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    Top 10 Most Important Tips for Players Returning to Battlegrounds Mobile India

    By Ritik | 
    Updated: 6th Jul 2021 05:07 IST
    Tips for Battlegrounds Mobile India

    Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a battle royale game in which players must master gunfights in order to take home the winner-winner chicken dinner. Winning close combat, as per the pros, is a completely different art.  To take out enemies, you must be tactically vigilant in addition to having solid control over the game elements. Now that the new battle royale title is ready, many players want to climb up quickly. These few tips will assist you in making the best decision possible in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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    Top 10 Tips for Players Returning to Battlegrounds Mobile India

    1) Gun Choice

    It can be difficult to get a Groza in BGMI because it is only available via air-drop. As a result, the submachine vector with the extended mag, which can fire up to 33 bullets in one magazine and can be employed in both short and mid-range sprays, is the second feasible alternative.

    Gun Tips for Battlegrounds Mobile India

    2) Adjust sensitivity settings

    Beginners should avoid messing with Battlegrounds Mobile India’s default settings. Players can adjust their sensitivity when they’ve figured out their own playstyle. Players must, however, avoid copying their idol’s sensitivity without first conducting thorough research.

    3) Clearing angles in TPP

    Clearing angles from a third-person perspective involves peeking around walls without exposing yourself to the enemy before entering the building. As a result, it’s a good idea to use a third-person camera.

    In order to push a big building in Miramar or Erangle in BGMI, players must be extremely cautious of becoming an easy target if they rush without clearing angles or knowing sound cues.

    4) Silent movement

    It is simple to move around without causing any noise. In BGMI, this is by far the most popular and effective technique for winning close-range battles. Players should crouch and walk in small steps, moving only a few inches at a time. It takes a long time to get in, but it allows players to change positions without creating any noise.

    5) Survival over Kills

    Depending on whether they play aggressively or tactically, mobile gamers have vastly different playstyles. Beginners should be aware that Battlegrounds Mobile India is basically a survival game, and that staying low rather than killing more enemies is more advantageous in the long run. When players choose a proper camp area near the middle of the safe zone to take cover, they gain a higher ranking.

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    6) Customize Button Placement

    Do you want to change the controls in BGMI? Yes, you certainly can. Although the game provides several button layouts from which to choose, it is recommended that you alter their placement according to your fingertips. You can even change the size of the buttons to suit your needs.

    To change the layout of your buttons, go to Settings>Controls>Customize, then make your changes and hit the save button at the top. Finally, tap Exit.

    Button Placement Tips for Battlegrounds Mobile India

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    7) Select Right Graphics Quality

    It’s also crucial to understand your phone’s performance limits. Because the BGMI mobile is a graphics-intensive game, you will notice a lot of latency or frame drops if you are using an entry-level phone with graphics set to HD or HDR and Frame Rates set to High or Ultra. As a result, select the appropriate graphics setting. To do so, navigate to the Settings icon and select Graphics from the drop-down menu. It’s also a good idea to keep auto-adjust graphics enabled, which automatically reduces the graphics setting if performance suffers.

    8) Shoot only if you mean to kill

    Don’t go insane and start spraying on every enemy you see. It’s difficult to hit a moving adversary from a long distance. As a result, always pull the trigger when your target is steady; otherwise, you risk giving away your position rather than getting a kill. Smoke can be used to revive teammates while also providing cover.

    If you’re certain an enemy is hidden in a specific building, use a frag grenade on it and keep the grenade’s burst period as short as possible.

    Tips for Battlegrounds Mobile India

    9) Explode enemies car

    The vehicles in the game can be used as covers, but make absolutely sure there is a small gap between you and them, as cars can explode when exposed to continuous gunfire. The car engine will first emit smoke, followed by a fire, and finally, your vehicle will explode. You can also take out enemies by slamming into their cars till they explode. To increase damage, use DMR and machine guns.

    10) Drop spots

    In a battle royale game, landing in the right spot is important. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, players must avoid areas such as Pochinki, Rozhok, and Georgopol in Erangel. These are the sites that pro players prefer, and beginners should avoid them at all costs. If you wish to survive for a longer period of time, then you must choose a less popular location.

    Tips for Battlegrounds Mobile India

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