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A Step-By-Step Guide to Fixing a Broken Android Screen


Facing a shattered Android screen? Don’t panic! This guide explores DIY repair (for the tech-savvy only) and alternative solutions like manufacturer repairs, independent shops, and Cashify’s repair services (genuine parts, warranty). It highlights the benefits of professional repair and how Cashify simplifies the process.

- Updated: 28th Mar 2024, 13:32 IST
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    Assessing the Damage: Cracks vs. Functionality
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    Cashify’s Hassle-Free Screen Repair Process: A Step-by-Step Guide
    • Step 1: Get an Instant Quote Online
    • Step 2: Appointment
    • Step 3: Pick-up and Drop-off
    • Step 4: Repair with Genuine Parts
    • Step 5: Quality Check and Warranty
    • Step 6: Pick-up or Delivery
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    The Verdict

Oh snap! You just pulled your phone out to check the latest meme or reply to a text, and bam! Spiderweb city on your screen. A cracked Android screen can feel like a total tech meltdown, cutting you off from the world wide web. Now you must be wondering “How to fix broken Android screen?” So hold on a sec, before you start freaking out about repairs or tossing your phone out the window, take a deep breath! Cashify is here with a guide to be your broken screen BFF, giving you the lowdown on fixing it yourself or finding some other awesome solutions.

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Assessing the Damage: Cracks vs. Functionality

The first step is to fix broken Android screen. Does your phone still function somewhat? Also can you see the display and interact with the touchscreen?

  • Minor Cracks: If the cracks are minor and the touchscreen remains functional, you might be able to continue using your phone with a screen protector for added security.
  • Major Cracks or Touchscreen Issues: If the cracks are significant or the touchscreen is unresponsive, a repair is necessary.

If the glass is broken and has a risk of cutting you, make sure to secure it for experts.

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Cashify’s Hassle-Free Screen Repair Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to get your phone back in action with a brand new screen? Let’s dive into the convenient and reliable screen repair process offered by Cashify:

Step 1: Get an Instant Quote Online

Convenience is key at Cashify. There’s no need to visit a store or wait on hold to get an estimate. Simply:

  1. Visit our website or app and select the “Repair” section.
  2. Choose your phone from the list.
  3. Answer some questions about the damage.

Step 2: Appointment

  1. Go back on the website or app.
  2. Select a time slot that you feel comfortable with.
  3. Confirm your appointment details and relax – your repair is on its way!

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Step 3: Pick-up and Drop-off

  1. You can choose the “Pick-up & Drop-off” option.
  2. A Cashify representative will come at your chosen location on your chosen time and pick up your phone.
  3. Next when the phone is repaired it is dropped off back to you!

Step 4: Repair with Genuine Parts

Once your phone arrives at our service center, the magic begins:

  1. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly diagnose the issue. This involves not just examining the screen but also performing a comprehensive check of other functionalities to ensure no underlying problems exist.
  2. Following the diagnosis, they will confirm the repair cost, ensuring it aligns with the online estimate you received.
  3. The repair process itself begins with meticulous disassembly of your phone. Our technicians are trained in the specific techniques required for your phone model, ensuring a safe and efficient breakdown.
  4. Once disassembled, the technicians will carefully remove the damaged screen. This process requires precision to avoid further damage to internal components or the remaining phone frame.
  5. The next step is the installation of the genuine replacement screen. As mentioned earlier, we only use high-quality parts specifically designed for your phone model. This ensures perfect compatibility, optimal performance, and a flawless visual experience.
  6. After the new screen is securely in place then the technicians will put back your phone, and make sure everything is functioning flawlessly.

Step 5: Quality Check and Warranty

Our commitment to quality goes beyond the repair itself:

  1. Once reassembled, your phone undergoes a rigorous quality check. This check encompasses everything from display functionality and touch response to overall performance and software testing.
  2. Our extremely talented techs do an excellent job with your phone. But still to be extra safe we provide warranty with our devices. So check out the guidelines.

Step 6: Pick-up or Delivery

  1. Pick-up & Drop-off: If you opted for the pick-up and drop-off service then a Cashify representative will deliver your phone back to you, fully repaired and ready to use.
  2. Service Center Drop-off: For those who dropped off their phone at a service center, simply head back to pick it up.

The Verdict

Cracked Android screen got you down? Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be the cause for your headaches! This guide should’ve helped you figure out how to fix broken Android screen. Here at Cashify, we make phone repair easy and reliable hence we have no comparison. We use only the top-notch parts, have repair wizards who know their stuff, and even toss in a warranty for peace of mind. Plus, in some places, we can even pick up your phone, fix it like magic, and bring it right back to you.

Don’t let a broken screen disrupt your mobile life! Visit Cashify today to explore your repair options, browse our selection of refurbished phones, or even sell old phone for instant cash. We’re here to help you get back to enjoying your experience to the fullest!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Assess the damage: minor cracks might not require repair, but major cracks or touchscreen issues necessitate a fix.
  • Explore repair options: DIY (requires expertise), manufacturer repairs, independent shops, or Cashify’s convenient service.
  • Professional repairs offer peace of mind with skilled technicians and high-quality parts, ensuring a long-lasting fix.
  • Cashify simplifies repairs with online booking, free pick-up/drop-off (in select areas), warranties, and expert technicians.

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