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Apple & Samsung Increase Smartphone Prices in India Following GST Hike


Almost every smartphone manufacturer has updated the prices of their products post the GST hike that went into effect on April 1.

- Updated: 1st May 2020, 07:02 IST

Not only Apple, other manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo and event Korean tech giant Samsung has raised the prices of its smartphones in India to counter the GST rate hike announced by the Indian government. Reports suggest that this hike would majorly affect the company’s Galaxy S-series and M-series smartphones.

           Model  Old Price in INR   New Price in INR 
Galaxy S2066,99970,500
Galaxy S20 Plus73,99979,900
Galaxy S20 Ultra92,99997,900
Galaxy Z Flip1,09,999 1,15,890
Galaxy Note 10 (8GB+256GB)69,99973,600
Galaxy Note 10 Plus (12GB+256G)79,99984,200
Galaxy Note 10 Plus (12GB+512GB)89,99994,700
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (6GB+128GB) 38,99941,000
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (8GB+128GB)40,99943,100
Galaxy S10 Lite (8GB/128GB) 39,99942,142
Galaxy S10 Lite (8GB/512GB)44,99947,300
Galaxy A71 29,99931,500
Galaxy A5123,99925,250
Galaxy M3115,99916,856
Galaxy M30s13,99914,749
Galaxy M2113,499 14,222

Sad news for consumers who were planning to buy a new iPhone once the lockdown would end. Be ready to shed a few bucks extra as Apple has increased the prices of most of its iPhone models in India because of the 12% to 18% GST rate hike that went into effect today.

Here is a quick list of updated iPhone prices (in INR) after the GST hike:

iPhone 729,900/31,50034,900/36,700
iPhone 7 Plus37,900/39,900


Model             64GB          128GB            256GB            512GB
    Old   New   Old  New    Old    New    Old New
iPhone 840,50042,60045,50047,900    
iPhone 8 Plus50,60053,30055,60058,500    
iPhone XR49,90052,50054,90057,800    
iPhone XS89,90094,700  1,03,9001,09,400  
iPhone 1164,90068,30069,90073,600



iPhone 11 Pro1,01,2001,06,600  1,15,2001,21,3001,33,2001,40,300
iPhone 11 Pro Max1,11,2001,17,100  1,25,2001,31,9001,43,2001,50,800

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Cover image source: cnbc



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Highlights of the Story

  • Apple has hiked the Indian retail prices by at least 5% for each product.
  • This is the second price hike for iPhones in the country this year.
  • Prices of flagship Galaxy S20 series have been increased by up to Rs 5,000.

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