In 2019, Apple launched its latest smartphones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Until September 2020, these are the latest iPhones one can buy. The iPhone 11 looks the same as the previous iPhones in design with slight upgrades in the camera and some new features. Here in this article, we have a complete guide for our users on which iPhone you should buy right now. We will be discussing the strengths as well as weaknesses of these iPhones to help our viewers get a better understanding of all these Apple smartphones.

Currently, Apple is selling four different iPhones in both small and large sizes. The iPhone 11 Pro Max remains at the top of the list amongst the best iPhone currently available in the market. This is because of its camera setup, design, battery life, and immersive screen. With so many options available, it is tough for one to choose which iPhone to buy among these. We have made this thing easy for you people and have discussed all the functions and features of these iPhones. Have a look at this guide below and choose which iPhone should you buy right now.

iPhone 11

reasons to buy iphone 11

The improved camera and faster processors of the iPhone 11 make it faster than the iPhone XR. It is a worthy upgrade to the iPhone XR. While iPhone XR was released at the price of $749, iPhone 11 is launched at the price of $699 for the 64GB variant. The iPhone 11 has an A13 bionic processor making it faster than the previous iPhones. It also has a pair of cameras that can perform some new tricks, like the new low-light Night mode which can capture great night shots with minimal noise. It can illuminate people and the background better than the previous versions. The iPhone 11 selfie camera has been upgraded to a 12 Megapixel sensor. There have been improvements to Face ID as well. Apple claims that the battery of the iPhone 11 will be 10 hours more than the previous iPhone XR.

So overall, the iPhone 11 is the best value for money smartphone that Apple has to offer and is a great budget way to enter into Apple’s ecosystem.

iPhone 11 Pro

reasons to buy iphone 11 pro

Considering iPhone 11’s low price and iPhone 11 Pro Max’s large screen and enhanced battery life, the compact form factor of iPhone 11 Pro should also be noticed. If you are looking for an iPhone that fits comfortably in hand, iPhone 11 Pro is an option for you. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with a lot of improved features such as an AMOLED display, a 2x Telephoto Lens, etc. All these options are ideal for those people looking for a small phone that fits well in their pockets. The iPhone 11 Pro uses the Retina XDR panel, which makes the display look good. According to Apple, iPhone 11 Pro is designed for content creators and for the ones who rely on their phones for the “PRO” work to be done.

iPhone XS and XS Max

reasons to buy iphone xs and iphone xs max

iPhone XS and XS Max were both discontinued in 2019 by Apple post the announcement of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, but both these smartphones are still recommended to buy by enthusiasts. Two rear cameras and a fast A12 Bionic processor makes this phone still an excellent option to buy. The cameras provide zoom up to 2X. Both these products are water-resistant and feature an OLED display making the screen brighter with deep black colours. One of the drawbacks of buying the iPhone XS is its price of $799. You can get an iPhone 11 at the starting price of $699 saving $100. You should buy the iPhone XS and XS Max over the iPhone 11 only if you want a better display. Otherwise, you can save $100 and get the iPhone 11 instead.

iPhone XR

reasons to buy iphone xr

The iPhone XR is perfect for those people who want an Apple product and also want value for money. The iPhone XR is considered to be Apple’s budget iPhone and is perfect for the average customer. Fortunately, iPhone XR keeps the 3.5mm audio jack, and one does not necessarily have to opt for a Bluetooth headset. The battery life on the iPhone XR is loved by many Apple users across the globe. It is considered the best in any iPhone yet. The XR also comes with a variety of colour options for the user can choose from. It also has the same specifications as of iPhone XS which is powered by A12 Bionic Processor and a 12 Megapixel single-lens rear camera.

Although, the iPhone 11 is not an upgrade to the iPhone XS, its an update to the iPhone XR. If you can spare a few extra $150-$200 then you should opt for iPhone 11 as it has upgraded internal specifications and an Ultra-Wide camera as well.

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Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and SE

reasons to buy iphone 6s, iphone 7, and iphone se
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Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and SE and all the other models of Apple older than this are not recommended. The updates on these iPhones are still available, but since older processors power them, they have slowed down a lot. With usual complaints from users about poor battery life and frequent software hiccups. These 3-year-old iPhones will soon disappear without software support from popular apps like WhatsApp, which end support for a lot of iOS 8 devices from 1 February 2020. These devices are not water-proof (IP Rated) either. The camera quality of these devices is also not up to the mark. In our opinion, you should avoid these models and get a budget Android smartphone instead, from Xiaomi, Realme and more.

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