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Where And How To Sell Vivo Y20G? Best Upgrade Options


A budget-friendly smartphone with excellent display and performance. With time, however, it starts showing more battery-related issues. Cashify is an excellent alternative for selling your old Vivo Y20G and receiving a fair price.

- Updated: 9th May 2022, 14:28 IST
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    Vivo Y20G specification
  • 2
    Why has the Vivo Y20G been outdated in 2022?
  • 3
    Why should you use Cashify?
    • Offers you the highest possible Buyback value
    • A free pick-up service is offered
  • 4
    How to sell your old phone on Cashify?
  • 5
    Best upgrade options
    • 1. OPPO A54
    • 2. Samsung Galaxy F22
    • 3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S

Launched in January 2021, the Vivo Y20G came with unique features within your budget. The smartphone operated admirably initially, but the Vivo Y20G began to deteriorate as time went on. Performance lag appears, as well as battery issues were noticed later. The majority of its features are now obsolete. We’ll show you how to sell the Vivo Y20G in the most straightforward method possible in this article.

Vivo Y20G specification

A 6.51-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720×1600 pixels and a 20:9 aspect ratio is included with the phone. The MediaTek Helio G80 processor of the Vivo Y20G is an octa-core chip. 6GB of RAM is included. The Vivo Y20G comes with a 5,000mAh battery and runs on Android 11.

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Why has the Vivo Y20G been outdated in 2022?

  • Wireless charging is not available.
  • An average battery life with a non-removable battery.
  • Lack of NFC connectivity.

Why should you use Cashify?

One of the best and most reputable solutions for selling and recycling old phones is Cashify. You will get access to fantastic prices with a high buyback value. We’ve only scratched the surface of the benefits.

Offers you the highest possible Buyback value

At Cashify, customers will be provided with the most outstanding potential buyback value. Our AI-based price calculators will notify clients of their exact and potential value when clients sell their old phones.

A free pick-up service is offered

Customers can arrange a service appointment for their house or company at any time. All you have to do is schedule a time to sell your old phone.

How to sell your old phone on Cashify?

The steps mentioned below will help you get your gadget’s maximum resale value.

  1. Installing the Cashify app on your phone is the first and most critical step.
  2. Then, under the Sell old phone tab, select the Vivo option as a brand.
  3. Now, select the Vivo device’s model name.
  4. Then select Sell Vivo Y20G from the current page in front of your screen.
  5. Afterwards, select the storage option on this page to learn about the projected buyback amount.
  6. To find out the exact resale worth of your phone, enter its data and current condition status.
  7. Finally, follow the methods outlined above to get the exact repurchase value of your Vivo Y20G.
  8. Please enter your phone’s info and current condition status to determine its exact resale value.
  9. Finally, use the above procedures to determine your Vivo’s Y20 exact repurchase value.

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Best upgrade options

1. OPPO A54

Oppo A54

The OPPO A54 is a reliable and robust smartphone with a massive battery for everyday use. You’ll also get a fast-charge capability to extend battery life and up to 128 GB of storage space for storing various data.

2. Samsung Galaxy F22

Samsung Galaxy F22

Galaxy F22 can record 1080p video, ensuring clear video calling on WhatsApp or any other chat app with reduced noise. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy F22 is an excellent phone for the money.

3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S

Redmi Note 10S

The Redmi Note 10 performs admirably in everyday situations and casual gaming. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S offers outstanding value for money, but it improves battery life and graphical performance this time around. It falls short of its Redmi Note 10 counterparts in terms of camera quality and display.

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Cashify offers the best deals to Sell phone online or Recycle old phone. Also, it is the most reliable option to get the best benefit at the comfort of your doorstep.


Highlights of the Story

  • In January 2021, the Vivo Y20G was released, and it offers amazing features for Vivo fans at an inexpensive price.
  • However, in 2022, the smartphone became outdated due to its poor battery performance and lack of wireless charging.
  • In this article, you’ll learn how to sell the Vivo Y20G as well as the three upgrade options available.