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5 Best Canon Cameras in India June 2024


Professional and amateur photographers rely on Canon for its long history of making the best high-quality lenses and DSLR cameras. Here is a list of the best Canon cameras available. In this list of the best Canon cameras in India, we hope to give you a better idea of what to anticipate from the market.

- Updated: 1st Jun 2024, 15:33 IST
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    Best Canon DSLR cameras: Top 5 List
    • 1. Canon EOS 90D
    • 2. Canon EOS R5
    • 3. Canon EOS R3
    • 4. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
    • 5. Canon EOS R6
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    Best Canon DSLR cameras – Final Thoughts

Finding the best Canon cameras is challenging, given the variety of alternatives available in all format types. Although a lot of people will tell you that DSLR cameras are obsolete, cumbersome, and a thing of the past and those mirrorless cameras are the future, we believe that DSLR cameras still have a lot to offer, including clear optical viewfinders, amazing battery life, and fantastic value for the money. Canon’s DSLRs are divided into two categories: entry-level APS-C cameras for beginners and amateurs and full-frame, more sophisticated cameras for specialists and professionals. We’ve chosen the best Canon cameras for both.

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Best Canon DSLR cameras: Top 5 List

1. Canon EOS 90D

The EOS 90D is a superb APS-C workhorse camera that is offered at a great price. It is one of the best Canon cameras. It manages to produce magnificent uncropped 4K video with a maximum resolution of 32.5MP and a high-speed frame rate of 10fps, without the irksome crop that has previously afflicted Canon cameras. Its excellent handling and ergonomics serve as a good reminder of why using a DSLR is such a satisfyingly tactile experience. The pricing of the EOS 90D is a welcome enthusiast price point. It also comes with an optical viewfinder, which many still find preferable to the electronic viewfinders on mirrorless cameras. If Canon keeps making products this amazing, reports of the DSLR’s demise will have been grossly overblown.


  • Optical viewfinder
  • Size and ‘heft’
  • Vari-angle touchscreen
  • Uncropped 4K


  • 120fps video S-AF only
  • Not much gain from 32MP
  • Limited buffer capacity

2. Canon EOS R5

The Canon EOS R5 has a tonne of positive features, especially if you’re primarily a stills photographer. For individuals who shoot a variety of photography, we’d even argue that there has never been a better Canon camera.

Since its release, we’ve had a lot of experience with the EOS R5, and in all of our testing, we’ve found that it has excellent image quality, incredibly remarkable autofocus, and respectable battery life. We really appreciate the body’s design, which mixes a snappy touchscreen with an excellent electronic viewfinder.

Although 8K video could be its most eye-catching feature, videographers’ perspectives aren’t exactly clear. People who typically film long clips may be turned off by the EOS R5’s overheating restrictions (interviews, for example). However, when we shot a brief video with the EOS R5’s most recent firmware, the camera didn’t provide any overheating alerts even in 32°F temps, proving that it is undoubtedly a very good video camera for the majority of users.

The EOS R5 is yet another one of the best Canon cameras for hybrid shooters because Canon definitely went all-out on it. But there is a price for that. Although the EOS R5 is expensive, it can be worthwhile to spend the money if you’re a fan of the brand.


  • Tried-and-tested form factor
  • Versatile stills
  • Amazing autofocus
  • Enhanced battery life
  • Solid IBIS system


  • Dual memory cards will require investment
  • Expensive
  • Recording limits for video shooting

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3. Canon EOS R3

In contrast to the more portable EOS R5, the Canon EOS R3 has a body resembling a sports DSLR. It is an unapologetically professional mirrorless camera. Though there is a solid reason for this; if speed is your first goal, it is the best Canon camera available. It is engineered for speed rather than resolution. Thanks to its amazing autofocus abilities, 30fps raw burst shooting, and tactile magnesium alloy body, the EO R3 is one of the best sports and wildlife cameras from Canon we’ve ever tested.

Thanks to the 24.1MP backside-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor, it is also a fantastic video tool that unlocks this power. Additionally, it has a useful touchscreen that can be articulated and can record internal 6K/60p raw video without any discernible rolling shutter. The EOS R3 is, in a nutshell, the pinnacle of mirrorless camera technology. It’s enormous and pricey, but if you require an uncompromising Canon camera and can afford the premium, you won’t be dissatisfied.


  • Familiar design for pros
  • Powerful autofocus features and controls
  • Outstanding video performance


  • Large for a mirrorless camera
  • Too low-res for some snappers

4. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

When the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV was released in August 2016, it made headlines since it had almost every aspect of the previous 5D Mark III model enhanced. However, since then, a lot has changed.  The 30.4MP sensor, noise levels, and dynamic range are all excellent. It is indeed one of the best Canon cameras available. Although the 1.64x reduction of the sensor makes it difficult to achieve wide-angle shots, the DCI 4K video capture is good. The design, usability, and ergonomics are excellent. However, the EOS 5D Mark IV’s problem is that it has no flaws in a market with many fantastic cameras.


  • Solid build
  • 30MP sensor
  • Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus for live view and video


  • Fixed rear screen
  • Heavy 1.64x crop for 4K video
  • Middle-of-the-road resolution and frame rate

5. Canon EOS R6

For those who value speed over resolution, the Canon EOS R6 is a more reasonably priced, simplified version of the R5. That might be a winning combination if you photograph a lot of sports and animals; in our tests, it proved to be one of the best mirrorless all-rounder canon cameras available.

Even the EOS 6D Mark II has a full-frame sensor with a lesser pixel count than its, at 20.1MP. Its video resolution is only 4K/60p, which is inferior to the R5’s 8K resolution. However, as a whole, we discovered the EOS R6 to be a complete delight to work with. While Canon’s initial attempt at in-body image stabilisation proved to be, in our view, an unmitigated failure, its Dual Pixel focusing is tenacious and accurate.

Its biggest feature, though, is its lightning-fast burst speeds of either 12 or 20 frames per second when using the mechanical shutter. On the flip side, our tests revealed a slightly underwhelming dynamic range, which makes it a less desirable option for photographing moving subjects than competitors like the Sony A7 IV. However, overall colour reproduction, noise handling, and image quality are all superb.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Great autofocus
  • Excellent full-frame IBIS


  • 4K video recording limitations
  • Disappointing dynamic range in JPEGs
  • Expensive (for an enthusiast-level camera)

Best Canon DSLR cameras – Final Thoughts

With this list of the best Canon cameras in India, we hope to give you a better idea of what to anticipate from the market. For your consideration, each suggestion has been tried and tested. This list should serve as your quick guide to the best Canon cameras for you when combined with our purchase advice and convenient price comparison tool.

Please share any further recommendations you may have for the best Canon cameras in the section below. We’re going to look them up for sure!

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