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WhatsApp To Introduce Advanced Search Mode For Media; Also Gets Dedicated Group Audio And Video Call


The company is constantly adding updates to the application in order to make usage more refined and easier.

- Updated: 9th Apr 2020, 15:41 IST
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    Now experience easier voice and video calls within groups 

Instant messaging application WhatsApp frequently adds new features through updates to facilitate easier access and usage of the service. Recently, a leak confirms the addition of a new search feature to aid easy exploration of photos, videos and GIFs.

WAbetaInfo’s beta version of the iOS version of WhatsApp reveals an update version 2.20.117 which comes with the Advanced Search Mode. With the mode, users can easily find the photos, videos, GIFs, and other documents by just doing a text-based search on WhatsApp. 

whatsapp advanced search

The update would bring particular colour codes for unlike media such as images, audio, GIFs, documents, weblinks, and videos. For those who don’t know, the application does have a search tool available which lets users search keywords on their application, but it doesn’t help in searching for media. As per reports, the feature is undergoing development and will be available soon for all, including Android users.

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Now experience easier voice and video calls within groups 

Another update that the instant messaging application gets is the ability to make group audio or video calls to all participants with direct dedicated buttons. 

This was one of the most desired requests by users as previously users needed to add members individually while on a WhatsApp audio or video call. But now, users just need to open the group chat box and touch the ‘video’ or ‘voice’ call icon at the top right corner of the screen.

This would automatically place a group call without the need to select each participant individually. But yes, there’s a catch.  The new feature is only available to groups limited to 4 or less members.

This means that only groups with 4 or less can directly tap on the call icon and place a group call with everyone else in the group.

Other previous updates to WhatsApp include the reduction in number of forwards a person may send to others. The company had also reduced the Status video limit to 15 seconds to lower traffic on servers.

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Highlights of the Story

  • A new WhatsApp Beta version for iOS came out which introduced an Advanced Search Mode.
  • Users can now use it to search media including videos, photos and GIFs.
  • Another latest update also enabled group audio/video call to all participants in a group of 4 or less members.
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