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How To Connect Smartphone To TV: 3 Swift Methods To Get It Done


With standardised cable formats such as the USB Type-C, HDMI, and Lightning, it is easier than ever to find Adapters or Converters online which translate one form of encoding into another, helping you mirror multimedia across hardware platforms. Softwares and Apps have also made it easier for more modern, Wi-Fi enabled TVs to wirelessly connect to your Smartphone, all of which is covered in this article by Cashify.

- Updated: 11th Nov 2021, 06:18 IST
  • 1
    Phone USB to TV
  • 2
    Via a USB to HDMI Adapter 
  • 3
    Via Smart TV Services

Ever wondered if you could connect your smartphone device to your TV? The answer is that you can if you have the right device, TV, and input adapter to suit this purpose. This informative tutorial from Cashify is a comprehensive guide to figure out if you can or can’t connect your Smartphone to your TV, and how you can do that if your devices are eligible. 

This tutorial covers 3 Methods. Let’s start with the simplest but most limited one.

Phone USB to TV

While feature phones seldom possess the processing power or compatibility required for connecting to a TV, modern models can play media from storage like a USB pen drive.

At most, you may connect your feature phone with a USB cable to your TV’s USB Port and be able to display the images, music, and videos stored in your device memory. 

The same method applies to any Android or Apple Smartphone with most modern TVs that come with a USB port to browse your device’s multimedia gallery. This method is not hands-free, and you will need to use your TVs controls to move between the content you want to see.

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Via a USB to HDMI Adapter 

A small investment into your entertainment setup, a USB to HDMI Adapter is a handy converter. You need an adapter that comes in micro-USB, USB Type-C, or Apple’s Lightning port variants. 

It costs anywhere between Rs. 600 to Rs. 4000 depending on brand and the specific HDMI – USB combination. You can use this is as a plug-n-play port above all else.

Once you have purchased a USB to HDMI adapter which has the same specific USB Male port as accepted by your Smartphone, and an HDMI female input port that your TV can hook into, all that’s left is to-

  • Connect your phone to the Adapter
  • Insert your TV’s HDMI cable into the Adapter’s port, 
  • Select HDMI input from within your TV’s internal User Interface.

You should now be able to see your entire Smartphone screen mirrored onto your TV! HDMI has negligible lag and HD video quality.

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Via Smart TV Services

Depending on whether your Smart TV platform is generic, Android, or Apple, Smart TVs come with built-in streaming options. 

Most Smart TVs offer Smartphone to TV streaming services via Wi-Fi Direct. 

On Android Devices, you can use the Wi-Fi Direct settings menu in the main settings to connect to your TV. You can also use a specialized Smart TV App that differs from brand to brand of TV.

Alternatively, try your luck with 3rd Party Apps on Google Playstore that may or may not be compatible with your setup. The Chromecast may be another good plug-n-play device for this purpose, but it also faces occasional compatibility issues.

iPhones connect easily to Apple TVs or any other Smart TV that supports Apple’s Streaming service: Airplay. Like the Playstore, the App Store also features 3rd Party Apps which may or may not work with your setup.

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That was everything you needed to know about connecting your Smartphone to your TV, via three different methods!

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