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Best Watch Faces For Your Apple Watch


Apple watch is a personal accessory and these watch faces can help you customise as per your style and occasion. For example, you have Nike Hybrid and Activity Analog watch face that suits you better for workout sessions. And Typograph and Contour watch face for formal meetings. Here are some of the best Apple watch faces that you can try out.

- Updated: 8th Dec 2023, 19:13 IST
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    Best Apple Watch Faces For You
    • 1. Gradient (For the Minimalists)
    • 2. Astronomy (Bring out the Astronaut in you)
    • 3. Contour (Best when coupled with Classical Attires)
    • 4. Nike Hybrid (Best for the Fitness Freaks)
    • 5. Activity Analog (Best for the Modern Traditionalists)
    • 6. Chronograph (Best suited for Formal Wear)
    • 7. Portraits (Personalise your watch, your way)
    • 8. World Time (Best for worldwide travellers)
    • 9. Memoji Watch Face (Show the fun side of yours)
    • 10. Numerals Duo (Make a Bold Statement)
    • 11. Pride Woven (Goes well with Casuals)
    • 12. Typograph
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    Conclusion: Best Apple Watch Faces You Must Try

The Apple Watch has become a prominent companion in our daily lives, offering a range of functionalities that go beyond mere timekeeping. One of the standout features of the Apple Watch is customisation, allowing users to personalize their devices to suit their style and preferences. 

In this article, we will delve into the best Apple Watch faces available, highlighting their unique features and functionalities. Whether you’re seeking simplicity, productivity, or a touch of elegance, there’s a watch face to cater to your needs.

Here are some of the things to consider beforehand while choosing the best Apple watch faces:

  • Needs: What information do you need to see at a glance on your watch? If you’re a Fitness Freak, you might want a watch face that displays your current pace and distance. If you travel to different countries from time to time, you might want a watch face that shows the time of multiple time zones.
  • Style: Apple Watch faces suit all tastes, from classic and elegant to fun and playful. Find a watch face that you think looks good and enjoy looking at.
  • Customisation Options: Almost all Apple Watch faces can be customized with different colours, fonts, and complications (small widgets that can be added along with the watch face.) Take some time to experiment with different settings until you find a watch face that you will enjoy looking at.
  • watchOS version: Some watch faces are only available on the watchOS version 9. Make sure to check the compatibility before you choose a face. If you have got an Apple Watch Series 4 or later, you should be good to go.

Best Apple watch faces: Adding a Watch Face to your collection

You can create your own collection of custom watch faces, even variations of the same design. Here’s how:

  1. Head to your current Apple watch face and press & hold the display.
  2. Swipe all the way to the left until you see the “New” button (+).
  3. Turn the Digital Crown to browse watch faces, then tap the one you want to add.

To access your best Apple Watch faces collection, simply launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Select the “My Watch” option and smoothly swipe through your collection below the My Faces section.

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Best Apple Watch Faces For You

1. Gradient (For the Minimalists)

Gradient best apple watch faces

The First name on our list of the best Apple watch faces is Gradient. This time-responsive watch face showcases captivating gradients that seamlessly evolve alongside the passage of time. The gradients on this watch face are designed to evolve and transform gradually, adapting to the different moments as the hours fly by. Whether you’re rocking a casual outfit or dressing up for a fancy occasion, this watch face will add that extra touch of style and flair to your look. It’s a perfect accessory for those who appreciate the beauty of time passing by, and it’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Customisable features: Colour, Style (Full, Random) and Dial

  • An elegant and clean design with a touch of minimalism.
  • Digital dial that combines timeless aesthetics with modern functionality.
  • Effortless access to complications or shortcut icons.
  • Tailor the colours to suit your individual taste and preferences.
  • Versatile for any style or occasion.

2. Astronomy (Bring out the Astronaut in you)

Astronomy Watch Face

The next name on our list of the best Apple watch faces is Astronomy. This Apple Watch Face coupled with the Astronomy lock screen wallpaper on your iPhone can bring up the astronaut in you as it shows continuously updated 3D models of the earth, moon, or solar system. With this watch face active, you can scroll the Digital Crown of your Apple Watch to go forward or backwards in time and see the moon phases, and planet positions, or switch between day and night views of Earth.

