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WatchOS 9: Features And Release Date, Everything you must know


From new watch faces, sports modes, to health features and more, here’s everything you must know about Watch OS 9.

- Updated: 4th Nov 2022, 23:02 IST
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    WatchOS 9 Features: At a Glance
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    WatchOS 9 Features: 5 Things To Level Up Your Experience
    • 1. New Watch Faces
    • 2. Sleep Stages
    • 3. Medications Management
    • 4. Running Metrics
    • 5. Atrial Fibrillation
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    WatchOS 9 Release Date
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    WatchOS 9 Compatible Devices

WatchOS 9 is official now. Officially announced at the 33rd WWDC, WatchOS 9 is a successor to WatchOS 8 and is loaded with a whole lot of new features. From refreshed watch faces to advanced running metrics, there is a lot that users can experience with the new WatchOS 9.

The WatchOS 9 features will come to the existing Apple watches too. This means the current users can get the chance to enjoy the WatchOS 9 features. However, not much is known about the release date but we have slight hints as to when you could expect the new software. Let us find in this article.

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WatchOS 9 Features: At a Glance

  • Four new watch faces
  • Advanced running metrics
  • Atrial fibrillation history for diagnosis
  • Simplified notifications
  • Redesigned calendar app
  • Redesigned dock
  • New Quick actions with assistive touch
  • Sleep stages management
  • Medication management and more.

WatchOS 9 Features: 5 Things To Level Up Your Experience

The Annual WWDC mentioned a lot about the new WatchOS 9. Here, have a look at five exciting features.

1. New Watch Faces

watchos 9 features

With WatchOS 9, four new watch faces have been introduced including Astronomy, Lunar Calendar, Play Joy, and Metropolitan. The old watch faces have been updated by Apple as well. The previous watch faces like Modular, Modular Compact and X Large now will have an option for customizable background colours and gradients. Furthermore, you can now enjoy the Depth Effect in the Portrait face.

WatchOS 9 features also have an option to pin the notifications or active apps at the top of the watch faces. Furthermore, you also get Search and Listen Now functions along with six new keyboard languages with the WatchOS 9.

2. Sleep Stages

watchos 9 features

The sleep tracking feature is not new but Apple has improved this with the new WatchOS 9 features. This feature will show you a breakdown of REM, Core and deep sleep in the app. While these options were already available in the Fitbit and Garmin devices but it is the first time since Apple has introduced something like this.

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3. Medications Management

watchos 9 features

With the new WatchOS 9 features, you can now find a Medication section in the health app. This feature is extremely beneficial and helps the users keep a track of their medications through schedulers or reminders. Furthermore, you can utilize this feature to share your health data with your friends, family and healthcare experts. Additionally, for people living in the US, there is a new feature that notifies you when your medicines interact with each other.

4. Running Metrics

Apple has introduced three new metrics to running mode with WatchOS 9. These include Stride Length, Ground Contact Time and Vertical Oscillation. Besides, if you run on the same routes regularly, you can compare your running metrics for the previous or best results. A new feature called Pacer Mode is also introduced that will let you know the ideal pace for a selected distance and time.

5. Atrial Fibrillation

watchos 9 features

This WatchOS 9 feature cross-references your lifestyle factors to keep a track of the A-Fib which can further be used to detect any potentially dangerous heart condition. You can also share the data recorded in the app in PDF format for diagnosis.

WatchOS 9 Release Date

A public beta version of the WatchOs 9 will be available for the users from July 2022. It is expected that WatchOS 9 will officially start rolling out this fall.

WatchOS 9 Compatible Devices

Apple Watch 7, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 6 are expected to get the WatchOS 9 software update.

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1 Year ago
Can I update my Watch SE to Watch OS9 when it is live in fall without a supporting iPhone? Thanks in advance

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