Looking for GTA 5 Online solo missions for money? Check out our picks of the best solo money-making missions in the game!

Updated: 2nd Feb 2023, 18:47 IST
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    Best GTA Online Solo Missions To Earn Money
    • 1. Pier Pressure
    • 2. Simeonomics
    • 3. Rooftop Rumble
    • 4. Diamonds are for Trevor
    • 5. Blow Up
    • 6. Counter Intelligence
    • 7. Extraction
    • 8. Operation Paper Trail
    • 9. Judging the Jury
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    Summing up

Money has always been an essential commodity in GTA games. Whether the money is for buying the best cars in GTA IV or purchasing property and stock trading in GTA 5, money makes the GTA universe move forward. So, it’s no surprise when you realise that GTA Online requires you to grind money for almost every aspect of the game. From heists to contact missions to races, money is the name of the game.

There’s a good reason for this too, as the best weapons and vehicles in GTA Online can only be purchased with lump sums of money. If you’re a beginner, you might struggle ever so slightly at the beginning of the game due to a lack of resources. You don’t have to worry, though. There are a few missions in GTA 5 Online that you can work on easily to gain some traction. This list will be taking a look at the best GTA 5 Online solo missions for money!

Without any further ado, let’s check out the missions!

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Best GTA Online Solo Missions To Earn Money

GTA Online’s highly competitive nature requires all the players to be active and earn as much in-game money as possible. This money is then spent on various in-game consumables, weapons, and vehicles. Moreover, with the constant updates to the game adding plenty of content, you’ll definitely need the money to afford the new additions to the game.

Before we dive into the best GTA 5 Online solo missions for money, you’ll have to understand how the concept of earning money works in the game. Not all missions are created equal in GTA Online. Some pay more, while others pay less. However, all the missions have a fixed minimum payout. This payout increases based on the level of difficulty, and the various modifiers that you can add to the mission to make things more challenging. Additionally, the time spent in completing the mission also matters for your base payout. Let’s take a look at the increments in base payouts for missions:

  • Less than 1 minute – 10 per cent of the mission payout
  • Between 1 to 2 minutes – 25 per cent of the mission payout
  • Between 2 to 3 minutes – 50 per cent of the mission payout
  • Between 3 to 4 minutes – 75 per cent of the mission payout
  • Between 4 to 6 minutes – 100 per cent of the mission payout
  • Between 6 to 8 minutes – 120 per cent of the mission payout
  • Between 8 to 10 minutes – 140 per cent of the mission payout
  • Between 10 to 12 minutes – 160 per cent of the mission payout
  • Between 12 to 15 minutes – 180 per cent of the mission payout
  • Over 15 minutes – 200 per cent of the mission payout

It’s clear from the above list that you’ll get paid more if you spend more time on the mission. However, each mission comes with a limited amount of time. Moreover, the number of replays is limited as well. So, you’ll have to find a balance between the number of replays and the time left for the mission. This way, you can replay the mission a few times to increase your payout exponentially.

1. Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure

In GTA Online, a ranking system oversees the type of missions you can do. The higher your rank, the better assignments you’ll get. These missions will rise in difficulty with a rise in rank, but their rewards are much greater. At Rank 6, you unlock the mission called Pier Pressure. This mission is on the city’s outskirts, allowing you to look at the beautiful world-building that Rockstar has achieved.

The mission requires you to intercept a group meeting under the pier. You’ll have to eliminate every target and enemy in sight, after which you’ll have to pick up the package. After this, deliver the package to the person who assigned the mission to you. Upon completing the task, you’ll be rewarded with a cool $15,000. Pier Pressure is quite an easy mission if you’re good with guns in GTA 5.

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2. Simeonomics

Simeonomics GTA 5 Online solo missions for money

Remember the good old days of stealing cars and selling them for money in GTA III and GTA IV? Well, a similar mission returns in GTA 5 Online. Simeonomics follows the same pattern: you’ll have to find the target car, steal it, and stow it away at the assigned hiding spot. Upon completion, you’ll be paid money. However, things are a bit riskier in GTA Online. In Simeonomics, you’ll have to steal cars from the airport. Entering the airport in GTA 5 without authorisation already leads to a massive rise in wanted levels.

Moreover, there are two cars to steal at the airport. Since there are plenty of guards, you’ll have to take them down via stealth. This is the only practical approach to the mission. You’ll have to go through the entire process twice, as once you’ve taken a vehicle, you’ll have to drop it off at Simeon’s Dealership and repeat the process for the other car. You’ll also have to deal with a three-star wanted level. So, lose the wanted levels and then meet Simeon for the reward!

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3. Rooftop Rumble

Rooftop Rumble

Rooftop Rumble is one of the more difficult missions on this list but is perfect for making an easy $20,000. The mission’s difficulty is shown by the fact that it only unlocks after you reach Rank 75 in the game. For this task, you’ll have to stop a meeting between the FIB and the Professionals. You’ll also have to take the documents they were about to exchange and deliver them to your mission handler.

We recommend you go slow and take your time during this mission, as increasing the mission time usually gets you more cash in GTA Online. It won’t be easy under any circumstances, so ensure that your stealth tactics are on point and you have the right weapons for the job.

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4. Diamonds are for Trevor

Diamonds are for Trevor

Trevor Phillips is now one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. When playing GTA 5, it was clear that he had huge plans for Trevor Phillips Enterprises. So, when he assigns you a mission in GTA Online, you’ll have to be on your toes, as you don’t want to cross with this unhinged character. Nonetheless, this mission is relatively easy, but you’ll need a significant amount of firepower to complete it.

