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10 Android 14 Features That Will Magnificently Advance Your Phone


Do you want to learn about the new Android 14 features? This article will provide you with a complete rundown of what is new and what you can expect in Android 14. Read on.

- Updated: 11th Aug 2023, 10:41 IST
  • 1
    1. Photo Picker API
  • 2
    2. Notification Flashes
  • 3
    3. Battery Life Improvement
  • 4
    4. New Camera Extension
  • 5
    5. Lock Screen Customisation
  • 6
    6. Emojis, Cinematic Wallpapers, and Generative AI
  • 7
    7. Bigger Font and Smarter Font Scaling
  • 8
    8. App Cloning
  • 9
    9. Health Connect
  • 10
    10. Regional Preferences
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    Concluding Remarks

At the recent I/O 2023 conference, Google announced some major Android 14 features upgrades. It will provide security, privacy, and performance improvement. Google also made the point clear that they will even work to enhance the experience for larger screens, such as folding smartphones, tablets, etc.

Of course, the Android 14 is still in its beta version. However, it is expected that the final version will come on your phone around the last quarter of the year.

This article will discuss everything about Android 14 features that you need to know, as the first preview of Android 14 is out now.

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1. Photo Picker API

Photo Picker API - Android 14 Features

With Android 14, Android has introduced restrictions on photo and video access through a photo picker API. Before it, if you wanted to upload a single picture, the application would ask you to access your entire library. It may cause security concerns.

However, Android 14 has solved this problem with the photo picker feature. The brand-new interface of it will let you pick only certain pics, which will make sure that the app will not have access to all photos. Of course, Android apps will adopt the photo picker API soon once Android 14 is available to the masses.

2. Notification Flashes

Notification Falsh - Android 14 features

Do you check your phone in a noisy environment? Or Are you a differently abled person? If yes, don’t worry. Android 14 has enabled its notification flashes feature. So, if you are unable to hear a notification properly, you can simply turn this feature ON.

For that, you need to go to Settings and then click on Flash Notifications. After that, you can Toggle on Camera Flash or Screen Flash, or even both. You can even choose the screen flash colour and preview it before enabling the feature.

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3. Battery Life Improvement

Battery Life Improvement - Android 14 features

Whenever Android releases its new version, you can expect QoL improvements. In Android 14, you can expect more optimised battery consumption and various Quality of Life improvements in the user interface and internally. Therefore, you can enjoy a smooth user experience.

4. New Camera Extension

In Android 14, they have added brand-new camera extensions that will help you in reducing the image quality and post-processing time. Users having Pixel devices powered by the Tensor G2 chip will be able to experience this improvement well.

5. Lock Screen Customisation

Lock screen customisation

One of the major feature updates coming to Android 14 is lock screen customization. Now, you can personalise the way your lock screen looks. You can even customize how your clock will look on the lock screen and also personalize the app shortcuts on the lower corner of your lock screen. When the stable version of Android 14 is available, you can expect this feature.

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6. Emojis, Cinematic Wallpapers, and Generative AI

Emojis, Cinematic Wallpapers, and Generative AI 1

Personalisation has always been the strength of Android. In Android 14, you will be able to add Emojis, Cinematic wallpaper, and Generative AI of your choice. The Emoji picker will let you choose your favourite emoji, and colour and after that, it will automatically create an interactive wallpaper using your favorite emoji, sounds amazing, right?

Cinematic Wallpaper

Cinematic wallpaper will let you select the photo, and after that, you can add depth and parallax effect to it using AI. Now, whenever you move your device angle, the wallpaper will also move, just like Google Photo’s Cinematic feature.

Besides, in Android 14, you will love its AI Generative Wallpaper feature. For that, you need to give input in a few words for the kind of wallpaper you want to generate. In the end, you will get a few exclusive wallpaper options that are 100% unique to your device.

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7. Bigger Font and Smarter Font Scaling

Bigger Font Scaling

In Android 13, font scaling was limited to 130 per cent. However, with Android 14, the font scaling has scaled up to 200 per cent. The best thing here is that in Android 14, the system uses nonlinear scaling. It means words which are already scaled up will not grow larger. It makes the text more readable for people who are suffering from vision impairment.

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8. App Cloning

App Cloning - Android 14 features

It is one of the most awaited features in Android. These days, you do not need to download application cloning utilities that contain spyware. The good news is that Google will finally include a native app cloning feature in Android 14. Therefore, you will be able to use the two instances of an app at the same time.

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9. Health Connect

Health Connect

You might use one app for tracking your sleep and another one for running. However, through Google’s health connect, you can centralize all your health and fitness data and share them across various apps and services. With Android 14, Health Connect will be an essential part of the platform and will receive updates through Google Play. Therefore, no separate download will be required.

10. Regional Preferences

Regional Preferences

If you are living in the US, but you are a European, you might prefer to make use of Euro-style measurements and calendars. With Android 14, it is possible. You can set your regional preferences and use the system as per your language and regional preferences.  

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Concluding Remarks

In summary, the above-listed Android 14 features will drastically improve your smartphone usage experience. I will continue updating the article as the new feature updates will roll out. So, stay tuned.

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