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iPhone 15 Pro Specifications: When The Hype Justifies The Wait!


The next-gen iPhone is going to be unveiled next week and here are the rumoured specifications of the iPhone 15 Pro. An action button is expected which replaces the silent toggle button, an improved set of cameras, USB Type-C, A17 Pro Chipset and a brand new set of colours.

- Updated: 14th Sep 2023, 15:57 IST
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    Apple iPhone 15 Pro Specifications
    • 1. USB 3 Port Finally!
    • 2. All New Action Button
    • 3. All New Titanium Design
    • 4. iPhone 15 Pro Display
    • 5. Colour options
    • 6. A17 Pro
    • 7. Battery and Charging
    • 8. Camera
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    A New Era of iPhone is on the Horizon

Apple has officially unveiled the iPhone 15 Pro, their latest premium smartphone in the standard size category. This new device was introduced alongside the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This article is dedicated to helping you delve deeper into understanding the iPhone 15 pro specifications after its much-awaited launch on September 12, 2023.

Featuring a 6.1-inch display, the iPhone 15 Pro comes with a durable titanium frame, a USB-C port, an innovative Action button, and Apple’s high-performance A17 Pro chipset. These impressive features are expected to position the iPhone 15 Pro as one of the top choices among smartphones available in 2023.

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Specifications

In this article, we will review the Apple iPhone 15 Pro specifications and features of the iPhone 15 Pro and discuss whether you should consider waiting for it.


Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Apple iPhone 15 Pro
Hexa Core (3.78 GHz, Dual core + 2.11 GHz, Quad core)Apple GPU (six-core graphics)
461 ppi, OLED1179 x 2556 pixels
3840x2160 @ 24 fps, 1920x1080 @ 30 fpsSingle, 12MP
Wireless ChargingFast, 20W

1. USB 3 Port Finally!

USB-C-iphone 15 pro specifications

As anticipated, Apple switched from the Lightning connector to USB-C, marking the first time the iPhone aligns with the broader tech industry regarding cable compatibility. Thanks to the new USB-C AirPods case, This transition means you can now utilise a single cable to charge your iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and AirPods.

Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro will support USB 3.0 data transfer speeds of 10Gbps, surpassing the previous limitation of 480 Mbps imposed by USB 2.0 (and Lightning). Although this speed isn’t exceptionally fast, there was no indication of the rumoured Thunderbolt 3 connectivity that would have significantly boosted transfer rates. Nevertheless, this change opens up various opportunities for iPhone 15 Pro users.

Apple pointed out that this advancement allows for outputting video at 4K 60fps with HDR support. Filmmakers also have the option to record video onto an external storage device directly. It’s important to note that achieving these capabilities will require a USB 3 cable, which Apple has mentioned will be an optional purchase. In other words, the USB-C cable included with your phone will still be limited to USB 2 data transfer speeds.

2. All New Action Button

Action Button-iphone 15 pro specifications

One of the most notable changes introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro is removing the mute switch, which has been replaced by a novel solid-state “action button.” Instead of a physical toggle that moves between different positions, this button incorporates haptic feedback and can control various device functions.

By default, the action button serves the same purpose as the previous mute switch, allowing users to switch between ring and silent modes. However, since there’s no physical toggle to feel, Apple has implemented distinct haptic feedback to give users precise feedback about which setting is activated when they press the button.

The concept behind this change is to enable users to customise the action button to access their preferred functions quickly. This could involve toggling silent mode on or off, but the new switch can also be configured to perform tasks like activating iOS 17 shortcuts, turning on the flashlight, launching the camera, recording voice memos, providing translations, or enabling accessibility features like Magnifier.

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3. All New Titanium Design

Titanium Design
  • Slimmer borders and titanium edges

The most significant alteration is the replacement of stainless steel with Grade 5 titanium. This switch to titanium offers several advantages, including enhanced strength and durability, while significantly reducing the phone’s weight. Titanium is also known for its superior corrosion resistance, and Grade 5 titanium specifically boasts improved tensile strength compared to pure titanium.

Internally, Apple has utilised an aluminium substructure bonded to the titanium frame through a process called “solid-state diffusion.” While the exact details of this process may be unclear, it results in stronger bonds between the two metals.

Contrary to some rumours, the iPhone 15 Pro appears to have maintained a similar flat-edged design, a feature consistent across flagship iPhones since the iPhone 12 release. Apple has mentioned “contoured edges,” but the visual distinctions appear minimal at this early stage.

