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6 Google Wallet Features That Will Make Your Physical Wallet Lighter!


The recent Google Wallet features updates, such as integration with the messaging app and a seamless way to add cards, have made Google Wallet even more useful. This article will give you a quick overview of these features. So, keep reading.

- Updated: 11th Aug 2023, 13:56 IST
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    Google Wallet Features
    • 1. Security
    • 2. Digitisation of Real-world Passes
    • 3. Private Pass Feature
    • 4. Message Integration
    • 5. Add Your ID to Wallet
    • 6. Smarter Wear OS App
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    Signing Off – More Google Wallet Features Improvements Are in the Pipeline

Google Wallet has been around for more than a decade. With the June 2023 update, Google introduced some new Google Wallet features. The main aim of these updated features is Google’s effort to make this digital wallet app more inclusive.

The updated app will now hold not only debit and credit cards in digital form but along with that, it will hold tickets, loyalty cards, real-world passes, health insurance cards, vaccination cards, and driver’s licenses, and also offer text message integration with the app.

So, check these Google Wallet features to decide whether they will be useful in your daily transactions.

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Google Wallet Features

1. Security

Google Wallet Feature - Security

The main benefit, or we can say an outstanding feature of this digital wallet app, is the security it offers.

When it comes to making payments online, security is a major concern. However, Google Wallet has made it simple and secure. Whatever information you are entering with Google Wallet will remain safe on your phone.

Also, Google Wallet will store your debit and credit card securely and let you use the card only after confirmation and verification from the bank. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the payment details being misused.

Besides, each transaction is encrypted. In case your phone is misplaced or stolen, you can access “Find My Device” and freeze or erase your account.

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2. Digitisation of Real-world Passes

Now, you can make your physical wallet lighter with Google Wallet’s new feature update that lets you easily save your gym or library membership pass from an image. In short, now you can easily digitize your everyday items, which were previously not so easy to save to your device.

However, remember that the passes you want to save in your Google Wallet must have a barcode or QR code on it. To save the digital version of your passes, you need to take a photo of your pass, and it’s done. Now, you have a secure digital version of the pass ready to be stored in your wallet.

3. Private Pass Feature

Google and Humana both have joined hands and are allowing you to save your health insurance card in the Google Wallet. The health insurance card is one of the most important documents that you need to carry as it is the proof of your insurance and simplifies your visits to the doctor or hospitals.

Health insurance cards carry a lot of personal information such as member ID, group number, and employer detail (If your workplace offers you insurance). Therefore, if you want to digitize your health insurance card, Google Wallet offers you a private pass feature. So, you can access private and sensitive information, such as your health insurance card, through your biometrics on your Android device.  

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4. Message Integration

Message Integration - Google Wallet Features

Travel preparation, whether it is for a business meeting or pleasure, is quite a stressful task. And the worst feeling is when you are about to catch the train/flight, standing near the gate, and realise that you forgot your ticket or paper boarding pass. Have you ever faced this?

In this situation, having a digitized ticket or boarding pass saved in your Google Wallet can be a great help. Now, Google has enabled businesses to send tickets and passes over rich communication services using the Google Message app.

So, you can directly get your boarding pass or ticket via message and complete your check-in procedure and save the pass or ticket in Google Wallet.

They have already initiated this process with Vietnam Airlines and Renfe. Moreover, restaurant owners can even use reservation systems such as TagMe. Using it, they can send you details of your reservation. You can save this detail in your wallet.

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5. Add Your ID to Wallet

Add ID

Do you want to save your ID to Google Wallet? Now, it’s possible. Google will let you save your driver’s license in your digital wallet. You can save your ID into Google Wallet, but for that, it is required that you are living in Maryland, Colorado, Georgia, Or Arizona. Google is also working on enabling people to use their digital ID to book a car or verify online accounts. It is expected that this feature will be available later in 2023.

6. Smarter Wear OS App

If you are using the Google Wallet application on your Wear OS 2+ watch, importing SmarTrip and Clipper cards is quite easy. After that, you can tap your smartwatch, and it will start a ride.

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Signing Off – More Google Wallet Features Improvements Are in the Pipeline

Hopefully, the above-discussed Google Wallet features have convinced you to make your physical wallet lighter. Besides all these, Google is working on bringing some major improvements, which are support for corporate badges.

With this update, entering a secure office building, cafeteria, etc., will be more convenient. Apart from this, Google has also started working on expanding the wallet’s support to more countries. To keep yourself updated with the new Google Wallet features, stay tuned.

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