Pokemon Unite has finally been released for both Android and iOS devices. Besides, it has arrived as a completely free-to-play game. However, of course, there will be certain in-app purchases which is completely optional and for those who would like to cash in and get special cosmetics. Apart from that, the game is free-to-play and does not support any sort of pay-to-win situations.

Now, the interesting thing about the game is that it does not follow the conventional game mechanics of other games in the franchise. Pokemon HeartGold, SoulSilver and the other classic titles follow a very RPG gamplay. However, The Pokemon Company has gone for a completely different path for this particular game.

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The game follows a more MOBA tactical gameplay than an RPG one. Also, players will not have to catch Pokemon like the traditional Pokemon titles. However, they need to collect Unite Licenses for each Pokemon to be able to select and then use them in battle.

Pokemon Unite: Tips To Get More Unite License

Now, in order to get their hands on more Unite Licenses, players need to follow these tips!

Pokemon Unite Charizard

Unite Battle Committee

As mentioned before, the game supports a free-to-play style and it sticks by this. Players can get their hands on Unite Licenses by tapping on the shopping cart item in the in-game menu. Now, from here, players can sort the kind of licenses they are looking for, either support or defender. Then, players will be needing Aeos Coins, which is the in-game currency, to purchase them. However, do not worry, acquiring Aeos Coins do not require spending real money. You can gather Aeos Coins by simply winning battles and completing challenges or taking part in events.


Now, players can just look for the clipboard icon in the in-game menu. Upon tapping on this, Pokemon Unite players can check out the various challenges that are available for them to complete. Participating and completing these objectives will allow you to get Aeos Coins. These challenges get renewed on a daily basis and offers a different reward for completion each day.

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Reaching a New Trainer Level

Further, players can get their hands on two new Pokemon upon levelling up. You can just win Unite Battles and level up quickly. Upon reaching certain levels, you get new Pokemon. Although there are only two Pokemon, it is all worth it to grind for them.

Pokemon Unite Events

Pokemon Unite

Occasionally, the game offers a chance to its player base to receive new Unite Licenses. Now, there are two types of such event. While one requires you to complete certain challenges, the other just requires you to login consecutively for a set amount of days to receive the reward.

In-Game Mail

In addition to all the above mentioned tips, actively check your in-game mail. Now, although it is not likely for the developers to constantly hand out Unite Licenses, since it is a new launch, they may roll out certain rewards for that. However, do check your in-game mail for any sort of giveaways.

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We certainly do hope that this guide helps you in understanding the gameplay mechanics of Pokemon Unite. This will allow you to get your hands on more and more Pokemon in the game as you progress! Happy gaming!