Customisable features: Font, Watch Face View and Style (Full, Random)

  • A great choice for space enthusiasts.
  • Combination of timeless aesthetics with modern functionality.
  • Versatile for any style or occasion.
  • Adds a fun element while keeping up with the time.

3. Contour (Best when coupled with Classical Attires)

Contour Watch Face

Another name on our list of the best Apple watch faces is Contour. This dynamic watch face gradually shifts the design to draw attention to the current hour. What makes it even more impressive is that the numbers on the watch face are specially crafted fonts that perfectly align with the edges of the display, smoothly transitioning from one hour to the other. It’s a seamless and visually captivating experience that adds a touch of uniqueness to your timepiece. It pays homage to the timeless elegance of traditional watches in a true sense.

Note: It is exclusive to Series 7 & Series 8

Customisable features: Colour and Style (Regular, Rounded)

  • The design exudes both confidence and a sense of fun.
  • Uncover a unique time display and numeral design that sets you apart.
  • Enhance your time-reading experience with vibrant colours that make it effortless.
  • Chic and captivating look making a bold statement.

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4. Nike Hybrid (Best for the Fitness Freaks)

Nike Hybrid

The next name on our list of the best Apple watch faces is Nike Hybrid. The Nike watch face features classic analogue, modern digital, and cool Windrunner-inspired designs! It is personalisable at so many different levels to make it uniquely yours. With up to five complications, you can add all the important information you need right on your wrist. So whether you’re a fan of the sleek functionality of digital displays, or the sporty vibe of Windrunner, this watch face has got you covered! Get ready to rock a watch that’s stylish, versatile, and totally customisable to match your own personal taste and preferences.

Customisable features: Colour, Time and Dial

  • Versatile and stylish design language
  • Can be coupled with a variety of complications
  • Perfect for workout sessions
  • Effortlessly complements casual outfits

5. Activity Analog (Best for the Modern Traditionalists)

Activity Analog best apple watch faces

The next name on our list of the best Apple watch faces is Activity Analog. This watch face combines the best of both worlds! It not only tells you the time like a regular analogue clock, but it also displays your activity progress right on your wrist. How cool is that? You have the freedom to customise how your Activity rings appear – you can go for the familiar stacked design or you can opt for a more stylish subdial layout as well. And don’t worry, if you’re a fan of the classic look, this watch face still incorporates traditional analogue dials, giving it a touch of timeless elegance. 

So, you get the best of both modern tracking technology and the charm of a traditional watch design all in one stylish package!

Customisable features: Colour as well as Style of the Rings and Subdials

  • Innovative approach to timekeeping with expandable rings
  • A harmonious integration of analogue and digital dials, ensuring a seamless coexistence
  • Conveniently access frequently used functions with two customisable shortcut keys
  • Stay informed with a digital compass providing constant coordinate information
  • Fashion-forward & cutting-edge design elements for a truly stylish timepiece.

6. Chronograph (Best suited for Formal Wear)


In our list of best Apple watch faces is Chronograph. The design of this watch face allows you to keep track of time with utmost accuracy, just like the traditional analogue stopwatches we all know and love. It comes equipped with a convenient stopwatch feature that you can easily activate without any hassle, right from the watch face itself. Whether you’re timing a race, keeping tabs on your workout sessions, or simply want to stay punctual, this watch face has got you covered. It’s a perfect blend of vintage charm and contemporary convenience, wrapped in a single wearable device.

Customisable features: Timescale and Colour

  • Sleek design inspired by mechanical watches, perfect for professional settings.
  • Three interactive dials for enhanced time details and timer functions.
  • Customisable colours and shortcut keys for personalization.
  • World clock for easy access to global time zones.
  • Digital dial option for those, who prefer it over analogue.
  • Digital compass for quick coordinate information.
  • Sophisticated and versatile design.

7. Portraits (Personalise your watch, your way)


In our list of best Apple watch faces is Portraits. This watch face is all about using a photo collection from your albums and recalling the memories. And is one of the best apple watch faces you can try. It adds a layering effect to pictures of people, pets, and scenery. You also get the option to pick from three different font styles and showcase up to 24 photos. The cool thing about it is, that every time you lift your wrist or tap the screen, a fresh photo pops up to surprise you.

