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Attention Windows Users! Here’s How To Update Windows 10 The Easiest Way


Where is the Control Panel? How to update Windows 10? What is going on even? Navigating through the Windows user interface, especially if you are a new user, can seem a bit confusing at first. Don’t worry, we have simplified it all here!

- Updated: 30th Apr 2022, 20:52 IST
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    Windows 10 How To Update Guide: Step-By-Step
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    How To Update Windows 10: FAQs
    • 1. How do I manually update my Windows 10 PC?
    • 2. How long do updates take to install?
    • 3. Is it alright to skip these updates?
    • 4. Can I schedule updates as per my convenience?
    • 5. I’m facing issues when downloading and installing updates. How to fix this?
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    The Takeaway!

Windows 10 offers a very easy-to-understand user interface and most users may not face any issue in finding what they are looking for. However, if you are here, you probably confused about how to update Windows 10. Don’t worry, we have all been there. It becomes a tad bit confusing especially if you have been a Mac user and are shifting to the Windows experience. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place to get all your questions answered.

Good news is that Windows 10 actually automatically installs updates if you let it do so. However, whether it is for a poor internet connection or some other reason, automatic download of Windows 10 updates may glitch out. In other words, you may often have to manually download and install these updates. There is no need to break a sweat as the answer to how to update Windows 10 is rather super easy!

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Windows 10 How To Update Guide: Step-By-Step

All it takes is a couple of clicks here and a couple of clicks there to update Windows 10. There is no rocket science involved and by the end of this guide, you will be an absolute Pro at this. Without any further ado, let us dive right in!

Step 1: First things first, locate the Start Menu button at the left hand-side bottom corner of your screen. This is the Windows logo button. You can also just simply tap the Windows key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Now, right above your Power Options button, you will see the Settings icon (symbolised with a gear-like icon). Click on this.

Step 3: In here, you will come across a large variety of options. What you are looking for is the last option called Update & Security. Once you locate it, click it.

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Step 4: You will then see Windows Update as the first option in the left panel. You will directly land on this option as soon as you click and open the Update & Security option.

Step 5: Here, click on the Check for updates option.

Step 6: If there are no updates to download and install, you will see the “You’re up to date” message with a green tick. However, if there are updates that need to be download and installed, you will see the options to do so here. Simply tap on the download prompt and wait for Windows 10 to update.

Do note that for the update to install, you will need to restart your device. However, if you have some important work to do and can’t spare the restart, you can do so later. There is no hard and fast rule that will push you into updating it then and there. So, don’t worry.

Moving on, let us take a quick look at all the important questions that may be bothering you on your quest of how to update Windows 10.

How To Update Windows 10: FAQs

1. How do I manually update my Windows 10 PC?

As we mentioned before, all you need to do is head over to Start Menu > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updates. That’s pretty much it and you will be able to easily update your Windows 10 manually.

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2. How long do updates take to install?

There are a lot of factors that determine the answer to this question. It is heavily dependent on your internet speed, update size and the like. For example, it can take you anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to download Windows 11 update and install it on your Windows 10 running laptop.

3. Is it alright to skip these updates?

Updates are of paramount importance for your laptop or desktop to be healthy. These cumulative and security patch upgrades allow your device to be more stable. Additionally, they will anyway automatically download and install themselves and you can’t pause updates forever. Besides, if you are already going through our Window 10 how to update guide, you probably already know the significance of updates.

4. Can I schedule updates as per my convenience?

Totally! Here’s how to do so easily:

  • Right beside a downloaded update, you will see two options – Restart now and Schedule the restart. Click on the latter option.
  • Then, you will be taken to the Update Scheduling page. Here, first thing that you need to do is toggle on the Schedule a time option. Right after that you will see the greyed out Pick a time and Pick a day options be available. All you have to do is select your convenient time and date. You have successfully customised your update schedule.

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5. I’m facing issues when downloading and installing updates. How to fix this?

There are multiple things you can try in case your device is not downloading and installing updates. Here are a few methods that work:

  • Lot of time, your device may get disconnected from the internet. So, the first thing that you need to do is check if its connected to the internet. All it may be is just a classic case of no internet connectivity. Unstable internet often causes your Windows 10 updates to go haywire.
  • Once you are connected to the internet, try installing the updates manually. You already know how to do that from our previously mentioned steps.
  • One of the other things that is surprisingly effective is running the Windows Update Troubleshooter. To do so, you need to navigate to Start Menu > Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Other Troubleshooters > Most frequent > Windows Update

The Takeaway!

We most certainly do hope that our step-by-step guide and FAQs were enough to answer all your queries regarding how to update Windows 10. The Windows user interface is straightforward and friendly enough for you to gradually come around and use all of its abundant features. In case we missed something out, do let us know in the comments section!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Whether you are a new user or never really gave updating Windows 10 a try, this article is for you.
  • We have given the simplest and easiest answer on how to download Windows 10.
  • In just a couple steps, this Windows 10 how to update guide will educate you on everything about it.

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