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iOS 16 Features: Lock Screen, Maps, Everything You Need To Know


The 33rd Annual WWDC is live now. With that, Apple has launched iOS 16 and here’s all that you need to know.

- Updated: 2nd Nov 2022, 12:58 IST
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    iOS 16 Features
    • Advanced Lock Screen
    • Messages
    • Dictation
    • Wallet
    • Maps
    • Sports
    • Family Sharing
    • Home
    • Car Play
    • Safety Check
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    iOS 16 Release date
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    iOS 16 Compatible Devices

The wait for Apple users is over now. iOS 16 has finally been introduced with the 33rd WWDC. The Apple tech event is focusing mainly on the latest and the greatest software updates for the Apple devices. There had been rumours earlier about what all to expect in the WWDC but with the event happening finally, we bring to you all that you must know about iOS 16 features and updates.

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iOS 16 Features

The major centre of attraction in the iOS 16 is the Lock Screen. Updates have been made to Messages, Wallet, and others too. Here are all the details of the next-generation software.

Advanced Lock Screen

ios 16 features Advanced Lock Screen

With iOS 16, you can do a lot to your lock screen. For the first time ever, it is possible to customize the lock screen, making it even more personalized. The new lock screen lets the users change the background colours, and fonts and allows you to add as many widgets.

Furthermore, you can just press and hold the lock screen to customize it even more in the lock screen editor. iOS 16 features and updates give you the liberty to keep as many lock screens.

A new notification style called the Live Activities has been introduced too. The notifications would now appear from the bottom and you can choose and manage what notifications you want on the lock screen.

The earlier launched Focus Mode has now made its way to the lock screen too. With Focus mode, you can set different focuses for the different lock screens like Work, Personal, etc. You can switch between the lock screens with just a swipe.



The three most requested features have finally been added to the Messages app. So now, you can edit the sent messages, undo a message i.e., pull back a sent message and can mark Thread as Unread.

Besides, SharePlay has been integrated into the Messages app. This iOS 16 feature lets you share things directly while chatting in the Messages. You can also watch a movie in sync when using the Messages app.


ios 16 features Dictation

Another great update that has been introduced with iOS 16 is the Dictation feature. The new Dictation feature lets you switch between touch and voice. You can also select a text and replace it with your voice just by speaking. In the case of long messages, this feature automatically adds punctuation too. How cool is that!


Big changes are coming to the wallet app. In-app ID verification will be introduced for third-party apps.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

The Tap to Pay feature is coming to the Apple Pay with the iOS 16, paving the way for contactless payments. You can expect this feature latest by this month only. iOS 16 features and updates will also include the Apple Pay Later option where users can split the cost across four payments over six weeks without any additional fees or interest. There will also be Apple Pay Order Tracking where you can get real-time updates of the Apple Pay orders with millions of merchants.

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You can experience a major update on Maps with iOS 16. The redesigned map will be available for 11 new countries and the new features will include Cycling, Look around and others. With the new update, you can now add 15 stops for a trip in advance. When driving, you can ask Siri to add stops to your route.

The new city experience will have an unprecedented detail for landcover, road, and elevation along with improved driving and transit navigation.


ios 16 features Sports

With iOS 16, you can follow Sports even more conveniently. You can follow your team, leagues, and coverage from different publications in the My Sports section. Furthermore, there is also the option for Live Activities, Scores and Play by Play action in the Apple TV app. Initially, the Sports feature will roll out in US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Family Sharing

Family sharing

The family Sharing feature was introduced with iOS 9 but with iOS 16, this feature is getting even more advanced. This new iOS 16 feature makes it easier to create and manage content for the kids. You can also set up kid-safe mode in a new iPhone or iPad using this feature. The Family checklist option lets you be confident that you are sharing appropriate and child-friendly content.

iCloud Shared Library has been the most requested feature and users can finally experience it with iOS 16. You can share all your photos, specific photos, photos from particular dates or tags, etc with up to five people using this feature. The best part, everyone who is included in the Library will have an equal share in the adding, deleting, or sharing of photos.


ios 16 Home screen

The Home app is also witnessing an update with the iOS 16. You can now have a better view of your rooms and smart appliances, can view the rooms in a single view, and have options for lights, climate, security and more. Tapping on the categories will give you more detailed information about them and an option to view four cameras at once.

Car Play

Car Play

The new CarPlay app will have a dashboard with music, a calendar, driving routes and more in it. You can also sync it with your other Apple devices. The CarPlay app gives you the option to communicate with real-time systems such as speed, fuel level, temperature and more.

Safety Check

ios 16 features Safety Check

Privacy remains at the heart of Apple products and no compromises have been made in iOS 16 features as well. The Safety Check feature lets you immediately revoke the access granted to others including location, passwords, and any other data. With this feature, you can also reset system privacy for all the applications, and protect access to your messages.

iOS 16 Release date

The iOS 16 will be released at the end of 2022 but the public beta version will be available to the users from July.

iOS 16 Compatible Devices

Some of the older Apple devices won’t be able to enjoy the latest iOS 16 features and software. Users having iPhone 8 and above can experience the iOS 16.

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