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What Is Pantone Camera Found In The Motorola Edge 50 Pro?


Wondering What is Pantone Camera? Check out all the details about this new technology that is launched in the Motorola Edge 50 Pro!

- Updated: 5th Apr 2024, 15:46 IST
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    What Is Pantone Camera?
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    Why The Pantone Camera Is Important In A Mobile Phone?
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    In A Nutshell

The Motorola Edge 50 Pro has made headlines today for a lot of reasons. But ever since the launch of this beauty, everybody is wondering What is Pantone Camera that is there in this phone! With every smartphone launch, our expectations also increase. Motorola is one brand that is set to break the stereotypes and always introduce something new. With this beauty, Moto has introduced the World’s First Pantone Camera.

What Is pantone camera in Motorola Edge 50 Pro?

In this article, we are going to unlock all the details about this new technology and how it can take your photography experience to the next level.

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What Is Pantone Camera?


Motorola Moto Edge 50 Pro 5G

Motorola Moto Edge 50 Pro 5G
Octa core (2.63 GHz, Single core, Cortex A715 + 2.4 GHz, Tri core, Cortex A715 + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A510)Adreno 720
444 ppi, OLED1080 x 2400 pixels
3840x2160 @ 30 fps, 1920x1080 @ 60 fpsSingle, 50MP
Yes, 50W TurboPowerTurbo Power, 125W

Before we understand the concept of Pantone, we have to understand the concept of Pantone Colour Matching System. Basically, this system is a standardised way of reproducing and identifying colours across industries. This technology makes it easier to ensure consistency of colours in the design process.

Obviously, the pictures will come out smooth and real-like, and the processing colour production will be more stable. That is the reason behind Moto introducing the Pantone Camera in its new launch, the Motorola Edge 50 Pro!

The pictures taken with the Pantone Camera will replicate colours according to the Matching System.

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Why The Pantone Camera Is Important In A Mobile Phone?

The Pantone camera in important in a mobile phone for a lot of reasons. Mainly because this camera system can be used to accurately display and capture colours in images. What this means is there will be consistency in what you are seeing behind on your screen and what will be printed as the end result. Let’s understand them in detail with the help of this short table:

Display AccuracyEnsures phone screen colours match Pantone shades, vital for graphic design. Confidence in colour accuracy across print and devices.
Camera Colour ReproductionAchieves accurate colour reproduction in photos and videos, ideal for professionals like photographers and designers. Captures true-to-life colours as per Pantone standards.
Design and Creativity AppsIntegrates Pantone colours into design apps for consistent selection. Seamless matching between mobile devices and other tools.
Colour CustomizationOffers Pantone colour customization for device elements, wallpapers, and themes. Provides personalized experiences with a wide range of colours.
Color Communication & CollaborationSimplifies colour sharing and collaboration. Enables easy exchange of Pantone colour codes for consistent designs across projects.
What Is Pantone Camera Benefits?

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Other Features Of Motorola Edge 50 Pro Camera

The Motorola Moto Edge 50 Pro 5G features a versatile rear camera system comprising a triple setup with 50-megapixel primary, 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, and 10-megapixel telephoto lenses. It supports optical image stabilization (OIS) and LED flash for enhanced photography in various conditions.

The rear camera setup enables features like digital zoom, auto flash, face detection, and touch-to-focus. Video recording capability reaches up to 1920×1080 fps. On the front, there’s a single 50-megapixel primary camera with an aperture of f/1.9, supporting 1920×1080 @ 30fps video recording.

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In A Nutshell

There was a time when people were talking about the lack of innovation in mobile phones. Now, Moto has surprised all of use with the Motorola Edge 50 Pro. Because of this launch, everybody is talking about the innovation of what is Pantone Camera!

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I feel this camera will be a blessing for designers because it will help them identify colours more accurately and design efficiently. Designers will be able to work with confidence in their designs because of this technology. What do you think about this new innovation in the world of mobile phones? Let me know your opinions in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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  • Motorola has launched the Motorola Edge 50 Pro with the World’s first Pantone Camera.
  • If you want to know What is Pantone Camera, then this article highlights all the details about it.
  • Check out other features about the camera of this design and how it can help you change your photography game.