GTA 5 Online has had dozens of important updates over the past eight years since its release. Naturally, these updates have introduced better cars and weapons, adding more power and intrigue to the gameplay. Now, if you want to endorse maximum mayhem in the game, you’ll also need a fair bit of protection. This is especially pertinent in the case of car chases and gunfights. Thankfully, GTA 5 Online also comes with a host of armoured vehicles to ensure that vehicular protection isn’t left behind. We’ve curated a list of the best armoured vehicles in GTA 5 Online, which you can use to gain an advantage in difficult in-game situations.

Let’s check out the entries, shall we?



The Insurgent is an affordably priced armoured vehicle in GTA 5 Online. It’s one of the more commonly used vehicles as well. Despite the lower pricing, the Insurgent can handle a reasonable amount of punishment. This is excellent if you need an armoured vehicle during a mission but don’t have the means to buy an expensive vehicle. The car can take three tank shells and about seven Sticky Bombs. The vehicle is also exceptional in different terrains, making it an easy choice if you need a fast getaway. Moreover, due to its size, it can easily fit a few extra friends if you’re going on a heist. However, the large windshield can be problematic, leaving plenty of room for your opponents to shoot the driver. Additionally, there aren’t too many customisation options for the vehicle.

Price: $897, 750

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The Barrage

The Barrage

At first glance, the Barrage is a vehicle similar to the Insurgent. However, this off-road buggy takes a more attack-minded approach to the game. While you’ll have to pick up the custom version of the Insurgent for a mounted gun, the Barrage comes with two mounted guns from the very beginning. One of the guns is mounted on the front, while the other is mounted at the back. You can also switch out one of the mounted guns for a grenade launcher to add some extra firepower. Since these guns have a wide range of view, you and your friends will be able to cover attacks coming from 360 degrees.

The car’s design is inspired by a combination of the HDT Storm ITV and the HDT Storm SRTV. Once again, the only weakness of this vehicle is the lack of bullet protection at the driver’s end, with the windshield being too large and offering many chances for a direct headshot. Despite this, the Barrage is relatively fast and will be able to operate on multiple types of terrains. Thanks to all these qualities, this vehicle is one of the best armoured vehicles in GTA 5 Online.

Price: $2,121,350

Mobile Operations Center

Mobile Operations Center best armoured vehicles in gta 5 online

Although the Mobile Operations Center isn’t technically a vehicle and requires hauling by trucks, it is one of the best in the game. This modular semi-trailer is perfect for overlooking mission commands, with consoles and secure doors on either side for total protection. Moreover, it’s equipped with a Gun Turret, storage space for all your extra weapons, and a workshop. This workshop can be used to modify both your weapons and vehicles, so you’ll always be able to stay ahead of the game. When it comes to armour, there’s none better. The Mobile Operations Center can withstand a massive barrage of 69 Homing Missiles or 24 RPG shots.

There are a few cons of this vehicle, however. Firstly, due to its large size, the vehicle requires a bunker to be stored. Secondly, the speed will be slow even if you pull the trailer with a sizeable truck. Manoeuvrability with the truck can be a bit of an issue, as the size could hamper the players’ view, even in the third person.

Price: $1,225,000 – 2,790,000

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Duke O’ Death

Duke O' Death

Duke O’ Death was one of the first armoured vehicles introduced in the remastered version of GTA 5. Afterwards, the vehicle was made available for purchase in GTA Online. The car is extremely popular, primarily due to the gorgeous muscle car aesthetic, providing a Mad Max and Knight Rider vibe. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by the looks of the car. When it comes to offence and defence, supplemented with the car’s speed, the Duke O’ Death is definitely formidable. The car’s bomb protection isn’t the best, though. It can only withstand the damage from a Sticky Bomb and up to four Homing Missiles. Nonetheless, the vehicle is entirely bulletproof, enabling you to make way between missions without the immediate danger of being shot at.

The vehicle’s body is pretty strong as well and can be used for ramming your opponents off the roads. This is why we’d highly recommend this vehicle for low-priority races.

Price: $279,000

Paragon R (Armoured)

Paragon R (Armoured) best armoured vehicles in gta 5 online

The Paragon R is one of the more elite vehicles in GTA 5. Its design is inspired by the 2018 version of the Bentley Continental GT, with some added features from BMW M3, BMW M4, and Porsche 991. Although there’s nothing too special about the base version of the car, its armoured version is one of the best armoured vehicles in GTA 5 Online. It’s also one of the fastest armoured vehicles in the entire game, taking on the very best in elite-level races. The car’s sleek design also makes it a favourite among players who prefer a small amount of customisation with their armoured vehicles.

In terms of firepower, there are two machine guns mounted at the front of the vehicle. These are perfect if you have to chase down targets. The vehicle’s armour isn’t the toughest, though. It’ll be able to handle one direct RPG hit at the most, although this shouldn’t matter much considering the Paragon R’s speed. With some good driving skills, you’ll be able to dodge RPG hits like a professional!

Price: $955,000

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Final remarks

Armoured vehicles add a new dynamic to the game. Although this makes most of the game slightly more challenging, GTA 5 Online also offers a variety of ways to tackle these situations. While there are plenty of armoured vehicles in the game, we’ve segregated these entries based on their use cases and popularity among players. What did you think of the best armoured vehicles in GTA 5 Online? Are there any other vehicles that you prefer to use? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below. We’ll be sure to try out these vehicles in the game!

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