Customisable features: Colour, Style (Background, Duotone) and Font

  • Personalize your watch face with a photo of your choice.
  • Enhance connectivity between your smartwatch and Apple devices.
  • Enjoy a digital watch face for accurate time-telling.
  • Display the date on your watch face.
  • Customize shortcuts for quick access to frequently used functions.
  • Experience a unique and meaningful way of keeping time.

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8. World Time (Best for worldwide travellers)

World Time

The next in our list of best Apple watch faces is World Time. This watch face lets you keep tabs on 24 time zones simultaneously. It’s really the perfect watch face if you travel often or have jobs spanning different time zones. The outer dial represents different locations, and the inner dial displays the current time in each place. Just tap the globe to focus on your own time zone, indicated by the arrow at 6 o’clock. Plus, there are sun and moon icons to show when sunrise and sunset happen where you are, and it represents day and night zones accurately with suitable shading.

Customisable features: Analog or digital time

  • Displays multiple time zones in an advanced and elegant manner.
  • Includes compass settings to easily pinpoint coordinates.
  • Features 4 shortcut keys for swift access to various functions.
  • Works seamlessly with both digital and analogue dials.
  • Allows instant access to time zones with one tap for viewing the country list.

9. Memoji Watch Face (Show the fun side of yours)

Memoji Watch Face

In our list of best Apple watch faces is Memoji Watch Face. If you’re into Memoji and love flaunting your creations, the Memoji watch face is just what you need. It lets you display and enjoy your animated Memoji right on your wrist. The best part is, that it includes all the standard Memoji options and even the ones you’ve made on your iPhone. It’s really a delightful and distinct way to keep track of time!

Customisable features: Memoji Character.

  • Whimsical face designs add up a touch of fun
  • Features digital watch face
  • Extensive collection of Memoji faces personalizing your watch
  • Convenient shortcut keys for instant access to frequently used features

10. Numerals Duo (Make a Bold Statement)

Numerals Duo

The next in our list of best Apple watch faces is Numerals Duo. If you’re after a cool watch face for hanging out with friends or just chilling at home, give Numerals Duo a try. It’s a sweet watch face that shows the time with dual-toned numbers and it looks really cool. You’ve got loads of colour options and a few different styles to pick from, too.

Customisable features: Colours, Symbols (Arabic, Arabic Indic, Devanagari) and Style

  • Bold and vibrant face design
  • Looks good as an always-on display
  • Effortless Timekeeper

11. Pride Woven (Goes well with Casuals)

Pride Woven

The next in our list of best Apple watch faces is Pride Woven. This watch face takes its cue from the vibrant and inclusive rainbow flag. When you give the Digital Crown a little twist, the threads of brilliant colours come alive and move along. It’s like tuning a piano on your wrist! The design captures the essence of diversity, equality, and love. With each turn of the crown, you’ll witness a mesmerizing display of moving colours that adds a touch of excitement and joy to your day. We’re sure this lively watch face would light up your Apple Watch with its dynamic and playful charm.

Customisable feature: Style (Full Screen, Circle)

  • Interactive and Modular watch face design
  • An elegant way to show your support for the community
  • Funky appeal, made for the Gen Z

12. Typograph

Typograph best apple watch faces

The next in our list of best Apple watch faces is Typograph. If you’re looking for a cool and laid-back watch face for your Apple Watch, check out the typograph face. It’s all about typography, and you can pick from three cool styles: classic, modern, or rounded. You also have the option to display only the four main quarterly hands or show all 12 numbers on your watch face along with the selected font scripts. Personally, I think the default settings look the best, but feel free to play around and find your favourite style!

Customisable feature: Colour, Dial, Style and Symbols

  • Equipped with vibrant aesthetics
  • Distinctive dial design and numeral presentation
  • Lively colours for effortless timekeeping
  • Enhanced intrigue with four standout numbers
  • Chic and captivating visual appeal

Conclusion: Best Apple Watch Faces You Must Try

To conclude, many watch faces are available for the Apple Watch that cater to different tastes and preferences. The choice of the best Apple watch faces depends on your personal preference and use case. Take the time to explore the options and choose a watch face that not only complements your Apple Watch but also reflects your personal style and interests. With the ability to switch between watch faces effortlessly, you can truly make your Apple Watch a unique and personalised accessory.

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