Trevor assigns you with stealing diamonds from a shipment that will pass through Los Santos’s Paleto Bay. The diamonds are important for the progress of Trevor’s company, so you’ll have to acquire them and eliminate the Merryweather guards assigned to protect the shipment.

These guards will be heavily armed and are pretty good at shooting their target. Therefore, you’ll have to be on your guard. Complete the mission, and Trevor will reward you with a payout of $15,540!

5. Blow Up

Blow Up GTA 5 Online solo missions for money

This is one of the best missions to complete in GTA Online if you’re a beginner and want an easy way to make plenty of money. The mission is unlocked on Rank 12, which gives you enough time to get acquainted with the game’s mechanics. Blow Up requires you to go to a car dealership and destroy all the cars on display. Seems easy enough? However, the police can show up quite early into the mission.

We’d recommend you group the cars closely and blow them up together. This way, you’ll be done with the mission before the cops show up. Nonetheless, after you get your reward money, deposit the money in the bank as soon as possible. After the mission completion, other players would want to eliminate you and take your reward money for themselves. So, you’ll have to watch your back on this mission. Regardless, this is relatively easy and makes this one of the best GTA 5 Online solo missions for money!

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6. Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence

This is another simple GTA 5 Online solo mission that could easily provide you with $48000 and over 11000 RP. For this mission, you’ll have to triangulate the locations of two drones. Once you’ve found each drone, you’ll have to hack into them. Following this, the mission will take you to a motel. Upon arriving at the motel, you’ll hack into a laptop next to the TV. While you’re hacking, the room will be gassed, and you’ll wake up at the back of a van. Inside the van, there will be a puzzle to solve.

The puzzle is comparatively easy and won’t take you too long to figure out. Once the puzzle is solved, get out of the van and deliver it to the required location. However, you will have to get rid of the police cars that will be chasing after you. Upon successfully delivering the van, you’ll be rewarded for your troubles.

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7. Extraction

Extraction GTA 5 Online solo missions for money

This is another mission which will grant you up to $48000 and 11500 RP, if you complete it on higher difficulties and don’t enlist the help of other players. For this mission, your job will be to rescue Agent Johnson. At first, you’ll be instructed to check the Agent’s house for clues. As you keep tinkering with the different options, the game will eventually tell you to hop into one of the Agent’s vehicles and go through her recent GPS locations.

Go through them until you come to the location which has one of her trucks parked. Once you find the truck, you’ll notice that Agent Johnson is being held captive. Rescue her and take her to the IAA headquarters while avoiding the wrath of the police.

After you complete the mission, you’ll be handsomely rewarded as well. Of course, try to complete the mission alone and at higher difficulties for the best rewards. This mission is reasonably easy and is one of the best GTA 5 Online solo missions for money.

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8. Operation Paper Trail

Operation Paper Trail

This is another mission that will provide you with up to $48000 and 11500 RP, if you play it on Hard difficulty and complete the mission alone. For Operation Paper Trail, you’re tasked with taking out Mason Duggan, your atypical shady personality with plenty of money.

However, the mission is made slightly more difficult as Mason can only be found at the top of a construction site. To make your way through to the target, you’ll have to fend off multiple enemies and drone on each level. Ensure that you take out as many of the enemies and drones as possible for higher rewards.

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Of course, you’ll have to take construction lifts and find keycards to access the upper levels of the construction site. You’ll also have to seize a briefcase containing Clifford tech. Unfortunately, the briefcase will be with Duggan, who will make a run for it in his helicopter.

After damaging the helicopter, jump from the building with your parachute and get as close as possible to the rooftop on which Duggan stands with his guards. Take them all out and grab the briefcase. Once you’ve taken the briefcase, drive to the given location, and the mission will be completed.

9. Judging the Jury

Judging the Jury

Judging the Jury is the type of mission that you’d associate more with a GTA game. You can either play this mission with other players or go in solo. Bear in mind that playing the game solo will yield much higher rewards. Moreover, considering the possible length of the mission, you can be sure of a decent time-based payout.

The mission involves you completing a hit job for Martin Madrazo. The wealthy businessman decides to bribe members of the jury in a case and turn the tides in his favour. However, the jurors decide to keep the money for themselves and deliver a damning judgement on Madrazo. So, you’ll have to eliminate all the 12 members of the jury to complete the mission. The first eight jurors will be relatively easy to eliminate. For the final four, you’ll have to deal with the LCPD. Eliminate all the jurors, escape from the cops, and return to Martin Madrazo with the good news. This will complete the mission, thereby rewarding you handsomely. While this isn’t as easy as it sounds, it’s still one of the best GTA 5 Online solo missions for money you can complete!

Summing up

There are plenty of GTA 5 Online solo missions for money. However, you’ll have to pick and choose the missions carefully, as solo money-making in the game isn’t very easy. Moreover, the difficulty of the missions increases as your rank increases, often resulting in co-op missions for better chances. We believe that the missions we’ve listed are easy enough to complete for any player in the game, even if you’re a novice. So, let us know your thoughts on this list and your favourite GTA Online missions in the comments below!

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  • The world of GTA Online revolves around money and money-making.
  • There are plenty of missions that can get you large sums of cash, but they can be quite difficult.
  • We’ve selected some of the easiest and best GTA 5 Online solo missions for money, which can be quite helpful for beginners!

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