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Top Music Streaming Apps For iOS And Android


These are a few apps that we found to be most useful and feature-packed to the users in terms of music streaming.

- Updated: 25th May 2023, 15:15 IST
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Music Streaming services have taken a boom in India since the Internet data prices have fallen short since the inception of Reliance Jio.

There are millions of music apps that are being offered on each platform be it Android or iOS. With all that selection, it’s very difficult to make your mind up to select the app you would like. So here is a list of top 5 Music Streaming apps available on both iOS and Android and you can pick any one of these services which will make sure that your money is not wasted. Some of these apps on the list are complete, free-of-charge, however several of the simplest apps on this list need a subscription fee or maybe in-app purchases to offer all the features. 

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Top 5 Music Streaming Apps For iOS And Android Spotify

Spotify is one of the first and most popular music streaming apps available in the market. With over eighty million subscribers and access to more than forty million tracks. The mobile app boasts constant practicality as its desktop counterpart, permitting you to stream single tracks or entire albums with the choice to form custom playlists. The best thing about Spotify, however, is that the service is free for users who don’t want to buy a subscription and it does not force to pay in order to use the service like Apple Music. In return, users will have to see advertisements between streams and some of the features are limited too. But we still feel that the users who love to use Spotify will pay for the service which allows them to download songs offline and other advantages. A free account solely permits for Shuffle Play, thus if you would like to be able to play any song, listen offline, and ditch those ads, then you are compelled to pay a price of Rs. 119 /month. There’s additionally the choice for a cheap student plan that comes with a cheaper price and adds access to some other services as well.

Download Spotify for Android | iOS

YouTube Music:

A user who needs both music tracks and videos in a single application?, then YouTube Music is the one right made for you. There’s a free version that is filled with ads like other free streaming services out there, but lets you pick tracks to play and skip as many times as you like. Youtube Music, a part of Youtube, is making ready for its time for ultimate absorption of Google Play Music. YouTube Music offers you access to any of the music available on Youtube or all of it. It’s liberated to use with ads, however, if you would like ad-free listening, background listening (with the screen switched off), and support for offline downloads, then you’ll want a YouTube Music Premium subscription, that prices Rs. 99/month. Else, if you’re already paying Rs. 129/month for the YouTube Premium subscription (that comes with ad-free videos), you get the YouTube Music Premium for free rolled into that subscription too.

Download Youtube Music for Android | iOS

Amazon Music:

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps For iOS And Android Prime Music

Amazon, although late to the party, provides access to a bunch of free songs and additionally contains your entire Cloud Player library, together with uploaded songs and more. With over access to the total fifty million-strong library which is simply enclosed with an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription in multiple countries. Not like multiple other apps, Amazon Prime Music lets you skip as many tracks as you want, and won’t interrupt you with adverts, so if you have already bought the Amazon Prime subscription, perhaps this would be a great choice of a streaming service that will offer you ‘free’ offerings from the likes of other apps like Spotify. The Amazon Prime members additionally get free access to the Amazon Prime Music subscription with over two million songs. It’s not a nasty bonus for an existing Amazon Prime member, however that choice will feel slightly left backward when compared to Spotify, Gaana or Youtube Music.

Download Amazon Music for Android | iOS

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Apple Music:

Top 5 Music Streaming Apps For iOS And Android Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple’s music streaming service, and it offers you complete access to any song within the Apple Music library, in spite of wherever you’re. As you’d expect from Apple, Apple Music is a well-designed application, and as a bonus, it is available for each of the operating system, Android as well as iOS. The best part about Apple Music is that it allows you to listen from over 30 million songs along with playlists and you get a 24/7 live radio. On top of that, Apple Music even allows you to upload your songs to the app and stream it to your device. This is one of the best features of Apple Music since the songs you upload will be stored on Apple’s servers and you don’t need to have it stored locally. The app natively supports dark mode on both the platforms and the app is not free to use and the monthly subscription is Rs 99, which is quite decent. Also, if you’re using the Apple Music application on an Android, you can also stream it on to a Chromecast device, creating a great ecosystem.

Download Apple Music for Android | iOS


Top 5 Music Streaming Apps For iOS And Android Gaana

One app, that most of the Indian users have on their lips, for listening to music is the Gaana application. Available for both Android and iOS, Gaana offers a rich collection of old and latest Bollywood songs, and songs from other Indian cultures like Marathi, Gujrati and a lot more. As far as the collection on Gaana is concerned, it is one of the best and the regional songs on this service are far better than any of the other services mentioned in this list. Gaana app offers a limited number of ads and unlimited skips, this makes it one of India’s most used and played music streaming applications out there. Gaana also offers a premium subscription similar to other apps on this list, the Gaana Plus where the base plan starts at just Rs. 99/month and offers access to all the features including the ability to download and play songs offline.

Download Gaana app for Android | iOS

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Top 5 Music Streaming Apps For iOS And Android JioSaavn

Next up on our list of best streaming apps available for Android and iOS is Saavn. This service was recently bought by India’s Reliance Industries who have renamed it to JioSaavn. As far as Saavn is concerned, it has millions of songs in its collection which range from Hollywood, Bollywood, regional and other categories too. Similar to Spotify, Saavn also offers its users with the ability to use the service for free. This service also serves ads for free users and you can pay for the service to have the ads removed as well as unlock other features. Saavn too has a range of music such as radio, songs, podcasts and more for users to listen to. Saavn’s monthly subscription starts from just Rs. 99/month to offer ad-free experience and exclusive content.

Download JioSaavn app for Android | iOS

These were a few apps that we found to be most useful and feature-packed to the users in terms of music streaming, if you are planning to choose music streaming app, then do let us know which one you have opted for.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Mobile streaming services have tons of benefits such as they don’t occupy your precious/limited storage space on your smartphone.
  • Secondly, this discourages music piracy and people have stopped downloading music from pirated websites and thus prefer listening to music using one of the streaming services.
  • Third, it is much more convenient to listen to any music of your choice, you can select any music from a library of over a Billion songs.