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Warranty Insights: Can Screens be Replaced Under Warranty?


Unsure if your warranty covers a cracked phone screen? This article explores warranty coverage, alternative repair options (manufacturer, independent shops, Cashify), and the benefits of choosing a refurbished phone from Cashify (quality, warranties, budget-friendly). It emphasizes preventive measures like cases and screen protectors.

- Updated: 28th Mar 2024, 13:31 IST
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    Understanding Warranty
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    Repair Options!
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    Refurbished Phones
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    Keeping Your Screen Safe: Prevention is Key!
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    The Verdict

Ugh oh! Just dropped your phone and now your screen looks like a shattered work of art? We’ve all been there. Before you start worrying about a huge repair bill, let’s chat warranties! Can screen be replaced in warranty?

The answer, like figuring out the best filter for your next selfie, can be a little tricky. It depends on a few things, like what kind of fancy warranty your phone has, how the crack decided to show up in the first place (because let’s face it, phones are slippery little devils!), and even where you bought the phone. But hey, don’t worry! This article will be your guide to navigating this whole cracked screen situation like a total phone-fixing champion! So let’s get started! Ask me anything along the way if you get stuck.

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Understanding Warranty

Ugh oh! Cracked screen? Don’t freak out just yet! Warranties might be your hero. Think of the warranty like a phone insurance policy – it covers stuff that breaks because the phone itself was messed up from the start, usually for a year or so. So, if your screen randomly went kaput, there’s a chance the warranty might replace it for free.

But here’s the thing: warranties are picky! They don’t usually cover accidents, like dropping your phone. Don’t skip the fine print! The warranty clearly outlines what’s covered and what isn’t.

Pro-tip: Some phone companies sell extra warranties or plans that protect your phone from…well, you! These are lifesavers if you’re a phone-dropper.

Repair Options!

  • The Manufacturer: Phone companies offer out-of-warranty repairs for a fee. You can inquire about these repairs by calling their customer service department.
  • Independent Repair Shops: These shops can sometimes fix your screen for less than the manufacturer would charge. Just do a background check first.
  • Cashify Repair to the Rescue! Cashify can be your cracked screen superhero! We fix screens with super reliable mobile repairs, using only the real deal parts, not some knock-offs. Our technicians are phone-fixing ninjas, and they know exactly what they’re doing. Plus, to give you peace of mind, we even throw in a warranty on our repairs.

Remember: Get your screen fixed with high-quality replacement parts. This ensures your phone works perfectly and the repair lasts a long time.

Refurbished Phones

There’s another option: a refurbished phone. We inspect and fix up gently-used phones, making them look snazzy again – like they just visited the spa! They work perfectly and can save you a ton of cash!

We aren’t just sitting on a pile of amazing refurbished phones here at Cashify – we’ve got them ready for you at incredible prices!. We use a super clear rating system (think “Spotless,” “Looks Great,” and “Just Fine”) with detailed descriptions and tons of pics, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Plus, most of our phones come with warranties for extra peace of mind.

Keeping Your Screen Safe: Prevention is Key!

  • Get a Case: A good phone case can absorb shock and protect your screen from minor drops and bumps.
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protectors: These thin, clear protectors add an extra layer of defense against scratches and cracks.
  • Be Phone Aware: Try not to use your phone in situations where it’s more likely to fall, like when you’re walking or running.

The Verdict

Cracked screens are a pain point for any phone owner, but fear not! This article equips you with the knowledge to navigate the sometimes-confusing world of warranty coverage and cracked screens and answers the question of “Can screen be replaced in warranty?”. While accidental damage might not be covered, understanding your warranty and exploring options like manufacturer repairs, independent repair shops (prioritizing high-quality parts!), or Cashify’s reliable repair services with genuine parts and warranties, empowers you to find the perfect solution. Don’t forget, prevention is key! Consider cases, screen protectors, and mindful phone usage to minimize the risk of cracks in the first place. With the right knowledge and Cashify as your partner, you can keep your mobile life running smoothly, cracked screen or not!

Cracked screen got you down? Don’t ditch it, revitalize it! Cashify’s your one-stop shop: flawless repairs, amazing refurbished phones, and even cash for your old phone. Give your phone life a fresh start – visit Cashify today!


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Highlights of the Story

  • Understand warranty coverage for cracked screens: most cover manufacturing defects, not accidental damage.
  • Explore repair options if your warranty doesn’t cover the damage: manufacturers, independent shops, Cashify (genuine parts, warranties).
  • Consider buying a refurbished phone: budget-friendly alternative with quality and warranties at Cashify.
  • Take preventive measures like cases and screen protectors to minimize the risk of cracks.

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