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What Is Google TV Vs Android TV? Make A Smart Choice Today!


While Google TV is recommended for a content discovery experience, the more senior Android TV makes a great budget-friendly choice. Which of the two will hail in Google TV vs Android TV? Let’s find out in the article!

- Updated: 22nd Apr 2024, 17:59 IST
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    Google TV vs Android TV: Key Features!
    • Google TV vs Android TV: The Difference To Notice
    • One Is AI-Powered, Another Is App-Driven:
    • Range Of Content:
    • Family-Friendly Features:
    • Performance Perks
    • Receiving Updates: 
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    Google TV vs Android TV: Which One To Choose?

Are you planning to upgrade your entertainment box but are in a dilemma about choosing from Google TV vs Android TV? While Both Google TV and Android TV hail from Google’s stable of smart TV solutions, they cater to different needs. In this article, we will explore the differences, similarities, purpose and everything in between about these two smart TVs. So, you get the right thing for you need in your budget.

Google TV vs Android TV: Key Features!

Google TV

Android TV has been around for a longer time than Google TV, so we can say that it has established a fan following and gained the trust of users. However, Google TV is gradually replacing Android TV as the default smart TV interface for new Google-powered TVs and set-top boxes. Manufacturers are choosing to use Google TV on their devices instead of the old interface, Android TV, due to its more personalised and unified experience. Android TV is still preferred by many due to its wide range of availability, familiarity with the interface we get on Android phones, and budget constraints. To think with clarity, what aspects should be a deal breaker or deal maker for you in Google TV vs Android TV? Let’s break down the key features for both to guide your smart TV selection.

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Google TV vs Android TV: The Difference To Notice

Have a look at the major differences that you will find between the two smart TVs from a bird’s eye view.

FeatureGoogle TVAndroid TV
Launch Date20202014
User InterfacePersonalised content recommendations, focus on discoveryApp-centric layout
Content DiscoveryIntegrates recommendations from various appsLimited recommendation features
Live TVOffers live channel options and integrates with set-top boxesNo native live TV integration
Multiple ProfilesRegularly receives updates for the latest featuresLimited to individual app profiles
Software UpdatesRegularly receives updates for latest featuresUpdates may vary by manufacturer
The key difference between Google TV and Android TV

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One Is AI-Powered, Another Is App-Driven:

While the two interfaces offer similar features, such as voice command support, casting, media streaming, and video games, the main difference lies in the user interface. Google TV uses the power of AI technology to learn users’ content preferences. Based on those, it will make tailored suggestions about content to watch on the home screen. On the other hand, Android TV recommendations are based on apps. This means that the recommendations appearing on the homepage come from the apps installed on your Android TV. In Google TV, the recommendation will come from all apps in Google TV, whether you have it installed or not.

Range Of Content:

Android smart V features

Android TV: Leans towards on-demand content. You’ll find a familiar app-centric layout where you directly access installed apps like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube.

Google TV: Expands beyond apps with a focus on live TV and content discovery. A dedicated “Live” tab integrates seamlessly with live TV providers like Sling TV or YouTube TV, offering potentially hundreds of free channels (depending on your location and service). This, combined with personalised recommendations based on your viewing habits, creates a curated content experience.

Selection Of Best Google TVs In 2024:

ProductScreen SizeResolution & TypePriceBuy Now
Sony Bravia XR Series A95K 164 cm (65 in)4K Ultra HD, OLEDRs. 2,64,990Here
TOSHIBA M550MP139 cm (55 in)4K Ultra HD, QLEDRs. 41,990Here
Sony Bravia X64L108 cm (43 in)4K Ultra HD, LEDRs. 40,990Here
Acer Advanced I Series AR43GR2841FDFL109 cm (43 in)Full HD, LEDRs. 20,999Here
TCL 4K Ultra HD 43T6G108 cm (43 in)4K Ultra HD, QLEDRs. 28,990Here

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Family-Friendly Features:

Android TV: Parental controls exist, but they are typically system-wide settings that apply to all users. This can be limiting if you are in a family with viewers of different age groups. However, it shouldn’t matter much if the parental controls are something you don’t need to explore.

Google TV: Recognises the need for individual preferences within a family. It allows for the creation of multiple user profiles, each with its own content restrictions. This means you can create a kid-friendly profile with restricted content while maintaining your unrestricted profile for adult content.

Selection Of Best Android TVs In 2024:

ProductScreen SizeResolutionPriceBuy Now
Mi 5X Series108 cm (43 in)4K Ultra HD, LEDRs. 26,999Here
Redmi X43 L43R7-7AIN109 cm (43 in)Full HD, LEDRs. 26,999Here
OnePlus Y Series80 cm (32 in)HD Ready, LEDRs. 14,999Here
TCL S Series80.04 cm (32 in)HD Ready, LEDRs. 12,490Here
Kodak 9XPRO Series80 cm (32 in)HD Ready, LEDRs. 9,899Here

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Performance Perks

Google TV: Often equipped with more powerful hardware. So if you have gamers at home who love plugging in to the TV, Google TV will serve the purpose with ease. 

Android TV: They are generally budget-friendly TVs, so the processing power can vary depending on the manufacturer. While perfectly functional, it might not be ideal for hardcore gamers.

Receiving Updates: 

The latest Google-powered Google TV generally receives software updates more consistently, ensuring you have the latest features and security patches. Updates on Android TV can vary depending on the manufacturer. Older Android TVs are unlikely to receive an update to the new platform. However, users can still customise their homepage on Android TV.

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Google TV vs Android TV: Which One To Choose?

We have done a detailed analysis to understand the difference between Google TV and Android TV. Google TV is recommended for a better content discovery experience and a more user-friendly interface. However, if you already have an Android TV and it meets your needs, you can skip the need to upgrade.

Ultimately, what you choose will depend on your viewing habits. Do you crave a curated journey through TV content or choose watching the best from the favourite apps at your fingertips? Consider these factors to make a smart choice for your next TV!

Would you choose Google TV or Android TV? Let me know your preference in the comments section below!

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