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Best AI-Based Image Upscalers To Improve Image Quality


Using these free-to-use AI image upscalers can fix your low-resolution images and even fix blurred images to an extent. Here is how to use these Image AI upscale tools to improve image quality.

- Updated: 15th Feb 2024, 15:07 IST
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    Best AI-Backed Image Upscalers to Improve Image Quality
    • 1. DeepImage AI: 
    • 2. Vance AI:
    • 3. Zyro AI:
    • 4. Stock Photos 
    • 5. Icons8 Smart Upscaler

In the era of social media, where posting images becomes a necessity, it’s important to have high-quality and clear images to showcase your social life. The biggest problem with the images is that they get blurred when zoomed out and it creates a bad impression on the viewer. Sometimes some shots captured at night have too much noise and these are unusable as bad quality photos don’t look good on social media.

Well, wave goodbye to this problem. Some best AI-based Upscalers/Apps can enhance the quality of images without even blurring them. These apps and tools are generally very easy to use and a few clicks can fix your low-quality image. You just need to select the image you want to upscale and let the app work its magic. The results are nothing short of impressive, and both iOS and Android support a wide variety of image Upscaler apps. Below is the list of the Best AI-based Upscaler tools to improve image quality. 

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Best AI-Backed Image Upscalers to Improve Image Quality

1. DeepImage AI: 

DeepImage AI

DeepImage is a great tool with a lot of enhancement options like upscaling, framing, background processing, Reduced noise, Color and lighting, etc. It is also one of the best AI tools when it comes to editing images in bulk. Here is an example of an image before and after upscaling 

As you can see, the difference is quite clear and so is the image after using DeepImage AI. The image on the left is blurred and of very low quality. On the other hand, the image on the right becomes very clear and of high quality after editing. It is also looking very natural and real. The only issue with such apps is that of the watermark. You will have to pay according to their plan to get watermark-free images. 

Features of DeepImage AI:

  1. Provide many options for enhancing the image, so the user can choose accordingly. 
  2. Can edit images in bulk, so that you don’t have to choose images again and again. 
  3. Makes predictions about the high-detail appearance of the low-resolution image using AI.

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2. Vance AI:

Vance AI

Vance AI is one of the popular choces because of its upscaling capacity of up to 800%. With just one click, VanceAI can enhance, upscale, sharpen, denoise, remove backgrounds, and more using AI technology, freeing you from the long process of processing photos.  

Unlike conventional math operations-based tools, VanceAI uses deep learning to handle actual details with exceptional accuracy. To get the best possible photos and beyond, try VanceAI now.

Here is an example of before and after upscaling:

Vance AI

Here is the incredible difference between the two images. The left one looks blurry and unclear while the right one is of high resolution and looks very clear. One of the special features of VanceAi is its ability to enhance anime pictures as shown in this example. Images from anime can be scaled up to 16 times. You can quickly convert little anime pictures to wallpapers with this feature.

The main problem with Vance AI tool is it can only upscale images but not provide any other features for editing. 

Features of VanceAI:

  1. AI-based upscaling to 800% that is not provided by most of the AI tools. 
  2. Anime upscaling up to 16 times
  3. It makes old, worn-out, and out-of-focus pictures look better. 

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3. Zyro AI:

Zyro AI

ZyroAI is best known for its high-resolution image-enhancing capacity. It comes with a free no-sign-up trial for your first editing. It makes use of artificial intelligence to identify and fix problems with brightness, contrast, colour balance, and noise in images. Additionally, it will examine your photo and offer suggestions for enhancement. You’ll have a stunning new image to show your loved ones after upsampling. 

Here is an example of before and after upscaling:

Zyro AI

You can see the differences by zooming in the images. The image at right looks like it was taken by a professional photographer. It has no grudges and looks more clear with high quality. Zyro can precisely process and analyse any type of image. For instance, it will intelligently identify the object in your photos and enlarge it while automatically adding details.

The only disadvantage of using Zyro is that it only supports images in .jpeg and .png format. 

Features of Zyro AI:

  1. Free to use without any signup 
  2. Suitable in converting low-resolution images into high-resolution without compromising the quality. 
  3. Easy to use

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4. Stock Photos 

Stock Photos to improve image quality

Stock Photo is an image quality-improving upscaling tool from a well-known stock photo platform. The cost of this web-based application is $0.1 for each upscale. However, if you would like to check the tool’s quality of work beforehand, you can use it for free. With this tool, you can achieve high-resolution clarity to your blurry image. The tool offers 3 types of features namely Balanced, Ironed, Face Pro and Detail Pro to upscale your images. 

Here is an example of before and after upscaling

Stock Photos to improve image quality

The transformation here is quite unbelievable and works like magic. The image quality went up and looks more clearer now. This tool can completely enhance the quality of your blurry images. It has reliable results and is integrated with a vast image library. Additinally, It can also scale up your image to 800%

The disadvantage of using Stock Photo is there isn’t much you can do if the image quality is sufficiently poor. Furthermore, this tool will not be able to fix images if they are quite blurry. 

Features of Stock Photo:

  1. It can make poor-quality images into clear lifelike representations. 
  2. Other features like removing noise and other artefacts from images are quite useful.
  3. It can upscale images in bulk. 
  4. It provides 3 free trials with a scale of 2x, 4x, and 8x. 

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5. Icons8 Smart Upscaler

Icons8 Smart Upscaler to improve image quality

Icons8 provides different tools to enhance your image quality including GoProd for Macbook which is faster and easy to use, API Key for noise reduction, Background Remover to remove the background of the photo, face sweeper, etc. You can even add upto 500 images at once. Icons8 will provide you 3 free trials without even signing in. 

Once you run the upscaler you can see the difference between both images, the right image is much cleaner. It uses a mathematical algorithm to analyse each frame of a video or image and then upscales the pixels.

One problem with Icons8 is that if you use it for a trial, you will get the watermark on the image. If you wish to enlarge or remove the watermark and background, you must upgrade the plan. 

Features of Icons8:

  1. You can upload images in bulk. 
  2. Minimise noise in pictures shot in low light 
  3. Boost internet images downloaded in low-resolution

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