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Best 5 Educational Games For Your Kids On Android

By Sidhant Gupta - 
20th Jan 2020
Best 5 Educational Games For Your Kids On Android
Best 5 Educational Games For Your Kids On Android
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If you are looking for the best games specifically for your kids, that are available on the Google PlayStore, you’re at the right place. We have a collection of these five games which are perfect for your child to play and have a fun learning experience. 

All these games are rated with three-plus stars by Google, which means they are safe to be played by any kid and provide parents with quality gaming choices for their kids. Many of these games are designed for educational purposes which help a child to develop specific skills. Have a look at these collections of amazing 5 Android games for your kids below.

Human Heroes Einstein’s Clock

Best 5 Educational Games For Your Kids On Android

This is a fantastic game for children and also contains a lot of educational elements. Stephen Fry tries to bring back the voice of the famous scientist Albert Einstein and teaches kids beautifully how the concept of time works. The app is free to download with no in-app purchases, sign-ups or any subscriptions. It can even be played offline without any internet connectivity. 

Albert Einstein is himself designed in 3D character. He teaches kids and provides small concepts regarding the time theory by dancing, telling jokes and helping while you struggle. It makes children master reading the clock and also helps children learn about the different types of clocks. The kids learn to read clocks at the end of this game proficiently.

Download Link

Poio – Learn to Read

Best 5 Educational Games For Your Kids On Android

Poio is a fantastic game designed for educational purposes and helps children to improve their reading skills with much content. This game is proven to be of very great advantage as it helped more than 20,000 children how to read. By the end of it, your child will be able to read a story to you without any difficulty. 

This game adapts the child’s method of thinking and continuously keeps the child motivated. This game is designed on a magical island, and your child will help a cartoon character Poio learn to read.

Download Link

PBS KIDS ScratchJr

Best 5 Educational Games For Your Kids On Android

Another amazing game which is designed for educational purposes as it allows your kid to create his own interactive stories. This game develops coding skills in kids which is of very great advantage for the kids as it helps them develop these skills at a very early age. This game allows kids to learn code through activities and programming games from famous PBS kids shows like Word Girl, Nature Cat, Peg Cat, etc.

It helps children learn how to code and provides the simplest coding knowledge. This game is designed in a way that it provides endless storytelling possibilities to the kids, and they enjoy the game because of the simplest programming language used. The main aim of this game is to make children learn how to code from the scratch and simplest level. 

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Pet Bingo

Best 5 Educational Games For Your Kids On Android

Pet Bingo is an excellent game for kids and is a mixture of maths and pet simulators. Your children will solve small puzzles, and after solving it right, they will be rewarded by cute animals to take care of. Kids will practice and learn fundamental math skills such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Pet Bingo includes different skills which are created to help children improve their maths skills.

The app makes sure that kids are having fun, and at the same time, they adapt to every child level and provide necessary maths skills for understanding different concepts. To monitor the activity of a child, Pet Bingo provides parents with a report card.

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Intellijoy Nursery Literacy: Teach Toddlers to Write Letters

Best 5 Educational Games For Your Kids On Android

This is an excellent game and has a fantastic concept that helps your child learn how to write letters. The game uses trains and rail tracks as tools to help children become familiar with the English letters. The children learn the shape and name of the letter while building train tracks and also learn about the upper- and lower-case letters.

This app is handy for those kids who find trouble writing and remembering letters. It also provides straightforward methods to ensure your child learns how to write letters and at the same time developing his interest in the game.

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Morgan Mendoza
5 Days ago
My kid loves pet bingo and plays it alot

Morgan Mendoza
5 Days ago
My kid loves pet bingo and plays it alotMy kid loves pet bingo and plays it alot

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