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Apple Keynote 2021: iPhone 13 Launch And All The New Products That Are Coming


Apple releases a new generation of iPhones every year and this year is no exception as the company will be launching their iPhone 13 series of smartphones soon. The series is expected to launch on September 14.

- Updated: 27th Oct 2022, 15:39 IST
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    Apple Keynote 2021 Event: Upcoming Events and Launches
    • Apple iPhone 13 Event For September 14, 2021
    • Apple Event For October-December, 2021
    • Apple Event, Spring of 2022
    • Apple WWDC Event, June 2022

Apple’s Keynote events are some of the biggest tech events that tech enthusiasts from across the globe look forward to. Apple iPhone launch events are some of the most anticipated smartphone launch events and this year is no exception. The upcoming iPhone 13 series of smartphones are a big hit even before their official launch. The series has been a rumour mill favourite for quite some time now. The Apple iPhone 13 launch date is expected to be set at September 14, 2021.

However, things can change as the iPhone 12 series of smartphones were released in October of last year. Multiple reports still heavily incline towards the September 14 launch date of the series. In addition to the iPhone 13 series launch, reports and rumours also suggest the launch of AirPods 3 and the Apple Watch Series 7 alongside.

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However, the September launch event will not be the last Apple event 2021. We expect there to be another event, backed by multiple reports and rumours. Now, we have put together an Apple Keynote event upcoming timeline and what you can expect to launch on these events on the basis of the company’s history of launches. This will allow you to get an idea about when and what to expect from Apple in the coming days.

Apple Keynote 2021 Event: Upcoming Events and Launches

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Apple iPhone 13 Event For September 14, 2021

The company is all set to launch this series on September 14, 2021. Additionally, the company is also expected to launch their AirPods 3 and Apple Watch Series 7 alongside the new series of smartphones during the September Apple event 2021. Now, although the iPhone 13 release date 2021 is currently under wraps, we can expect to hear from the company on this front very soon.

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However, iPhone 13 rumours suggest that there can be changes as well. This is because last year, the iPhone 12 series of devices were launched in October. However, multiple reports have strongly suggested the iPhone 13 launch date for this year to be on September 14. Moreover, we can also expect to see the company launch their iOS 15 and WatchOS 8 during this event.

Apple Event For October-December, 2021

The company is known to hold two consecutive events with a month’s gap in recent years. Now, Apple usually holds the year-end event to launch new iPads or MacBooks. However, this is just merely an assumption and the launch of new iPads and MacBooks may even be held early on next year.

Apple Event, Spring of 2022

Apple spring 2022 event

According to various reports and rumours, the company is reportedly working towards releasing an updated iPhone SE next year. Going by the company’s history, they usually update and revamp their iPhone SE during spring to not make it disappear into the curse of oblivion when high-end iPhones launch later on. However, we will not be getting an iPhone SE launch alongside the iPhone 13 series during any Apple Event 2021.

Further, several reports also suggest that the new MacBook Air may be launched alongside as well. The 24-inch iMac was launched in the Spring of this year. So, next year, these devices will most likely be launched.

Apple WWDC Event, June 2022

June is the month for Apple to revamp its current OS and roll out a brand new OS for the products across the various segments. The company is known to hold a big conference for developers in June of every year. 2021 saw the occurrence of this particular conference and 2022 will be no different. We will be seeing new features roll out for the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and other iPhone’s operating systems.

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Moreover, we can also expect to see the company unveil new and big features for its iOS, WatchOS, iPadOS, MacOS and TVOS. No hardware improvements have been noticed in these events as of late. However, that cannot be completely ruled out as 2022 may see the launch of new chipsets and something extra for the different operating systems.

We are definitely looking forward to hearing more from the company about the upcoming event. Moreover, an official launch date for the Apple Keynote 2021 event will hopefully be released soon. If the rumours are to be believed and the iPhone 13 series of devices will indeed launch on September 14, then we shall see the company roll out press invites soon. Reports suggest that the press invites will start rolling out as early as September 7, 2021. Also, it will most likely be a virtual event owing to the ongoing pandemic.


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