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What to Do When Your Original Screen is Broken?


Cracked original screen? Don’t panic! Assess the damage, back up your data, and explore repair options like authorized services, independent shops, or Cashify’s reliable repairs with genuine parts. If repair is costly, consider a high-quality refurbished phone from Cashify for a budget-friendly alternative.

- Updated: 21st Mar 2024, 17:26 IST
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    Assess the Damage
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    Back Up Your Data: A Crucial Safety Net
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    Repair Expertise of Cashify:
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    Consider a High-Quality Refurbished Phone: A Viable Alternative
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    Cashify’s Advantage in Refurbished Phones:
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    The Verdict

A shattered phone screen is a digital disaster. Whether a dramatic fall or a fateful encounter with a hard surface, a broken original screen disrupts your mobile experience. Fear not! This article equips you with a clear roadmap to navigate this situation effectively.

We’ll delve into several key steps to consider: assessing the damage, backing up your data, exploring repair options, and even considering a high-quality refurbished phone as an alternative. Throughout this journey, we’ll highlight the importance of using trusted services like Cashify to ensure a seamless and reliable solution.

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Assess the Damage

To answer the question “What to do if original screen is broken?” Before panicking after you phone screen breaks you should check for the damages. You should check weather there is a minor scratch, a spiderweb, or a chip at the corner. After making sure you checked everything you should report the problem and get a quote.

A minor crack with fully functional touch might not necessitate immediate repair. However, extensive damage or compromised touch sensitivity requires prompt action.

Back Up Your Data: A Crucial Safety Net

Data loss can be a devastating consequence of a broken screen. Before venturing into repair territory, prioritize backing up your important data.

Most smartphones offer built-in backup options through cloud storage services. If your phone allows, connect to Wi-Fi and initiate a complete backup. Alternatively, consider connecting your phone to a computer and utilizing software to create a local backup.

This way you can make sure that your precious photos, contacts, messages, and app data remain safe even if there is a data wipe during the repair process.

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Repair Expertise of Cashify:

At Cashify, we understand the importance of reliable phone repairs. So, we offer trustworthy solutions:

  • Nationwide Service: Bring your phone to one of our service centers across the country, or choose our convenient doorstep pick-up and repair service.
  • Genuine Parts: We only use high-quality, genuine replacement parts to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting repairs.
  • Expert Technicians: Our team of skilled technicians possesses extensive experience in repairing a wide variety of phone models.
  • Transparent Pricing: We offer upfront pricing with no hidden costs, so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Warranty on Repairs: Most repairs at Cashify come with a warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

Considering the repair cost vs. phone value is an important step. If the repair seems expensive for broken original screen, there’s another option!

Consider a High-Quality Refurbished Phone: A Viable Alternative

If the repair cost seems too much, you can always consider refurbished phones since they are just gently used phones that we make as good as new at a much lower price. Refurbished phones undergo multiple tests and check points under the process so they are the best device possible.

Cashify’s Advantage in Refurbished Phones:

Cashify is an expert when it comes to refurbished phones. Still can’t believe? Here are some reasons for you to choose us:

  • Rigorous Inspection Process: Each phone undergoes a comprehensive inspection to ensure flawless functionality and a pristine appearance.
  • Transparent Grading System: We use a clear grading system (Pristine, Very Good, Good) with detailed descriptions and high-quality photos, empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • Peace of Mind with Warranties: Most refurbished phones at Cashify come with warranties, providing valuable protection against unexpected malfunctions.
  • Hassle-Free Returns Policy: We understand that buying online can sometimes lead to concerns.

The Verdict

Ugh, dropped your phone and cracked the screen? Don’t write it off for dead just yet! A little TLC can bring your phone back from the brink. First things first, check out the damage – is it a spiderweb of cracks, or just a small chip? Then, back up all your important stuff – photos, contacts, that embarrassing ringtone you secretly love.

Here’s the cool part: Cashify can be your phone’s hero. They fix screens, and they do it well. But if repair isn’t the way to go, they also have a killer selection of refurbished phones. So you can either get your old pal fixed up, or find a new (gently used) phone that won’t break the bank. Win-win!

Shattered screen got you stuck? Repair it fast or upgrade in style! Cashify has got you covered with expert repairs, top-notch refurbished phones, and even ways to sell your old phone. Get your phone life back on track – visit Cashify today!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Assess broken screen damage and back up your data before repair.
  •  Cashify’s repair services with warranties and genuine parts.
  • If repair seems expensive, explore Cashify’s high-quality refurbished phones with clear grading, warranties, and hassle-free returns.
  • Breathe new life into your mobile experience with repair or a budget-friendly refurbished phone.

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