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    8 Best iPad Pen Styluses For A Smoother iPad Experience


    You can customise your iPad in a variety of ways with the finest pen for iPad. It may be transformed into a strong artist’s canvas, great for painting, sketching, animation, picture editing, and any other creative work. Below is a list of top 8 iPad stylus which are available in India. Read this article to know more.

    By Ayaan Bhattacharjee | 
    Updated: 11th May 2022 19:02 IST

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      What makes an excellent pen for iPad?
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      Best Stylus for iPad are as follows:
      • Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
      • Apple Pencil (1st Generation)
      • Logitech Crayon
      • Adonit Note+
      • Adonit Mark
      • Adonit Note UVC
      • ZAGG – Pro Stylus
      • Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3
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    Highlights of the Story

    • iPad can be customised in a variety of ways with the finest pen for iPad.
    • There are a wide variety of pens available in the market for iPad.
    • With deep research, we’ve jotted down the top 8 pens for iPad in India.
    • Read on to know more.

    You can customise your iPad in a variety of ways with the finest pen for iPad. It may transform into a strong artist’s canvas, great for painting, sketching, animation, picture editing, and any other creative work. There are a number of pens for iPad available for every sort of user.

    As iPads improve, they’re becoming more important tools for creative professionals, so Apple has created a pen for iPad to match. The pen for iPad can provide precision, resistance, comfort, balance, and other advanced features.

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    What makes an excellent pen for iPad?

    Precision: A pen for iPad should write with precision, with no overlapping letters or inconsistencies in vertical spacing. The stylus should accurately and frequently ink over the same line when drawing.

    Comfort: It’s impossible to recommend a single pen for iPad grip and shape for everyone; some individuals desire thicker bodies, while others prefer angled grips or rubberised grip surfaces.

    Advanced features: Palm rejection, tilt support, and pressure sensitivity are all characteristics of the more modern pen for iPad models, which improve the drawing and writing experience.

    Resistance: The correct amount of friction between the stylus’s nib (drawing end) and the iPad’s screen is provided by a decent stylus.

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    Best Stylus for iPad are as follows:

    Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

    Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) pen for iPad

    For the first time in 2021, the well-received 2nd-gen Apple Pencil is among the best iPad styluses of the year. The original Apple Pencil, the runner-up, previously held this position.

    It has the same pressure sensitivity and palm rejection as the original model. The major drawback is that this one does not come with extra tips, unlike the first-generation Apple Pencil. CLICK HERE to buy the product on Amazon.


    •  Wireless pairing and charging.
    • Magnetically attaches to iPad.
    • To switch tools, double-tap.


    • It is more expensive.
    • There are no further tips included in the bundle.

    Apple Pencil (1st Generation)

    Apple Pencil (1st Generation) pen for iPad

    Six years after its initial debut, the first-generation Apple Pencil is still a powerhouse. This Apple Pencil supports more Apple devices than our overall recommendation, even when counting defunct iPads.

    The original Apple Pencil features a detachable cap covering a Lightning connector for charging, which you may accomplish through the Lightning port on your iPad. Most importantly, it is less costly than the more recent model. CLICK HERE to buy it on Amazon.


    • Supports a more significant number of iPads than the latest version.
    • The price
    • includes a bonus tip
    • Charge your battery quickly.


    • There is no wireless charging available.

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    Logitech Crayon

    Logitech Crayon

    All iPads launched in 2018 and after are compatible with the Logitech Crayon. Any app that supports Apple Pencil may use the flexible digital pencil. It does not feature pressure sensitivity, unlike the Apple Pencil.

    A two-minute charge adds 30 minutes of writing time to the battery. CLICK HERE to buy one of the best pens for iPad on Amazon.


    •  Can be used readily; no pairing is required.
    • It is not intended to roll.
    • A typical Lightning cable may be used to charge the device.


    • There isn’t any pressure sensation.
    • Not everyone prefers a physique that is wider and flatter.

    Adonit Note+

    Adonit Note+

    Among the most appealing features of the Adonit Note+ is that it is compatible with various Apple devices, including iPhones. That’s right. You read that accurately.

    The Adonit Note+, like many non-Apple Pencil pens, has some lag time that varies depending on the device. Also, the Adonit Note+ is thicker and heavier than the Adonit Pencil. CLICK HERE to buy it on Amazon.


    • Compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones.
    • Pressure sensitivity and palm rejection are among the symptoms.
    • Long-lasting battery


    • Oddly constructed charging dongle
    • On newer smartphones, performance is improved.
    • Thick and substantial

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    Adonit Mark

    Adonit Mark

    The Adonit Mark is a comfortable (and affordable) solution for writing, drawing, and sketching if you don’t have an iPad Pro or don’t need pressure sensitivity or palm rejection.

    The Adonit Mark is battery-free, which is both good and terrible. It’s convenient because there’s no need to replace or recharge the battery. It does, however, work in a pinch. CLICK HERE to buy this product on Amazon.


    • It is quite expensive
    • Available in a variety of colours


    • With constant usage, the mesh tip might easily break.
    • A firm shove is required.
    • Contact with the iPad is occasionally lost.

    Adonit Note UVC

    Adonit Note Uvc

    Built-in ultraviolet LEDs in the Adonit Note – UVC eliminate 99 per cent of surface bacteria in one minute. It does it without polluting the environment. The UVC feature has a power-off mechanism, ensuring that the light does not harm your eyes.

    The UVC model, like previous Adonit products, provides native palm rejection and pixel-perfect accuracy. CLICK HERE to buy the Adonit Note UVC on Amazon.


    •  It has a germicidal light.
    • There is no need for a Bluetooth connection.
    • When native palms are rejected,
    • It supports a large number of iPads


    • Expensive
    • Other alternatives include pressure sensitivity, but this one does not.
    • Charging is done via micro USB, not USB-C.

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    ZAGG – Pro Stylus

    ZAGG - Pro Stylus

    When looking for 3rd-party styluses for iPad, you must accept certain limitations, for instance: the Zagg Pro Stylus lacks pressure sensitivity. Also, there are none at all. This will be a deal-breaker for some users, which is understandable that pressure sensitivity is something that professional artists require.

    The Zagg Pro Stylus’ battery life is typically decent, and the overall design makes it comfortable to use for prolonged amounts of time. Also, this pen for iPad is one of the most affordable and well-designed Apple Pencil substitutes. CLICK HERE to buy the product on Amazon.


    • Useful palm rejection
    • Tilt sensitivity


    • No pressure sensitivity
    • No wireless charging

    Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3

    Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3

    Wacom’s fantastic variety of specialised drawing tablets has earned them an industry-leading reputation. As a result, it’s only logical that the firm creates a stylish range of styluses. The Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 is a fan-favourite iPad stylus, especially meant for sketching. Still, its interoperability with iOS devices also earns it praise for general use on the iPad Air and iPad Mini series.

    With a long battery life (rechargeable via USB), it connects to your iPad through Bluetooth, bringing the embedded shortcut buttons into play as well, allowing you to create valuable shortcuts inside your favourite iOS apps. CLICK HERE to check this pen for iPad on Amazon.


    • Ideal for sketching and note-taking
    • Svelte dimensions


    • Specialised nib for sketching

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    Here, we conclude this buying guide for the best pen for iPad. The above-mentioned list should provide you with plenty of options. Thus, we hope this article will help you in choosing the best pen for iPad or stylus in India.

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