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Is It Safe To Buy A Second Hand Tablet?


When it comes to purchasing a second hand tablet, you have several options. But you must know the do’s and don’ts while buying a second hand tablet. In this buying guide, you’ll get to know in detail the things to keep in mind while purchasing one. Read on to know more.

- Updated: 24th Apr 2023, 17:28 IST
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    Should you buy second hand tablet?
    • Why should you buy second hand tablet?
    • Consider the following:
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When it comes to purchasing a second hand tablet, you have several options. Buying a reconditioned tablet from an authorised vendor is the first and possibly best option. It indicates that the seller has cleaned and tested the tablet from both the hardware and software perspectives. In certain situations, the equipment may come with a guarantee, saving you money if it breaks down soon after purchase.

Alternatively, advertising sites and online marketplaces may be used to purchase second hand tablet. In this instance, you are unlikely to get the opportunity to check the equipment before placing a purchase. If you select this choice, make sure you choose a trustworthy marketplace with security mechanisms to protect you from fraudsters. Investigate the merchants, read their evaluations, and inquire about their products. Once you’ve decided, utilise a payment option that offers purchase protection to be secure.

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Should you buy second hand tablet?

Let’s find out. New technology is costly, and purchasing new tech equipment may be a complex undertaking. It’s critical to conduct extensive research on the gadget you’re contemplating purchasing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with buying second hand tablet.

Before purchasing a second hand tablet, it is strongly advised that you double-check all you need to know. In a nutshell, refurbished items are previously owned equipment that has been fully functionally restored, tested, and cleaned.

Tablets have revolutionised the tech market, particularly since the launch of the iPad in 2010. They are more portable and interactive than laptops, but they are still more extensive and more practical than smartphones. They’re an ideal medium. However, as they become more popular, there are a plethora of brands, varieties, and designs to choose from.

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Why should you buy second hand tablet?

There’s no need to detail the cost because it is obvious. Most of our old IT equipment or 2nd hand tablets end up in the trash, so purchasing secondhand gives you the best of both worlds: you save money while helping the environment.

Make a list of the features you need on your tablets, such as a camera, 32GB of storage, and a huge screen. Don’t even consider a tablet if it lacks one of these characteristics. After then, you may begin looking for them.

Examine the device’s physical characteristics first. What are the dimensions and weight of the tablet? Are you searching for something small and light or something large and sturdy?

Look out for the technical specs after that. Determine what storage you require and whether high-end GPU and graphics are needed, then consider technical characteristics such as processing speed. One rule of thumb with tech specs: if you don’t know what a specification is, it usually doesn’t essential.

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Consider the following:

Weight and size of the second hand tablet

Weight and size of the second hand tablet

Tablets are made to be portable. As a result, before purchasing, you should examine the size and weight of the second hand tablet. Because you’ll be carrying the tablet for lengthy periods in some circumstances, you don’t want it to be overly heavy.

The lighter the garment, the better. However, if the tablet is dropped, it should not be compromised in terms of durability. The proportions are also significant since they affect how the item fits your hands. For example, a top-heavy, broad tablet may be challenging to hold in portrait mode.

One of the essential parts is the condition of the body.

One of the essential part is the condition of the body.

You should thoroughly inspect the whole body for scratches, buffed-out paint, and dents. There’s a delicate line between usage and abuse when buying used tablets online.

Damage or break in the tablet’s body indicates that it has been dropped. Despite the vendor’s claim, the device’s performance was harmed by the fall. You must receive a discount as a consequence; otherwise, you should not purchase the equipment. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favour by doing so.

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Check if the second hand tablet has an expandable storage

second hand tablet has an expandable storage

Given your investment, there’s a good possibility you’ll be using this item for many years to come. The tablet’s storage must be extendable. Internal storage is unaffected; all you can do is manage your files and programmes. You must look for a way to increase storage capacity in the future. Mobile devices with expandable storage have a longer lifespan. Keep this in mind the next time you go online to buy old tablets.

Another critical factor is the resolution and display

resolution and display

Make sure the display of the second hand tablet is free of fractures by scrutinising it. The touch should be flawless. There should be no missed touches or hang-ups. You should not purchase the item if the touch is malfunctioning. You can do specific display tests to ensure that the display device is still updated.

Because touch screens are frequently misused, you must keep the display unit in mind. You don’t want to acquire second hand tablets just to discover later that they are worthless.

Examine the charging port

Examine the charging port

When you buy second hand tablet, the charging port is frequently the first item to go. If possible, ensure that it charges quickly and consistently.

Many online vendors indicate whether or not the charging port works appropriately on the product listing. Test the charging port if you see the tablet in person. If you have to hold your smartphone at an angle to charge it, or if you notice debris in the charging port, it’s possible that the port isn’t in excellent working order.

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Make sure that the second hand tablet has been reset to factory settings.

Make sure that the second hand tablet has been reset to factory settings.

You must verify that it has been factory reset, with all accounts and carrier locks gone. Even after being reset, some tablets will ask for prior account passwords, and you don’t want to be caught remembering someone else’s password.

The method for factory reset varies for each device. However, it typically includes simultaneously pressing several buttons. You should use the “power” and “volume up” keys simultaneously for 10 to 15 seconds on an Android tablet. Prompts will appear, guiding you through the reset process.

Don’t buy a second hand tablet that is more than a year old.

An old tablet might be a good bargain if you ensure it’s factory reset. It is said that a decent tablet should last roughly five years. Apple’s iPads usually get software updates for six years after they’re released, but Android tablets get security patches for at least four years. Therefore, an iPad more than five years old may not be worth the money.

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Since, you’re reading this line, you’re now acquainted with the factors which should be kept in mind while buying a second hand tablet. If you follow these steps, then it’s pretty safe to buy one. Rest is an individual choice regarding the purchase of a second hand tablet.

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