Despite being well-known for a wide range of computing devices, Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer also has an array of computer displays. They continue to produce many displays, focusing on expensive gaming monitors and low-cost general-purpose screens. The best monitors from Acer are also cheaper than the competition and have advanced functionalities. Hence, buying or upgrading a new Acer monitor makes great sense.

Additionally, because of their adjustable colour gamut, you may pick a gaming model with useful and nifty software features. This is ideal if you want a working setup during the day and play games during your leisure time. Acer also excels in ergonomics since most models come with an easily adjustable stand with many flexible features. So, let’s now look at some of the best Acer monitors you can buy right now.

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Best Monitors From Acer In India

When choosing an Acer monitor, there are many different alternatives available. However, as a manufacturer of monitors, Acer specialises in gaming displays and budget-friendly office monitors for everyday use. Hence we have selected most of the monitors from these categories only. Let us now look at some of the best Acer monitors in India.

1. Acer EK220Q 21.5 Inch Full HD Monitor

Acer 21.5 inch

The first Acer monitor on our list is the Acer EK220Q 21.5 Inch Full HD monitor, which has an ultra-low price tag. This monitor from Acer has a blue light filter, which reduces eye fatigue. The firm stand can also hold the monitor correctly and supports flexible adjustments. It has wide viewing angles that allow colours to be adequately seen from practically all perspectives, making it possible to view something from any angle and have the colours look their best. The monitor also has VGA and HDMI ports for connecting your PC or external displays. The rapid 75Hz refresh rate also means that scrolling content is a breeze. You can buy this monitor for less than Rs. 7,000 in India, which makes it a bang for the buck monitor.

75Hz refresh rateNo height adjustment is available
Bluelight shield
Wall mountable

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2. Acer Nitro Vg270S 27 Inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro

Next, we have a budget gaming monitor from Acer. The Acer Nitro Vg270S 27 Inch Monitor has a peak refresh rate of 165Hz and 0.5ms response technology, making the display’s gameplay seamless and practically blur-free. With its IPS panel, you can see your show clearly from angles up to 178° while still enjoying the same degree of excellent colour reproduction. Also, you can see more of the screen, which counts the most, thanks to the nearly seamless appearance of the ZeroFrame design. The AMD Radeon Free Sync technology also ensures that the frame rate is synced with the graphic on your display. The monitor is primarily available for less than Rs. 15,000 in India and can be purchased from leading PC stores nationwide.

165Hz peak refresh rateNo curvature on the display
0.5ms response time
Multiple ports connectivity

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3. Acer Et322Qk 31.5 Inch 4K UHD LED Monitor

Acer Et322Qk

Next, we have a budget 4K monitor from Acer, which has a gigantic 31.5-inches screen size. The Acer Et322Qk 4K LED monitor has a 3000:1 contrast ratio and HDR10 ready display. You can have a movie theatre-like experience at home with its Ultra HD resolution, superb detail, and top-notch audio setup. The internal speakers are directly integrated into the display, as the embedded two 2W speakers take up less desk space while providing a solid listening experience. The frames are also correctly synchronised with your GPU, thanks to AMDFreeSync, providing a fluid visual experience. Although with its 4K resolution, this monitor has a low-cost price and can be bought for less than Rs. 30,000 during sales in India.

4K resolutionOnly 60Hz FPS support
100%sRGB colour gamut
Large screen size

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4. Acer Nitro Ultrawide Xv340Ckp 34 Inch QHD Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro Ultrawide

Now we present the first ultrawide gaming monitor from Acer on our list. The Acer Nitro Ultrawide Xv340Ckp monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio 34-inch screen with a peak refresh rate of 144Hz. This makes it suitable for gamers and content creators. The AMD FreeSync Premium technology eliminates jerky gaming and eye-straining visuals, as the sharp, fluid images of your computer’s framerate and the monitor’s refresh rate are synchronised. Furthermore, you can generate even more realistic and natural ideas thanks to HDR10 support, which allows for an extended contrast ratio and colour palette. With these premium features, this 2K monitor is still available for less than Rs. 40,000 in India and can be purchased from leading online shopping portals.

2K resolution 144Hz refresh rate displayThe monitor’s stand takes up a lot of space
21:9 aspect ratio
Multiple gaming modes

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5. Acer Predator Cg437K 42.5 Inch 4K Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator

Lastly, the Acer Predator Cg437K 42.5 inch 4K monitor is an ultra-large VESA-certified display with a 144Hz refresh rate. Everything seems fantastic with an array of these mammoth-like dimensions. It also provides breathtaking contrast, dramatic colour, and extremely low latency gaming. If somebody is near the monitor, it can identify the surroundings and, if necessary, switch to power-saving mode. Acer also provides a dedicated remote with this monitor to control all the features from the palm of your hand. The 1ms response time also means that your gameplay or fast-paced videos are stutter and lag-free without any frame drops or screen tears. Although this monitor has a premium price tag attached to it, its features are also unmatched and are undoubtedly worth the price.

Remote ControlExpensive
Light and proximity sensorOnly supports speeds up to HDMI 2.0
144Hz refresh rate

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Some of the best Acer displays come with some of the best gaming choices. They provide sufficient speed, resolution, and adaptability to satisfy even esports competitors. Most Acer monitors also have an IPS panel with cutting-edge capabilities to generate vibrant colours, quick reaction times, and broad viewing angles despite their reduced price.

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Overall, Acer is a great tech company producing some of the most impressive displays. Whatever gaming needs or professional path you desire, you’re likely to find a monitor that, at best, enables you to complete your task. We hope our ranking of the top Acer monitors for 2023 will make your search easier to find the best Acer monitor.