7 Best Free Games For Kids For Entertainment And Learning!


Your search for the best free games for kids ends here. Whether you want to distract your child or improve their cognitive skills, these games will help in all cases!

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Updated: 25th Jan 2023 19:34 IST
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    Summing up

For the younger generation, screen time has become one of the major commodities. Whether you want to distract your kids or provide them with learning opportunities, the best free games for kids can help you out. Developers often design their games to mirror child psychology. By understanding how children develop mentally and physically, they can create games to optimise their growth. Of course, parental supervision is necessary for every game. However, if you know more about the right games for a particular age or your child’s interests, gaming can be a worthwhile investment.

After all, plenty of studies have shown that playing video games can improve critical thinking. Moreover, decent video games can even improve your child’s hand-eye coordination. Since these are essential for a child’s development, using video games as a medium for your child’s growth doesn’t seem too far-fetched. So, if you’re looking for the best free games for kids, you’re at the right place. We’ve selected some fantastic games for your kids to play and engage with.

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Without further ado, let’s check out these games!

Sago Mini Friends

Sago Mini Friends

Sago Mini Friends is one of the best free games for kids for a particular reason – it promotes empathy. However, before diving into this aspect, let’s look at what the game is about. This colourful and cheerful game’s aesthetics is inspired by the TV show the game is based on, and your kids start by selecting a character. Once the character is selected, they will have to go around the town, creating friendships and bonds with multiple citizens. The character can knock on the door and start a new playdate. These playdates involve plenty of activities, from building houses together to attending a dinner party.

The game essentially tries to make children understand the importance of helping others. Moreover, it promotes fair treatment, with the character’s in-game friends becoming gloomy and grumpy if the rewards are shared unequally. Basically, Sago Mini Friends invites children to build a positive outlook towards life.



Even a few decades ago, typing was considered a marketable skill. Plenty of jobs in the government and corporate sectors required efficient typists who had a decent command of English. Now, with English fluency and typing skills being considered a prerequisite, proper typing skills have become the norm. Moreover, with classes shifting to the online mode, kids need to learn how to type efficiently. If this is a skill you want to teach your kids early, Typetastic is a decent game to play.

The game essentially requires your kids to fulfil objectives via typing, whether it’s on a physical keyboard or on a tablet screen. These objectives are part of a larger adventure with many fun activities to engage your child’s interests. Overall, Typetastic is one of the best free games for kids, especially if you want to improve their typing skills and set them up for further endeavours!

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Fiete World

Fiete World

There are a few games that evolve based on the level of the player. These games can change how they’re played and how the player interacts with them. While there are plenty of such games for adults, Fiete World is one of those few free games for kids that can use this mantle. The game itself adopts a freemium model, with multiple in-app purchases for you to make. However, its free version can be played easily by children aged four and up. When you’re giving this game to your toddler, they’ll be able to move around the game’s world and look at the colourful aesthetics while looking at the characters.

However, for older players, they’ll be able to interact with the world around them. For example, the activity of grilling hotdogs is quite popular in the game. To grill the hotdogs, players will have to interact with their world and chop wood to stoke the fire for the grill. Little changes like these make Fiete World one of the best free games for kids that you can download today!

CBC Kids

CBC Kids Best Free Games For Kids

CBC Kids is one of the most popular websites for finding the best free games for kids. The website features multiple online games catering to all genres. For example, if your child loves to complete puzzles, you’ll find a wide variety of puzzle games on the website. For lovers of strategy games, CBC Kids has a worthwhile inventory. All the games on the website are made for children and are pretty simple to play. In other words, your child will fall in love with the sheer variety of games available on the website.

That’s not all – the website also offers educational quizzes, informative articles, and videos that you can check at your leisure. The quizzes are excellent for expanding your kid’s general knowledge, while the articles and videos help you answer questions as a new parent. Overall, you can’t go wrong with the CBC Kids website!

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Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D

Storytelling is one of the best ways to foster your child’s creativity and vision. However, not every game or activity can engage their creativity and help it grow. Nonetheless, with Toontastic 3D, your child will build their own virtual world and breathe life into it with their own hands. The game allows your child to create their own setting, stories, plotlines, and play around with various characters. Moreover, the player can use the smartphone’s microphone to record the characters’ voices in the game.

The only minor issue with this game is that it will take a while for your kid to understand how the game works. You might see completely incoherent stories and characters with the first few tries. Regardless, Toontastic 3D is one of the best ways to improve and foster your child’s creative vision. This makes it one of the best free games for kids you can play today!

Archaeologist – Jurassic Life

Archaeologist - Jurassic Life

The mysteries regarding dinosaurs continue to be some of the most engaging and intriguing topics for everyone. This is irrespective of whether you’re a kid, a teacher, a professor, or even an archaeologist. Everyone loves talking about dinosaurs and imagining a world with them. If you want your kid to foster an interest in such topics, you can download Archaeologist – Jurassic Life. This fun game pays homage to the movies such as Jurassic Park. In the game, the player must play as an archaeologist who’s hunting for dinosaur fossils. The players will have to find the bones and puzzle them together. Once you’ve found enough bones to piece together a whole dinosaur, more information will be unlocked about the creature. This also presents an opportunity for children to learn more about these fantastic creatures.

This is a relatively simple game, yet it brings together plenty of fun and learning. Kids will love the colourful palette of the game, as well as the adorable dinosaur designs.

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2048 Best Free Games For Kids

In 2014, Italian developer Gabrielle Cirulli developed and released her open-source software game of 2048. The game was initially released on GitHub, a cloud-oriented platform. Unknown to her at the time, 2048 would become one of the best logical puzzle games of the modern era. Even today, millions of adults play 2048 on their phones. The reason for this is simple – the game challenges you and your logical reasoning skills. 2048 features a remarkably simple aesthetic that doesn’t hog your smartphone’s resources. Moreover, this is a great game to introduce to your children.

Basically, the game involves matching tiles with the same value to create a tile with double the value. The game’s main objective is to combine these tiles to finally achieve the 2048 tile. However, it’s easier said than done, as you’ll have to work your way around the spaces shown in the grid. Kids love this game as it keeps them on their toes through simple math calculations and engages their logical reasoning skills. Overall, it’s a simple, fun, and challenging game that is definitely one of the best free games for kids today!

Summing up

Gaming is often talked about as a grey area for children. Some people believe that this entertainment medium can be quite harmful to a child. While gaming has some demerits, such as prolonged screen time, gaming can also be an excellent medium for growth. There are plenty of games available today that bring essential topics up for discussion, either through the story or through gameplay. Moreover, they can be excellent for improving hand-eye coordination, decision-making skills, and logical reasoning. So, try out these best free games for kids today!

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Highlights of the Story
  • Gaming can be used as a learning medium for children.
  • By combining interactivity with stories and creativity, children can improve their logical reasoning and hand-eye coordination.
  • Check out our picks of the best free games for kids you should check out today!

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