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Academic Discount By Apple You Should Know About


For students, Apple is offering discounted pricing for new Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iPad, Accessories and more. This academic priding by Apple is only for students and here is how to buy Apple products at discounted pricing.

- Updated: 30th Jan 2024, 22:05 IST

Apple is making learning in India even more fun by offering special discounts just for students. These discounts help students save a lot of money when they want to buy cool Apple products. Usually, the academic discount Apple provides is between 10% to 15%, making it a great chance for students to buy awesome Apple gadgets without spending too much. And to your surprise, sometimes, there are extra goodies that come along with these academic discounts, making it an even better deal!

The coolest part of the Academic Discount Apple provides, is when it comes to iPads. Students can get these fantastic tablets at a discount ranging to about 20% depending on the type of product. This is like a game-changer for students who want powerful devices for their schoolwork.

The amount of discount Apple offers to students in India can vary and may change over time. Apple might update the discount rates even within a single year. If your school or college has a special agreement with Apple, you might get a bit more academic discount, Apple provides on their products.

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How to avail Academic Discount By Apple?

academic discount apple

To get these amazing discounts, students just need to show proof that they are enrolled in a university. It’s a simple step to make sure that the benefits go to students who are actively learning and need access to the latest technology.

Here is how you can avail of these discounts- 

Step 1: Visit Apple’s Student Page: Go to the special education pricing page section Apple’s official website. Click on the “Get Verified with UNiDAYS” option.

Step 2: Sign Up for an Account: Click “Continue” to start making your account. This is important for getting student discounts.

Step 3: Share Your Info: Put in your school or college email (it can be your regular one) and pick a password. Choose if you’re a student or staff. Now select your country and select your university name. Also, make sure that the university email is valid as you will have to confirm the email address with a verification link sent to that email.

Step 4: Activate the Discount: After you’ve shared your info, and your details are verified this will let you into the special Apple Store webpage where products are at a special discounted price.

That’s it! These steps make you able to grab the Apple Student Discount. Now you can get savings on all sorts of Apple things. And, there might even be a chance to save money on an iPhone 14! If you’re thinking about getting an iPhone, remember to buy it straight from Apple’s website, not from other online resellers.

Apple Academic Discounts in India

For students and teachers in places like India, Apple often brings out special deals during the back-to-school season. This is the time when even more Apple academic discounts and exclusive offers are up for grabs. To make sure you don’t miss out, it’s a good idea to regularly check Apple’s website or their social media pages for the latest news on these deals. 

The Higher Education Offer is another Apple academic discount, which provides qualified purchasers with promotional savings when acquiring eligible Mac or iPad products along with specified accessories. Apple usually offers such an academic discount every year. Last year, the promotion period spanned from June 22, 2023, to October 2, 2023. To be eligible, purchases must be made from Apple Store locations, Apple Store for Education, or through the specified contact number within the country.

academic discount apple

While primarily aimed at students, non-students can also benefit by using a valid student ID during this promotional period. Customers should note that the invoice will be in the student’s name, but the device can be set up with their personal ID. Even teachers can take advantage of the Back to University offers. Apple is sweetening the deal by including free AirPods with select Macs and Apple Pencil with select iPads. Additionally, customers can enjoy a 20% discount on AppleCare Plus service and more.

Qualified purchasers even involve employees of education institutions, tertiary education students, and parents of tertiary education students in India. The offer entails receiving a discount equal to the value of the promotion savings when purchasing an eligible product and a promotion product within a single transaction during the specified promotion period. Various Mac and iPad models are available as eligible products, each paired with specific promotion products such as AirPods or Apple Pencil, offered at discounted prices ranging from ₹10,899.00 to ₹19,900.00.

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Terms and Conditions in India 

While returns and exchanges are not available at qualifying locations, payment on delivery orders requires payment for both the eligible product and the promotion product to qualify for promotion savings. Certain restrictions apply, allowing only one promotion product per qualified purchaser for Mac and iPad purchases during the promotion. Resellers, public entities, government entities, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, enterprise purchasers, and business purchasers are excluded from qualifying for the promotion.

It’s important to note that the offer may be combined with other Apple promotions taking place during the same promotional period in qualifying locations. Apple reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or terminate the promotion at any time without notice. 

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Apple’s Academic Discounts Beyond India

USA: In the USA, Apple’s student deal gives you not only a direct discount but also a little extra. When you pick the Apple student deal, you’ll often see a discount at checkout. Plus, Apple usually throws in a gift card for future purchases. You’ll get this bonus in your inbox within 24 hours of your item being shipped.

While Apple’s student discount is great for the new stuff, it might not always be the best for older models. Third-party retailers sometimes have better deals. For example, the Apple student price for the 2021 MacBook Air (M1) is $899 (Rs. 75,000). But if you check on Amazon, you might find a better deal at $749.99 (Rs. 62,000), and this deal is for everyone, not just students.

Japan: The Apple Japan Student Discount package isn’t limited to students alone; parents of students and educational staff can also partake in the benefits. Alongside discounted pricing, the package includes exclusive access to educational applications and software, bettering the overall learning experience. 

Notably, AppleCare+ services are included, providing an added layer of assurance for both students and their families. The eligibility spans universities, colleges, technical schools, and various higher learning institutes, although the extent of the discount may vary based on the institution and academic program. 

The offering provides discounted access to Apple Products and additional services, but potential downsides include limited in-store experiences and the potential expiry of discounts upon graduating or leaving an educational institution. 

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Canada: For K-12 institutions in Canada, eligibility spans across any employee of a public or private K-12 institution, including homeschool teachers. School board members currently serving and PTA or PTO executives holding elected or appointed positions also qualify.

In the domain of postsecondary education, faculty, and staff of Canadian postsecondary institutions, along with students attending or accepted into these institutions, are eligible for these exclusive discounts. Importantly, purchases made through the Apple Store for Education Individuals are not intended for institutional purchase or resale.

Parents of postsecondary education students are also included in the eligibility criteria. Parents purchasing on behalf of their children, who are currently attending or accepted into a public or private postsecondary education institution in Canada, can take advantage of these special discounts.

Australia: The best time to buy Apple products in Australia is during the start of the new uni year, running from the end of January to the start of March. At this time, Apple usually runs a special promotion for students starting their university journey, returning students, parents buying for their children, and teachers and staff in the field of education. Apart from education pricing, sometimes it also consists of free AirPods or other headphones. In 2023, Apple had an exclusive student offer where buying an eligible Mac or iPad could get you free AirPods and a 20% discount on Apple Care+. Usually, the offer runs through online means as well as via the centres.  

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