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Complete List Of GTA 5 Cheat Codes (Updated) : PC, PS4, Xbox


If you want the best gaming experience in terms of fun factors, check out these GTA 5 PC cheat codes for vehicles, weapons, and the most random events in the game.

- Updated: 16th May 2023, 10:37 IST
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    Things to remember before using GTA 5 PC Cheat Codes
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    GTA 5 PC Cheat Codes – The full list
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    GTA 5 Cheat Codes Using In-Game Cellphone
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Are you looking for some GTA 5 PC cheat codes to elevate your gameplay experience? If so, you’re in luck. We’ve curated a list of cheat codes for GTA 5‘s PC version so that you can have even more fun in the game. This list includes cheats for spawning vehicles, acquiring weapons, and generally wreaking havoc in this rendition of Los Santos.

Although GTA 5 was released for previous generation consoles in 2013, the game has received multiple updates. To this date, it’s one of the best PC games. Moreover, the PC version of GTA 5 was released in 2014, with considerable upgrades to take advantage of the more powerful PC hardware. To this day, the game receives much fanfare due to the entertaining gameplay. Furthermore, with GTA Online becoming a staple, thousands of players continue to enjoy the content that Rockstar has been putting out. Whether you’re playing GTA Online or not, playing the main single-player campaign can still bring heaps of enjoyment.

If you want to elevate your gaming experience and want to cause chaos in Los Santos, GTA 5 PC cheat codes are the way to go. With that being said, let’s look at all of them.

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Things to remember before using GTA 5 PC Cheat Codes

You need to remember a few things when you’re playing GTA 5 on your PC. Before you end up using the cheat codes, remember the following points.

  • Save the game before you use any GTA 5 PC cheat codes. The minute you type in a cheat code, the game’s Achievements can’t be earned. This is because the game will recognise your usage of cheat codes.
  • Choose the GTA 5 PC cheat codes beforehand and keep them handy.
  • Use the tilde (~) button on your keyboard to use the game’s console. This is a window that can be used for typing in the cheat codes.
GTA 5 in-game console for cheats
  • After you’ve decided on your cheat codes and brought up the in-game console, you’ll have to type in the cheat codes and press the ENTER key.
  • Once you’ve input the cheat codes correctly and followed all the previous steps, you’ll see a prompt on the screen. This prompt will verify the cheat code activation.

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GTA 5 PC Cheat Codes – The full list

GTA 5 gameplay
Cheat codeResult
LIQUORDrunk mode for maximum chaos
CATCHMEIncreases your sprinting speed monumentally
GOTGILLSPlayers can swim much faster
POWERUPCompletely recharges each character’s unique ability
SKYFALLPuts the character mid-air with no parachute. Survival isn’t easy.
INCENDIARYShooting bullets at objects or people will light them on fire
HIGHEXBullets will explode on impact
HOTHANDSIf you punch anything, it’ll explode!
HOPTOITCharacters’ jumping abilities are increased tenfold
LAWYERUPRemove a star from your wanted level
PAINKILLERGod mode for 5 minutes only. Re-enter the cheat after 5 minutes to activate it again
DEADEYEAiming becomes easier. Enter the cheat four times for best effects. For disabling it, enter the cheat a fifth time.
FUGITIVERaise your wanted level by one star
TURTLEGives you maximum health and armour
SKYDIVEProvides you with a parachute
TOOLUPGives you all the weapons and ammo that you need
JRTALENTAllows you to switch between the main characters and even the NPCs
FLOATERDecreases gravitational pull, especially if you’re in a vehicle
MAKEITRAINChanges the weather. Options include sunny, smoggy, clear, overcast, and even snowing
SNOWDAYCars have less traction
SLOWMOSlows down the entire game. Can be entered three times for the most effect. Entering it a fourth time will disable the cheat.
BANDITGives you a nice BMX bike.
BUZZOFFYou get an attack helicopter (Buzzard)
HOLEIN1Gets you a golf cart, Caddy
COMETProvides the Comet sports car
FLYSPRAYGives you the Crop Duster airplane
VINEWOODTravel around Los Santos in a stylish limousine
ROCKETGives you the fast PCJ-600 motorbike
RAPIDGTAnother beautiful sports car for high octane chases
OFFROADGives you a dirt bike (Sanchez)
BARNSTORMFly a stunt airplane
TRASHEDGet the garbage truck, Trashmaster
DEATHCARComplete the “Duel” random event first to unlock this death machine vehicle
BUBBLESComplete the “Wildlife Photography Challenge” and use this cheat for spawning a submarine
EXTINCTFirst, complete the “Sea Plane” event and unlock the Dodo Airplane. Use this cheat to spawn the Dodo.

GTA 5 Cheat Codes Using In-Game Cellphone

Rockstar has also added the method of inputting GTA 5 PC cheat codes through the in-game cellphone. While the numbers are slightly difficult to remember, you can give this a shot for more immersion!

1-999-547867Drunk Mode
1-999-46844557Faster swimming
1-999-724-6545537Invincible mode
1-999-887-853Full health and armour
1-999-228-2463Faster sprinting
1-999-467-8648Character jumps higher
1-999-769-3787Fill special ability meter
1-999-759-3483Add parachute
1-999-759-3255Start skydiving
1-999-332-3393Slow motion aim
1-999-384-48483Increases wanted level
1-999-529-93787Decreases wanted level
1-999-866-587Adds weapons and ammo
1-999-444-439Bullets explode on impact
1-999-625-348-7246Changes the in-game weather
1-999-4623-634279Bullets cause fire
1-999-356-2837Changes gravity
1-999-766-9329Less friction
1-999-727-4348Spawns Rapid-GT
1-999-226-348Spawns BMX bike
1-999-4653-461Spawns caddy
1-999-872-7433Spawns Garbage Truck
1-999-266-38Spawns Comet
1-999-289-9633Spawns a Buzzard attack helicopter

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will using these cheats impact my Achievements list?

Yes. While you can complete the game easily using cheats, if you’re looking for Achievements or Trophies, you won’t get them. It’s recommended to have a clean save game file before you activate the cheats. That way, you can cause whatever mayhem you want in-game, without it affecting your Achievements or Trophies.

My parachute doesn’t work after using the Skyfall cheat code. Is there a workaround?

This is a bug that has plagued the game for quite a while now. It’s quite random and you’re never sure when the parachute will or will not work. If you notice that your parachute isn’t activating after using the cheat, you can fall against a wall to break your fall and avoid death.

None of the special vehicles is spawning even though I’ve entered the cheat code correctly. Why?

The special vehicles will spawn only when you’ve completed the requirements for them. Check the cheats we’ve provided for the car unlocking conditions. If the conditions are met, the vehicle will be available through cheat codes.

What about a money cheat?

Since the game gives you plenty of opportunities to acquire money through heists, there’s no in-game cheat for acquiring money. You’ll have to get money the hard way. Play through the game, do the side quests, and you’ll soon be rolling on money!


We hope you liked this list of GTA 5 PC cheat codes. Most of these cheat codes can be used if you’re in an intense gunfight and want the police off your back. The others are so random that they can be used for almost anything. Most importantly, it’s all about having fun with the cheat codes. After all, a GTA game isn’t a GTA game if it doesn’t have cheat codes!

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Highlights of the Story

  • The GTA 5 PC cheat codes help players who are facing difficulties in progressing through the game. Moreover, they’ve very fun to use.
  • We’ve covered an entire list of cheat codes that you can use in your next playthrough of the game!