4. iPhone 15 Pro Display

Display: OLED Super XDR
  • The screen size remains unchanged at 6.1 inches with the same Super XDR OLED technology

The iPhone 15 Pro continues to feature the same outstanding 6.1-inch Super XDR OLED display as its predecessor. It also retains Apple’s ProMotion technology, which dynamically adjusts the refresh rate between 10Hz and 120Hz based on the content being displayed.

As previously mentioned, the Dynamic Island digital cutout is still present, although it’s now part of the Apple iPhone 15 and Apple iPhone 15 Plus as well. Additionally, the iPhone 15 Pro boasts minimal bezels, which aligns with Apple’s ongoing goal of eventually creating a completely bezel-free iPhone.

In essence, this display unquestionably ranks among the finest available on the market, and there’s no need for Apple to make significant changes to a formula that’s already successful.

5. Colour options

Color Options

At launch, Apple provides a range of colour options for the iPhone 15 series. However, as is customary, the colour choices for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max differ from those available for the standard iPhone 15.

For this year’s Pro models, the colour options encompass black titanium, white titanium, blue titanium, and natural titanium, all of which are depicted in the accompanying image.

6. A17 Pro

A17 Pro Chip - iphone 15 pro specifications

The iPhone 15 Pro is driven by Apple’s latest A17 Pro chipset, which the company touts as a significant advancement for gaming and the most substantial redesign in the history of Apple GPUs.

Constructed using a cutting-edge 3nm manufacturing process, this new chipset outperforms its predecessor, the A16 Bionic, and is highly likely to be the most potent mobile chipset available at the moment, surpassing competitors such as Samsung.

Furthermore, every iPhone 15 model incorporates an upgraded Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip to support the capabilities of Apple’s Vision Pro headset. The previous U1 chip, which was based on a 16nm process, has been substituted with newer technology in the iPhone 15 Pro. This enhancement enhances the effectiveness of location-based features like Find My, Precision Finding, and AirDrop on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Additionally, the iPhone 15 Pro comes with iOS 17 pre-installed as its standard operating system.

7. Battery and Charging

Battery and Charging -iphone 15 pro specifications
  • Extended Battery Life Throughout the Day
  • Enhanced Charging Options Thanks to the USB-C Port

Apple states that the iPhone 15 Pro offers up to 23 hours of video playback, a battery life similar to its predecessor.

The shift to USB-C in the iPhone 15 Pro enables users to charge not only their phone but also their Mac or iPad using the same cable. Moreover, it permits power sharing between the iPhone and AirPods. Additionally, the inclusion of USB 3.6 support in the iPhone 15 Pro results in faster data transfer speeds.

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8. Camera

Iphone 15 Pro Camera-iphone 15 pro specifications
Source: Apple Wonderlust Event

The iPhone 15 Pro features a triple-lens camera system similar to that of the iPhone 14 Pro, but with enhanced sensors.

The iPhone 15 Pro sticks closely to its predecessor’s impressive triple-camera setup. The phone retains the following three lenses: a 48MP wide lens (24mm, f/1.78), a 12MP ultra-wide lens (13mm, f/2.2), and a 12MP telephoto lens (77mm, f/2.8) with 3x zoom.

The primary improvement here lies in the introduction of additional focal lengths, effectively providing users with the versatility of seven professional lenses in one device. Furthermore, the 48MP main camera has been updated to enable the capture of incredibly high-resolution photos with enhanced detail and color.

The Portrait mode on the iPhone 15 Pro has also undergone a significant overhaul. There’s no longer a need to manually switch to Portrait mode; when photographing people, dogs, or cats, the phone automatically captures depth information. This allows you to instantly view your photo as a portrait with an elegant background blur effect or make adjustments later within the Photos app.

On the front, the iPhone 15 Pro retains the same 12MP selfie camera as its predecessor.

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A New Era of iPhone is on the Horizon

iPhone 15 Pro Specifications

On paper, the iPhone 15 Pro promises a plethora of features that should excite Apple aficionados and even attract those from the Android camp. The display, camera, and battery life are stand-out features that many users will find enticing.

However, as with every device, the real value can only be ascertained with daily use. For those who own an iPhone 13 or 14, the upgrade might be incremental. But if you’re using an older device or want to experience the latest and best that Apple has to offer, the iPhone 15 Pro seems like a worthy candidate. While iPhone 15 pro specifications provide insight, the overall experience, ecosystem, and personal preference play a significant role. But one thing is for sure: Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro makes a strong case for those looking to upgrade or switch.

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