During this lockdown, we all are using our smartphones continuously and for longer durations. With increased screen time, there would be more battery usage and sometimes your battery might be draining more quickly. 

But how to keep your phone’s battery healthy? How to charge your battery properly? Have you given any thought to it?

If you haven’t thought yet then check out this write-up and you will be more conscious after reading this to keep your battery health up because here we are providing 10 effective and easy tips to improve your battery life. So let’s get started. 

1. Discharge Cycles

The first mistake that we make with our smartphones is that we connect the charger at any time for refilling the battery, which is totally wrong. All the batteries in our smartphones feature discharge cycles and most of the batteries get degraded after 400-600 discharge cycles. However, if you’ll charge your smartphone wisely and connect the charger only when your battery is about 10 to 20% remaining, you won’t exhaust the discharge cycles very soon. It will automatically increase the battery life of your smartphone. 

2. Turn off Charging at 100%

The second mistake, which is very common is that we don’t disconnect the charger even after the battery gets 100% refilled. Even though there is no overcharging problem here but if you are keeping your charger on for longer durations after the battery is completely charged, there are more chances that the battery life will get reduced. 

3. Use original/certified chargers and cables

It doesn’t matter if you are using an iPhone or an Android device, never use cheap chargers or cables. Make sure you are using an original and certified charger and cable for refilling the battery. We know that the original charger and cable are costly but they reduce the chances of degrading the battery life of your smartphone. 

4. Complete Discharge

Try making it a habit to let your battery drain completely and then let it charge up to 100 without disruption. The result is that the severe drops get reduced.

5. Remove phone cases to charge 

There is one more fact that must be taken care of but we usually ignore it. Never charge your smartphone battery while using a case because using a bulky case while charging your smartphone for hours creates overheating issues. 

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6. Keep away from heat source

Keep this thing in mind that your phone and battery shouldn’t be used under direct sunlight and never place your smartphone near a heat source. It will keep your battery life healthy. 

7. Use Black and White Wallpapers 

There is this hack that everyone must try out and we have tested this as well here at Cashify. Replace your home screen and lock screen wallpaper with black and white wallpaper instead of punchy colours. You’ll eventually notice less battery drop after applying this hack.  

8. Auto-brightness

One more tip is to turn on the auto-brightness option always. Avoid using your smartphone under full brightness especially under sunlight.  

9. Cleaning Charging Ports

Clean the charging port after every three or four days. You can use a toothpick with a soft cloth on the front and gently clean the charging port of your smartphone. You must have heard that nowadays there are companies offering self-cleaning speakers, so we think that there must be self-cleaning charging ports now.

10. Don’t update your OS

Avoid any software updates after 2 years of the release. Because many smartphone brands slow down their devices after a span of two years. Not just that here the battery and power efficiency also gets reduced. So before updating your software, check out the user reviews first.