The one thing missing from all social networking platforms besides profiles and media sharing is styling, without which all your content may come off as a little boring. In order to emphasize particular areas, it would be good to add some flair, such as a flourish of italics, a sprinkle of bold text, or underlining.…2023-03-05 04:32:487 Best Unique Font Changer Websites

7 Best Unique Font Changer Websites


You might be searching for a typeface that you can use commercially and preferably for free if you need one for a new branding project, a poster, or a website. Here is a list of a few websites that you can give a try.

Updated: 5th Mar 2023, 04:32 IST
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    Best Unique Font Changer Websites
    • 1. Brandmark Font Generator
    • 2. CapitalizeMyTitle
    • 3. Fontmeme
    • 4. Lingojam Font Changer
    • 5. Metatags
    • 6. Fontspace
    • 7. Convertcase Unicode Text Converter Tool

The one thing missing from all social networking platforms besides profiles and media sharing is styling, without which all your content may come off as a little boring. In order to emphasize particular areas, it would be good to add some flair, such as a flourish of italics, a sprinkle of bold text, or underlining.

Fortunately, if you want to, you can be really creative with your social media posts. To make your postings stand out, you can create original text utilising online font changer and Unicode text converters.

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What Are Fonts?

The word “Font” is derived from the French word “Foundue,” which means “anything that is heated.” Arial or Times New Roman are typically the typefaces we use since they are simple to read and write in. Vietnamese fonts, however, are challenging to develop and read, but in design, they will make a design stand out more than ever.

Best Unique Font Changer Websites

1. Brandmark Font Generator

Brandmark Font Generator

The Brandmark Font Generator is a great font changer tool for visualizing how several typefaces would combine. You can select up to three different Google fonts, Title, Accent and Body to watch how the sample page changes.

The fonts are available for free download by just clicking the links on the right side of the page because they are Google fonts. CSS code is generated for you if you intend to use these for site design.

To see variants of your choices or to try your luck with a random combination, you can click the left/right arrows or the slider.

Check Brandmark Font Changer HERE.

2. CapitalizeMyTitle


CapitalizeMyTitle comes with a mobile-friendly design that will translate normal text to fancy text which you can copy and paste the text. You can enter any text to get started then scroll down to see the fancy font options.

One of the best advantages of this platform is that the elegant text it generates can be copied and pasted from almost any place. The text generated by the tool can be seen on most social media platforms, YouTube, Discord, and other websites. Simply choose the text in the textbox or click “Copy” next to the fancy font of your choice to copy it wherever you’d like.

Visit CapitalizeMyTitle HERE

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3. Fontmeme


For designers and font enthusiasts, Fontmeme offers a number of unique features. You can download various free fonts and look for fonts used in popular culture. This font generator’s trendiest tool is a list of typefaces that are commonly used in various pop cultures.

Want to build a design in the James Bond style, Star Wars, or imitate any popular Netflix hit “Bridgerton”? Your needs are met with Fontmeme. Even though some of the typefaces it identifies aren’t free, Fontmeme provides some viable free replacements while also pointing out where you may purchase them.

Visit Fontmeme HERE.

4. Lingojam Font Changer

Lingojam Font Changer

If you don’t want to keep a Unicode table open while you’re working, Lingojam is a fantastic alternative for Unicode text. Moreover, it features a customization feature that enables font editing. This implies that you can tweak how it transforms regular text if you like one of the choices it provides. You probably won’t need to make any changes and can just paste in your cool text fonts because Lingojam has so many free possibilities.

Visit Lingojam HERE

5. Metatags

Metatags Font Changer

You can choose from a dozen different fonts in Metatags, and you can see how your content would appear in a Twitter or Instagram bio. You can easily paste the text wherever it will appear, just as with other Unicode text generators.

While most social networks don’t offer styling options with Metatags you can easily give your social profiles a significant facelift. You can edit your text and experiment with the different ones available.

Visit Metatags HERE

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6. Fontspace


Fontspace is the best-designed font changer on our list out of all the others. It is a free font changer tool that can do more than just produce attractive text. Users may even examine the text to see the actual Unicode characters, and it provides some very cool typefaces.

Moreover, Fontspace provides a collection of no-cost, original typefaces made for the web by the Fontspace Astronauts, a group of over 3000 artists that you can join by creating an account. The interface is space-themed, uncluttered, and incredibly simple to use.

Visit Fontspace HERE

7. Convertcase Unicode Text Converter Tool

Convertcase Unicode Text Converter Tool

Any plain text can be converted with this all-in-one text converter application into one of around 15 different font styles. With a variety of additional capabilities, including a Tiny Text Generator and Morse Code Translator tools, this online application is free and simple to use.

You just have to go to the webpage and type or paste the text into the left column to complete the task. The text is converted, and the result is shown in the right-hand column. Although the possibilities are somewhat less than what other tools provide, more text formats are available in the top tab.

Copy the converted text when you find something you like and paste it into the desired social media app. Convertcase offers a variety of eye-catching font styles. So before choosing one, consider what would work best for the social networking platform where the text will be shown.

For instance, if you’re formatting text for LinkedIn postings, stick with simpler fonts like Monospace and Sans Serif variants. These are the most readable and distinctive without being overly goofy. Keep in mind that you’re attempting to project a professional image and ultimately acquire high-value clients on LinkedIn, so resist the urge to be quirky or unconventional.

Visit Convertcase HERE

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Highlights of the Story

  • Most of the popular social media platforms don’t offer too much styling options
  • If you really want to spice up your social media game, font changer websites can do just that.
  • Here is a list of some of the best font changing platforms online

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