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Explained: What Is 4K HD and Ultra HD? A Byte Size Guide


Watching your favourite sport, movies, series, and news in Full 4K HD is becoming easier and easier by the day! With colossal support from the Digital Media industry at large, 4K is making its way to homes, smartphones, and theatres alike.

- Updated: 7th Jul 2023, 15:28 IST
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    Consumer Grade 4k Ultra HD 
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    Commercial Grade 4k Ultra HD

4K and ULTRA HD, are relatively new resolutions introduced to the video world in just the last two decades and becoming increasingly prevalent on OTT platforms, TV, Cinema, and even Discs. Many people want to understand what this means and how it compares to previous formats when purchasing content, buying TVs, Smartphones, and more. That’s why this byte-sized guide by Cashify explains all you need to know about what is 4K Ultra HD for all devices and platforms.

4K Ultra HD is split into commercial- projector grade or consumer-grade for personal use. This is anything close to four times that of 1080p, or 4000 in width of pixels. 

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Let’s Begin!

Consumer Grade 4k Ultra HD 

While not an exact 4k resolution, ULTRA HD for consumer use can have a resolution of 3840×2160. High-definition TV resolution, abbreviated as HDTV and sometimes as HD and UHDTV (Ultra HD TV) (4k HD TV), has a substantially higher pixel count than Full HD, which is 1920×1080 (1080p).

HDTV has been seen as the successor to analogue television since the late 2000s, and with Smart TVs the next big wave, 4k is here to stay.

Commercial Grade 4k Ultra HD

In video production and modern cinematography, 4K is a standard published in the Digital Cinema System Specification in 2005, by the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI). This specification establishes standardized 4K container formats for digital cinema production as:

  • 4096 × 2160 (full-frame, 256∶135 or ≈1.90∶1 aspect ratio)
  • 3996 × 2160 (flat crop, 1.85∶1 aspect ratio)
  • 4096 × 1716 (CinemaScope crop, ≈2.39∶1 aspect ratio)

For most people, the 3840p×2160p of Ultra HD would be enough, but for movie theatre viewings and international quality publications, pros use the DCI specified formats.

 That was our short info-byte on 4K HD resolution and ULTRA HD explained! Want more such tidbits? Check out our blog!

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Highlights of the Story

  • What Makes 4K Ultra HD so good?
  • The fact that 4K is four times as pixel-dense as the previous gold standard: 1080p or 2K HD.
  • There are two broad types of 4K: Commercial and Personal, and this guide by Cashify explains both.

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