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7 Times Apple Watch Saved People’s Life!


The article talks about seven heartwarming instances where the Apple Watch saved life of a person in trouble or dealing with health conditions. Know how and when these technological advancements done in Apple Watch proved fruitful!

- Updated: 11th Dec 2023, 18:03 IST
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    Apple Watch isn’t Just A Gadget!
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    Seven Heartwarming Stories!
    • The Lifesaver Alarm!
    • The Hero Named ECG!
    • Roadside Hero!
    • The Blood Sugar Enemy!
    • Positive Mental Health
    • Allergic Reaction Almost Gone Bad!
    • Fall Detection Supremacy!
    • Survival Of A Pregnant Woman!
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We live in an era where people are debating whether our technological advancements will become the reason for our own downfall. It always feels heartwarming to see the same technology saving people’s lives.

Today, I’ll be talking about the Apple Watch specifically. It is a wonderful tool to make your life easy by getting things done, keeping track of your health, and staying connected with people.

apple watch saved life

But can the Apple Watch save a person’s life with all the technology it is equipped with? Technology was invented for the sole purpose of making our lives easier. Apple Watch has surely made it easier, but it is also known to save people’s lives. By helping them in times of need, calling emergency whenever it is required.

But is it all talks, or has it happened that the Apple Watch saved a person’s life? In this article, I will share with you seven situations where Apple Watch saved a person’s life and rescued them when they needed it the most! I am sure by reading these stories, you will see a new aspect of technology, which is all things positive. So let’s get started.

Apple Watch isn’t Just A Gadget!

For some people, the Apple Watch isn’t just a gadget. It is like a superhero who has saved their life. For those people, that superhero has taught them the value of life in its truest form. It all happened when they were about to lose it and realised how beautiful life is.

Apple Watch gave them a second chance at life, and wherever they are now, I am sure they can’t help but feel grateful when they look at their Apple watch. This blog post is not a story of just these seven people or how Apple has become more and more advanced. This blog post is a story of hope and bravery.

Seven Heartwarming Stories!

So, let’s get started on these small yet heartwarming stories.

The Lifesaver Alarm!

This one is the story of Debra, a woman in her early fifties from New York. It was a normal day for Debra when her Apple watch suddenly started warning her of an unusual heart rate. At that time, she did not know that her Apple watch was warning her about Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), a heart condition.

AFib is the most common form and treated form of arrhythmia. In this condition, the heart either beats too fast, too late, or in an unusual way. Because of this warning from her Apple Watch, Debra could get help quickly, and her life was saved. Now, I am sure she is cherishing every life with every beat.

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The Hero Named ECG!

This is the story of a Pune-based man named Rajhans. One day, he decided to explore the ECG feature of his Apple watch. His son Siddhart had gifted him the watch, which was valuable to him for many more reasons. In the middle of the night, his Apple watch started giving him warnings about an irregular heartbeat, which needed immediate attention.

His son got worried because Rajhans had no heart condition before the warning. Later, it was revealed that Rajhans required immediate heart surgery. Today, only because of the Apple Watch, Rajhans is in a much better condition because he was able to get the surgery on time. Thanks to his Apple Watch, Rajhans and Siddharth both have a reason to celebrate the phenomenon called life.

Roadside Hero!

We all are familiar with the crash detection function of the Apple Watch. Well, this function proved to be a lifesaver for Mark. Mark faced a car crash a few years back, which many people would not have survived. But it was fortunate for Mark that he was wearing his Apple Watch that day, and it detected the Crash, which left Mark unconscious.

His Apple Watch was able to seek help by sharing the exact location of the incident with the concerned person. For Mark and many other people like him, Apple Watch is no less than a superhero!

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The Blood Sugar Enemy!

This one is an interesting story of Lily, who has Type 1 Diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes. It is a type of diabetes in which our body’s pancreas produces little or no insulin. Lily was about to get a painful attack, but before that, her Apple Watch reminded her of her unusual blood sugar level, and she was able to take action on time.

Thanks to the Apple Watch, it now constantly monitors Lily’s blood sugar levels and helps Lily keep track of when things get unusual. This way, Lily can immediately seek help to relieve herself from those painful pricks.

Positive Mental Health

I used to think that the Apple Watch has a lot of functions to measure your health, like ECG, blood sugar levels, etc. But when I read the story of Jane, a mother of two who had a great experience with the Apple Watch, it changed my mind and perception.

Jane was having trouble with maintaining her Mental Health. She was dealing with stress and anxiety; due to this, she was also dealing with excessive sweating and breathing. But thanks to her Apple Watch, she was able to keep track of her stress levels.

Her Apple Watch alerted her each time she was about to have an anxiety attack, hence making things simpler for her. In the long run, she was able to keep better track of her mental health and have more control in general. This led to reduced stress and anxiety attacks.

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Allergic Reaction Almost Gone Bad!

It was lunchtime for Sarah when she got an allergy scare. She did not know what she was allergic to, and it all happened quickly. Thankfully, her Apple watch sensed her heart rate rising at an unusual speed, which was a red flag for the Apple Watch. It immediately notified her and called for help.

Only because of the Apple Watch was she able to take action and get medical help instantly and survive this tragic situation. At times like these, it is crucial to take action in the blink of an eye, and that’s exactly what the Apple Watch did. Sometimes, I wonder how many lives the Apple Watch has saved from these amazing life-saving features.

Fall Detection Supremacy!

This is a heartfelt story of a mother from Florida. Her daughter shared the story, and it is interesting to see how Apple Watch was able to call the ambulance on time. Her mother was in Florida for a business trip when she suddenly experienced chest pain and fell on the floor. She texted a friend in the other room that she had collapsed on the floor. Her friend rushed to the room and opened the door, finding her unconscious on the floor.

Before she could call for emergency help, she saw that the Ambulance already arrived at the hotel. It turned out that the Apple Watch was able to detect the Fall because of the Fall detection feature and immediately notified the nearby hospital. This was the Apple watch that was able to save her mother’s life.

Survival Of A Pregnant Woman!

A pregnant woman, Veronica, wearing an Apple Watch, got alerted by it about a high heart rate. She wasn’t feeling well either, so she went to the ER. Doctors did an emergency C-section and found out she had a rare heart issue called myocarditis.

Veronica had to stay in the hospital for a whole month to make sure she got better. Thankfully, her doctor, Dr. Louis Benson Louis IV, was on it, and he was amazed at how the Apple Watch had given these early warnings. It helped the doctors figure out what was wrong much earlier than they might have otherwise.

Months later, both Veronica and her baby were doing great. And she’s pretty grateful for that Apple Watch because it noticed something weird was going on with her heart way before she even knew.


All these stories make me wonder how valuable and beautiful life is and how delicate it is at the same time. Seeing how far technology and the human race have come is great. All these stories are proof that technology was invented for the sole purpose of making our lives better. Not just better, it is even proven to save people’s lives. Do let me know what you think about these stories and share yours, if any. I would love to hear from you!

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